Recently, the use of TikTok has changed as students find other useful ways to post and use social media applications. College freshers use the app to seek new communities and find their places within the campus. Old students use it to upload important tricks, tips, and hacks for surviving college life. The application provides an inside look into a student’s life in different ways.

What is TikTok?

Before TikTok came into the scene, the trending video streaming app was which trended up to 2018. In August of this year, was bought by Byte Dance, a Chinese company that owns TikTok. The over 100 million users were automatically moved to TikTok. To date, the application has attracted over 1 billion active users globally.  TikTok is an application that allows users to create short videos and share them. The company doesn’t restrict the type of content, or short videos users can create. The Chinese TikTok version is called Duyin and has more than 300 million users in China.  After purchasing, TikTok don’t make changes in its concept. Rather, it adopted the 15-second video sharing concept and added other features that make the user experience better. The application may be given different names depending on the community using it. There are names such as TikTok college, student TikTok, or campus TikTok to show trending student TikTok accounts.  You can get help or learn tricks about college from many places like TikTok, the student community, and college student services. By making use of the resources and services at your disposal, your student life in college becomes easier. Imagine the situation when you have a research paper to write and deliver in a quick deadline. Instead of straining yourself too much trying to get ideas, you can pay a research paper writing service to write on your behalf. I learned this hack from other students. And since then, I pay someone to write my research paper on EduBirdie professional writing service. I have never been disappointed because every time I pay them to write for me, they deliver quality papers on time.  Why colleges should run a Tik Tok account about student life TikTok trends fast due to its short, entertaining videos. This is something universities must take note of when planning to run a TikTok account. They should also prepare TikTok survey trend questions. It will help them gather information on what students want or the kind of content that should be used in campus TikTok. There are different reasons why student TikTok is important in colleges.  Recent surveys show college students have changed the way they used TikTok in the past. They are no longer using the application exclusively for entertainment. They are mixing entertainment with information. They use the app to share their experiences, advice and to answer student questions.  By creating a TikTok account for students, college administrators can use it to spread positive information about the campus or university. TikTok college can be used for orienting new students. It includes explaining university security, survival hacks, and simple college rules.  A student TikTok created by students and for students can help enhance cohesion among the learning community. Students can learn how to use various software, applications, gadgets, and apparatus. 

What Topics Should be Raised in College Tik Tok 

Promoting TikTok campus tour: TikTok college can be used to help new students tour the campus. Videos that show where the dorms are located, the lecture halls, where to go for relaxing, dining, etc.  Student hacks: these are important hacks around career advice, study tips, DIY tips, meal ideas, money-saving hacks, etc. Campus TikTok for academic content: lecturers can share short random course topis that goes directly to the main point/theme. The teachers can create longer course videos and add hashtags in the short forms that students can open and be redirected to the main website.  Using student TikTok to promote campus life and market the institution: The administration can use students to record videos that promote the institution. The aim is to attract more students to the campus through positive impressions from current students. Some of the students may answer TikTok survey trend questions to give a positive impression about the institution.  Conclusion  The use of TikTok in institutions of higher learning has recently increased. Students no longer use the application for entertainment only. They use it for both entertainment and information. Today, students look to TikTok to get lifehacks. Some learn new tricks for using the software, while others learn tricks for making simple meals, saving money, or career. College administration can use college TikTok to promote the campus, do orientation, teach study tips, and introduce new course topics. 


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