But, it is quite a well-known fact that the horrible Covid-19 Pandemic has taken over, which is exactly why a lot of music artists are sadly in the dark. Specifically due to the post-pandemic rules and regulations, many artists are unable to organize Live performances for all their fans around the globe. Which is exactly where Coachellaverse comes in.  Thankfully, technology is further leading the whole way for various music stars and events. Many blockchain technologies such as the NFTs, Metaverse, and Web3 are further bringing us all the amazing vibes and thereby accompanying a plethora of opportunities for singers, performers, etc. through Coachellaverse. Let’s further go ahead with the required information regarding Metaverse and Coachellaverse for you. 

Coachella + Metaverse= CoachellaVerse!

Yes, You heard it right! Coachellaverse is the new talk of the town. Coachella and Metaverse are combining to form a Coachellaverse. But what exactly is Coachelleverse? Before we further go into the details regarding Coachellaverse, let’s go ahead with the basics.  There is no doubt when we say that the word “Metaverse” has been quite a buzz throughout the tech world, business, and even financial world. Similar to every single buzzword, its meaning is shaped as per the people who use it.  But, there is a single fact that is confirmed, that the word Metaverse was formed by Neal Stephenson. He used this word to describe the virtual-reality world where it was portrayed just as a planet-encircling market where even the digital real estate could possibly be bought and sold.  Hence, there are exactly three elements: a VR Interface, Digital Ownership, and Avatars, which are extremely important parts of the metaverse. But, if you take the broader meaning, people consider the Metaverse as a flourishing digital space, where they can do all the basic things like shop, work, play, socialize, basically all the daily life activities.  And now Metaverse has extended its features to Coachella creating a new one of a kind Mega event- Coachellaverse.

Celebrity Collabs With Coachella Metaverse Platforms

Wait what? Celebrities invested in the Metaverse too? You bet they did! Meta, The Metaverse Company and the company Girls Who Code collaborated with Doja Cat straight up by creating a whole series of fabulous AR filters that continued to bring their latest album, Planet Her, right in the Coachellaverse. Jake Paul, the boxer and youtuber, even invested in the Metaverse Blocktopia. Lady Gaga collaborated with Beat Saber which is a VR game that is set in the Metaverse. Paris Hilton created a whole island in Roblox called Paris World.  All these celebrities are creating a hype by joining in on the new trend of Metaverse and NFT’s. And to promotre them in the forefront- The celebrities are all exited and geared up to make special gestures and appearnace in the CoachellaVerse.

What Is The Coachellaverse?

Now that we’ve explained to you what the Metaverse exactly is, perhaps it’ll be easier for you to understand the concept of Coachellaverse now.  This is the first time in the history of Coachella that they are building their very own Metaverse. It’s been given the quirky name as Coachellaverse. As the name clearly suggests, it’s basically a marvelous digital opportunity that lets all the fans from all over the globe with the purpose to link with this prominent festival.  This metaverse introduces a completely brand new method utilizing a combination of immersive tech. For your maximum enjoyment, this specific virtual platform portrays every single thing whether it’s from AR tech and simple video games to NFTs and a pretty interactive virtual clique which would let you interact with a lot of attendees, and even a bunch of artists, creators, and a lot of surprise guests.

Is Coachellaverse Just A Gimmick?

There is no doubt to the fact that Coachellaverse is a big turning point just for this fantastic annual festival. Integrating right into the Metaverse is becoming quite a trend, and a lot of brands are embracing this, including Coachella. The Coachella team strongly believes that the experience of this Metaverse is a lot more than just a gimmick.  Throughout the festivities of last weekend, millions of enthusiasts who watched Coachella’s Youtube Livestream managed to get a view of what the possible future of artist presentations could be as soon as the well known electronic artist Flume came right on the stage. All the Coachellaverse participants managed to encounter an amazing show. The Coachella team has fantastically managed to bring the whole stage to life simply by taking all the visual portions right from their show and further extending them by utilizing the AR technology , which would further result in a musical experience shared by everyone. This metaverse dream of theirs was brought to life with the help of various agencies such as Future Classic, Six Degrees, Epic Games, and even the virtual production company All of It Now.  It is a fact that Coachellaverse is a lot more than a simple AR-enhanced-YouTube stream. The team members of Coachella tried their best to bring in the most diverse elements to make sure that even the real life attendees could also try out the extremely enjoyable experience with a lot of interesting Instagram filters, Snapchat filters, a Fortnite experience.

Uses of Coachella App in Coachellaverse

To top it all off, the mobile app for Coachella allows you to enter a portal and go towards the Spectra, a humongous rainbow tower at Coachella. It even helps you to check out the Polo Fields using a proprietary AR wayfinder which would straight up take you to the various interesting locations for the best experiences. You can check out their Discord for the immediate, latest, updates about what’s going on at Coachella and the new creation, Coachellaverse. 

Wrapping Up

As the latest AR technology manages to further advance straight up at its present, speedily rate, these types of augmented shows like Coachellaverse would only further turn common around the globe. Specifically when all the performing artists find out more information regarding the possible values of technology.   I hope all your doubts regarding CoachellaVerse (Coachella and Metaverse collab) are catered. For any further assistance, do reply and contact us through the comment section below.


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