The platform offers zero trading fees, portfolio tracking tools, and other features that allow users to make the most out of the platform. Our Common Investments review will examine the features that make the platform stand out and how they help it gain more users and cater to them. Want more information? Here is our comprehensive review of the platform below.


Zero Trading Fees

Trading fees are a big bottleneck for most traders today, making it harder for retail traders to become active. Common Investments has waived these fees and allows its users to make trades without paying any fees. This feature is necessary for modern brokerages as modern traders have become accustomed to zero trading fees. Users of the Common Investments platform can perform trades without worrying about trading fees, and this opens the door to possibilities and ensures that users can get more from their brokerage accounts. The platform prioritizes its user’s experiences over trading fees and opens its doors for more traders to join the fray.

Large Basket of Assets Available for Purchase

There are many assets available for purchase on the Common Investments platform, including CFDs, ETFs, forex, and cryptocurrencies. The brokerage gives its users a wide array of choices when building their portfolios and allows them to create hedged portfolios. Additionally, users that sign up to the Common Investments brokerage do not need any other platform to buy assets. The platform makes it easier for its users to access assets and add these assets to their portfolios. Common Investments empowers its users to build diverse portfolios and position themselves to gain from the market.

Monitor Your Portfolio With Tracking Tools

Common Investments allows its users to monitor their portfolios’ progress using portfolio tracking tools. These tools allow users to track how well the assets in their portfolio are performing. This will give you the data you need to know what assets are performing well and which are performing poorly. Additionally, users can use portfolio analysis tools to gauge how well their trading strategies are working and if they need to be adjusted. Furthermore, users can rebalance their portfolios based on the information provided by the portfolio analysis. The Common Investments platform allows users to control their trades better. 

Purchase Assets in Bits

Traders on the Common Investments platform can purchase fractional units of an asset. These fractional units favor users who want to buy a piece of a unit and not the whole. It will help users in various ways, including testing their trading hypothesis by purchasing a small portion of an asset unit to see how the price moves. Additionally, it allows users to build up a position in an asset without going all in at once. The purchase of fractional assets is great for retail traders, and its presence on the Common Investments platform gives it an edge over other brokerages. 


Not Available in All Countries

The Common Investments brokerage is not available in all regions as it is currently not accessible in all countries. To know if you can access the brokerage from your country, visit the website to get a comprehensive list of the currently supported countries. You can also get a list of regions soon to be covered by the brokerage. If the brokerage covers your area, then you are in luck. If you are not covered, you would have to wait until the broker covers your country.


The Common Investments platform offers users a whole lot of benefits when they use the platform. Although there are a few drawbacks, users can be sure to have a wholesome experience when they use the platform. Want more details not provided in this Common Investments review? Visit the platform website. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.


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