Let’s face it: power is expensive. Especially here in Australia where our consumer watchdog, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) wrote an absolutely scathing report back in 2018. In the Lucky Country, billpayers are out of luck; according to the ACCC, our national energy market is “uncompetitive”, “unaffordable”, “unsustainable” and “unacceptable”. Energy prices have been rising for years, and it’s not just homes and businesses that bear the brunt. So does the Australian economy.  Particularly in the age of COVID-19 recovery, something had to change. Fortunately, the Aussie government is already on it, working towards untangling this web of overcharging. Thanks to some policy changes, wholesale electricity prices have dropped dramatically. They’re also tapping key gas reserves that’ll make both electricity and gas more affordable. So why is your bill still so high, you may be wondering? There are a few possible reasons. Maybe you signed up for a discount offer, it’s expired, and you’re stuck on an exorbitant Default Market Offer. There’s also an all-too-common phenomenon, “response lag”. The Government sets policies but it takes time for them to make a difference to market prices. But the fact is, you should be saving money, and if that’s not happening, it’s time to shop around.

Less salespeople, less scouring the web… less stress.

The good news is, you’re no longer living in the days where you have to call up dozens of call centres. You don’t have to wait on hold to talk to salespeople without your best interests at heart. You don’t have to scroll through a ton of energy supplier websites trying to understand unnecessarily complex contracts. You don’t have to give your email address to a ton of providers, just to find you’re on annoying, spammy mailing lists.  If you’ve been putting off comparing energy providers, then don’t put it off any longer. It’s something you can do in a few clicks, and save hundreds of dollars in the process. Energy bills are one of the highest cost-of-living expenses in many countries, and Australia’s no exception. If you’re an Aussie billpayer, you shouldn’t have to deal with bill shock anymore or prop up price-gouging. Because there’s now a clever tool called Econnex that’ll do all the work for you.

So, how does Econnex work?

Econnex is a no-obligation energy comparison tool that lets Australians compare plans offered by a wide variety of household electricity and gas providers. The process couldn’t be easier: fill in a quick form, let Econnex know your postcode, approximate electricity usage for a given period, and connection date. Next, choose your preferred tariff type. Econnex will then show you various options for electricity and gas available in your area, with dollar-value information. And to make things even simpler, you don’t have to contact the energy provider to make the switch. It can all be done via Econnex, who will act as the middleman to transfer your energy supplier for you. Too easy! Think of it as a brokerage service; just like mortgage brokers do all the hard yards finding deals for your home loan, Econnex works with gas and electricity providers to make it easier for you to find your best deal. It only takes 5 mins to compare your electricity and gas rates with Econnex, and you can compare energy prices, rates & tariffs across a panel of top retailers – Simply Energy, AGL, Origin Energy, Alinta Energy, Red Energy, and much more. The Econnex service is 100% free: no obligation, no calls, no fuss, and no worries. They’re here to help you get a better deal on your electricity when you compare energy providers and to make it easy to do that. So don’t get analysis paralysis – shop around!

Things to know

On the face of it, all energy contracts might look the same: after all, they all power your home or business so you can live your life, use your lights, and keep your home at a comfy temperature. But the way that you use gas and electricity during the day can vary, so when you’re choosing the best plan for you, remember to look at things like: ·       Tariffs ·       Billing periods – monthly, quarterly, or bi-monthly? ·       Fees and charges ·       Pay on time discounts or benefits ·       Standard or market contracts Plans aren’t one-size-fits-all. How and when you use your power matters. So before you decide, you’ll need to review the plan in detail. If you’re not technically minded, don’t worry – Econnex has plenty of info to make it easier. Ready to check out this handy energy comparison tool and see how much you can save? Check out Econnex today to find the best electricity and gas plans available to Australian billpayers!

What if I’m not Aussie?

Econnex is an Australian service helping Aussie billpayers sort through the red tape and get the best deal on their gas and electricity, faster. The principle of access to power at a fair price is very important to everyone at Econnex. Ankit Jain, Econnex CEO has this to say about the worldwide energy market: “when energy is unaffordable, homes and businesses suffer, and so does the economy. I encourage billpayers worldwide to keep an eye out and compare energy providers to make sure they’re getting the best deal.”


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