Clash Royale is still one of the most popular mobile games worldwide despite being one of the oldest titles available. The game’s creators have succeeded in keeping it fresh by regularly adding new levels, Arena decks, new seasons, cards, magic items, events, and gems. Let’s learn more about this recent update announcement of the Clash Royale new championship. Clash Royale fans are going crazy to know about the biggest update of the year. The most recent update to Clash Royale adds two new cards, new King Levels and Clash Royale TV Royale. A new Legendary and Champion unit will be included in the real-time strategy card game, which we will discuss briefly below.

Clash Royale New Championship Begins From Nov 2022

A card rarity called Champion was added to November Update on October 27. The Skeleton King, the Archer Queen, the Golden Knight, the Mighty Miner, and the Monk are the first five cards in the deck. Champions can be acquired along the Trophy Road, beginning in Arena 16, just like all other cards. Let’s see all the latest updates on this below. Also, read Alert! New Clash Royale Season 38: Clash From The Past Released | New Features & Skins

Clash Royale New Championship Dates | League Updates

As per the official Twitter announcement, the biggest Clash Royale update of the year will begin on November 1st with the Phoenix launch party & ends with Monk & Phoenix’s cosmetics release. Let’s learn all the release dates of all the separate updates below. Events & Release dates of Clash Royale update 2022 –

Phoenix Launch Party: Nov 1, 2022.All Championship Boosted!: Nov 7, 2022.Champions celebration challenge: Nov 2 to 11 Nov 2022.Silent sanctuary season: Nov 7, 2022.Monk Launch Party Challenge: Nov 12 to Nov 22.Mega Drafted challenge: Nov 22 to Nov 28, 2022.Flight of Phoenixes: Nov 29 to 4 Dec 2022.Monk & Phonix Cosmetics: Date not revealed.

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New Updates & Changes In Clash Royale New Season | Nov 2022

I want to quickly go through the upcoming modifications to Clash Royale’s trophy system before we go on to the new cards because they have an impact on how champions will be unlocked. With some new cards and the new Clash Royale championship, there are some in-game changes that you should know about. King Level 14 is no longer required to access champions. Through the updated Trophy Road, you can now unlock champions for Arena 16, i.e., Skeleton King and Golden Knight, at 5500 trophies; Arena 17 i.e, Miner and Archer Queen, at 6000 trophies; and Arena 18 as well which is Monk at 6500 trophies. Also, read Clash Royale | Play Clash Royale Online On Browser For Free

New Clash Royale’s Phoenix | Phoenix Launch Party

Along with the Clash Royale new championship, the phoenix is getting launched in this Clash Royals major update. When Phoenix gets killed, this supernatural creature will reappear as an egg. If it hatches, the battle is back on! What an amazing talent. Phoenix has a fiery disposition as well! It’s a really serious bird, just kidding. It’s a perfect creature of Clash Royale.

How To Obtain The Phoenix Card In Clash Royale?

The Legendary card, The Phoenix, can be obtained from Spooky Town (Arena 12). It is a flying soldier with short-range area damage that has respectable hitpoints and deals a lot of damage.  The Phoenix drops a low-health egg after being vanquished for the first time; if it is not destroyed, the egg will hatch into another Phoenix in 4 seconds. A Phoenix that has died and been reborn does not lay an egg. Using a Phoenix card requires 4 Elixir. Details –

Elixir Cost: 4Rarity: LegendaryType: TroopArena: Spooky TownRelease Date: November 1, 2022.

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New Clash Royale’s Monk | Monk Launch Party

Monk is the one who has spent many years alone developing a novel method of conflict in Clash Royale. He executes a three-hit combo, with the final strike causing additional Damage and forcing opponents back.

How To Obtain Monk In Clash Royale?

The Silent Sanctuary of Arena 18 can be used to unlock the Monk. Along with Clash Royale new championship, he has a lot of HP points but only average damage. A three-hit combination is used by the monk; the first two hits inflict standard damage, while the third hit deals additional damage and knocks the target back, even if they are ordinarily immune to knockback.  He resembles the Hog Rider in appearance, with the exception that his mohawk, beard, and eyebrows are white. He also has a long mustache and wears a red kilt, mala, and cincture. When deploying a Monk card, it costs 4 Elixir. Details –

Elixir Cost: 4Ability Cost: 1Rarity: ChampionType: TroopArena: Silent SanctuaryRelease Date: November 12, 2022.

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Wrapping Up

This is all the information you can get on the Clash Royale new championship, for now. That’s it for today. While you are waiting for the release of the official update, why don’t you check out all my other articles on Clash Royal on Path of EX?  Share this article with your friends who are in need. And enjoy the upcoming Clash Royal’s major update. Till then, I’ll start preparing another interesting blog for you. Take care and enjoy your day. Happy Gaming!


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