Your filthy, dusty windows may be the reason why 5 p.m. sunsets make you want to curl up under a Snuggie. During the short winter days, grimy windows significantly reduce the amount of sunlight that enters a space. Even the sunniest of dispositions can go into hibernation mode due to a lack of natural light. You don’t have to spend another minute staring at the dirty glass if you live in a fifth-floor walk-up or a detached home. With the help of a window cleaner, you can clean glass windows even when it’s cold outside. If you haven’t seen an automatic window cleaner yet, has a list of the best models available in the market today.   Let’s find out what you need to know about the robot.

How Does a Window Cleaner Work?

It may seem strange to see a robot stick to your window and start moving on its own, but that is exactly what robotic window cleaners do. Some window cleaning robots (WINBOT) need you to spray the solution onto the pad or mat of the unit before positioning it against the glass. After adhering the robot to your window, the machine will slowly begin working its way around the window, cleaning the glass as it goes. Modern robots feature a reservoir that holds the alcohol-based solution. The robot will spray this liquid as it glides around your window. Like a robot vacuum or mop, most window cleaning robots have many cleaning modes that allow choosing different cleaning patterns. This way, you can customize the cleaning mode that suits the size and shape of your window.

How Does It Stick to the Window?

Depending on the brand and model of your robot, window cleaners adhere to your glass with strong suction or magnetic connections. To prevent the machine from falling down, the magnetic technology requires you to put a metallic piece on the opposite side of the window. This can be a problem if your window has any decorative items or dividers on it. With this kind of set-up, it’s challenging to make them work on some windows, especially those hard to reach or in odd places. Some windows don’t open, making it impossible for the bot to work unless you climb on the other side to place the magnetic piece. Between suction and magnetic connection, the first one is more convenient. However, a bot that uses this method has a hard time maintaining its hold for extended periods. In terms of price, the suction type is cheaper.

Is there a Cordless Window Cleaner?

Robot window cleaners are still in their early stages of development. The majority of models still rely on a cord as they are powered by electricity. However, some models like the Ecovacs Winbot Xand Skybot W200 are powered by a rechargeable battery. These bots are easier to use and can finish cleaning quicker, but they are also more expensive. Obviously, anything wireless is preferred by today’s standards. Soon, these robots will be powered nearly entirely by batteries. As these window robots become more popular, more manufacturers will produce robots that can self-charge needed and continue doing their jobs. This, of course, would require some type of mechanism that you also install on your window to help the winbot stay in its place. For now, the power cord will always be present to ensure that it does not lose suction and fall off the window.

Do Window Cleaners Work?

Are these window cleaning robots truly effective at cleaning your windows? Both yes and no is the best response. Yes, because it cleans the window by itself anytime, which relieves you from doing it yourself. And no, because while its technology continues to improve, the robot window cleaners available today simply aren’t there yet. The application is solid, and they do a good job of keeping the glass clean. Still, there is too much involved, and there are too many opportunities for error. Unlike robot vacuums or robot mowers, a winbot presents more challenges. Running robot vacuums, for example, is simple; you just need to press a button, and it’s good to go. The more you use this machine, the easier it moves around your house. Meanwhile, the robot window cleaners do not have a home base or docking station to park at, so you must always get it out and set it on the window. Should you get one? If you have a big house with large glass windows that are regular in shape, you have to. But for smaller windows with odd shapes or surfaces, getting one is not worth it.


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