If you are planning to try Mastodon, you will need to know which Mastodon server you should join. Joining the platform will require you to join a server first. You can also try dark mode on Mastodon. This feature is available on Android as well as on iOS. But to use the app, you need to create a Mastodon account. But if you are wondering if Mastodon is a good fit for you, read through this article. Let’s see a breakdown for Counter Social vs Mastodon, which one is better.

Counter Social vs Mastodon

Counter Social and Mastodon have seen a rise in their users after Twitter was privatized even more than before. If you want to leave Twitter and want to start using other social sites, here is all you need to know about Counter Social vs Mastodon. Also, read How to Get Verified on Mastodon: Here is the Easiest Guide

Counter Social vs Mastodon Sign-up

Counter Social vs Mastodon sign-up is relatively simple. Counter Social and Mastodon are different than Twitter. Both apps are free to use. One major difference that users have noticed is that Mastodon requires you to sign up and make an account. You will be required to have an email address and a username on the site. Whereas on Counter Social, you can make an account to join the site just by entering your email address. So, similar to Twitter, you will be required to make an account, fill in the details, and have a username on Mastodon. Also, read How to DM with Mastodon: A Guide to Getting Started

Counter Social vs Mastodon Privacy

In the battle for Privacy, Counter Social wins over Mastodon. Since Mastodon is an open-source website, there is no guarantee that your data is safe. Mastodon does have strict guidelines and a zero-tolerance policy against bots, trolls, hostile nations, etc. On the contrary, Counter Social is not an open-source website. As such, the social platform will have to maintain standard protocols for data privacy. Let which of the two social platforms is more popular. Also, read How To Post On Mastodon In 2022? Dig Into Mastodon Features

Counter Social vs Mastodon Popularity

When we talk about Counter Social vs Mastodon in terms of popularity, Mastodon has been gaining more attention recently. But even if the Twitter feud was not the case, Mastodon was launched one year before Counter Social. Mastodon was launched in 2016, whereas Counter Social was launched in 2017. Given the time period of both of these, Mastodon is bound to be a bit more popular. Also, read How to Use Mastodon Social: A Beginner’s Guide

Counter Social vs Mastodon Alternatives For Twitter

While everyone is wondering Counter Social vs Mastodon which one is better, both have the same purpose for now. Both of these social platforms are being considered an alternative to Twitter. Mastodon being an open-source website, is free to join and use. With so many new signups, the site is temporarily closed for opening new accounts. While joining an open-source platform might seem scary to some people, this is the major advantage the site has right now. Counter Social is also a free-to-use platform, but the fact that it is not open-source can lead the site to the same future as Twitter. Also, read How to Turn Off Animated Avatar in Mastodon With 5 Easy Steps

Wrapping Up

So there you have a breakdown of Counter Social vs Mastodon. You can now decide which alternative you want to try. You can make an account on both social platforms to know how easy it is to use each of them. We will keep posting more such updates. Follow us and keep scrolling through Path of EX!


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