During 2021-2022, the average college student paid more than $35,000 on education costs for one year. Many daily expenditures, like lodging and meal, transportation, dress, and mobile phone charges, are not included, so it’s simple to see why college graduates struggle to meet these fees. On the other hand, car insurance might be a significant added cost. I compared regular rates, the accessibility of special offers, customer loyalty, and in my quest for reasonably priced car insurance for college students, analyzed data from more than 20 well-known big brands to identify the six firms listed here. To know more about the companies that offer car insurance for college students and their offers, I recommend you to go through this article carefully to choose the best six on the list.

Top 6 Car Insurance for College Students of US in 2022

I researched the leading insurance carriers in the country and ranked the top six based on pricing, quality, and college student benefits. In our study, I discovered that State Farm offers the best vehicle insurance for college students.

1. State Farm (Cheapest Car Insurance for College Students)

State Farm offers a variety of insurance products, such as a house, life, vehicle, and renters insurance. Along with its low prices, incentives, and full insurance, this firm is a wonderful option for college students looking for vehicle insurance. Here are a few State Farm discounts that help college graduates save money on vehicle insurance:

Steer Clear: A vehicle training course for drivers under the age of 25.Drive Safe & SaveTM: The consumption savings scheme from State FarmSavings for students away at school: For individuals under the age of 25 who live away from home and solely drive an insured automobile at home.Discount for students: For achieving good grades in college, you can get a discount of up to 25%.Discount for driver training: For pupils under the age of 21 who have completed a driving education course that has been approved.

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2. Auto-Owners Insurance

Auto-Owners Insurance offers savings to good students and optional protection that is particularly enticing to car teens. The following are some of the discounts available for the best car insurance for college students: Good student discount: University students who keep a B or above cumulative GPA can save up to 20% on vehicle insurance. Students attending school more than a hundred miles away from home and who do not have access to a vehicle are eligible for further incentives. Discounts for young driver tracking: You may be eligible for further discounts if you have a GPS continuously placed in your vehicle. Together with basic coverage such as liabilities car insurance, Auto-Owners Insurance also offers the following specialized protection choices that may be particularly beneficial to inexperienced drivers. Use these vehicle insurance add-ons for college students: Someone else will visit you where you are to get you rolling again unless you are stuck without gas, shut your car, have a flat tyre, or get another technical failure such as a dead battery. Also, read Cheapest Car Insurance in California in 2022 | Check Lenders & Their Amazing Offers Added expense: Costs can quickly mount after a mishap that renders your vehicle immobile. This can be used to cover the cost of a rental automobile as well as payment for lost time on the road. Private vehicle plus package: This is a bundle of over ten additional insurances for one low price, including identity theft protection, lock rekeying, cell phone replacement, and more.

3. Geico  (High Customer Satisfaction Ranking)

Geico is among our best ones for car insurance for college students because of its low rates, attractive discounts, and excellent satisfaction and dependability ratings. Buyers could choose policy limits and optional insurance like breakdown cover and hire car refund when it comes to plans from Geico.  The following are some of the savings and supplementary insurance products that make this provider particularly appealing for college students looking for vehicle insurance:

New drivers who have finished an authorized driver education program are eligible for a Drivers education discount.Discount for students: Learners between the ages of 16 and 24 can save up to 15% on their tuition if they keep a B grade or above.Mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI) is a type of insurance that protects you in the event of  a breakdown, mechanical breakdown insurance protects certain mechanical car components. 

It can help you save hundreds of dollars on repairs. Customers reported paying $72 to $120 per year for Geico MBI via the internet. Also, read Car Insurance For Teens and Young Drivers in the US in 2022

4. Safeco (Full Student Discount)

Safeco’s Teen Security Benefits Package provides a variety of discounts for new drivers, not just teens, making it a good choice for college students. The following are among the discounts:

Good Student Discount: A comprehensive student with a GPA of at least 3.0 is eligible (B).Driving Training Course: To qualify for this rebate, you must take an authorized driver training course.Distant Student Discount: You’ll save money on vehicle insurance if you’re in school more than 100 miles away from home and don’t bring your car.

Healthcare repayment protection, mishap forgiveness, and a decreasing premium are just a few of the features that Safeco provides to its customers.  Also, read Cheap Health Insurance Missouri | 4 Best Comprehensive Health Insurance Policies in 2022 These forms of coverage can help college students get a good vehicle insurance policy: Refund for First Aid: This covers up to $10,000 in first-aid expenses for you or your companions in the event of a collision. Mishap Forgiveness: During their first at-fault claims, good drivers won’t experience a significant boost in rates. Diminishing Premiums: Customers’ premiums are reduced by $100 per day for every year they go charge with Safeco, up to a maximum of five years ($500).

5. AAA ( Road Assistance for College Students)

AAA is best renowned for its highest emergency roadside service, which could be beneficial to get car insurance for college students having limited driving experience. It does, however, provide affordable student vehicle insurance. These supplementary “plan upgrades” can be bought in addition to standard covers:

Essential: Assures that the cost of your plan will not rise as a result of minor disputes (under $250 in value if at -fault, up to $750 if not-at-fault).Advantage: If you’ve been insured with AAA for 5 years, you’ll be eligible for full charge remission.Ultimate: With every insurance period, one claim is forgiven, and you can get a $50 credit if you extend your coverage.

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6. Ensurance (Tech College Students)

Esurance is a high-tech alternative to the traditional vehicle insurance carriers, which may attract school students in particular. It’s worth noting, though, that Esurance isn’t offered in every state. The company provides basic liability automobile insurance and additional benefits such as vehicle rental refund, mortgage gap protection, and emergency help. The following are some deals that might assist students in preserving funds and are the best car insurance for college students. Also, read Best Car Insurance for Males Under 25 & How To Save Money on Insurance Quick Five Discounts: You can save 5% on monthly insurance by opening an online quotation. Rental Plus Discount: Save money on Esurance vehicle insurance if you have an Esurance rentals policy. Good Student Discount: As a comprehensive learner under the age of 25 with a B performance, you could save up to 10%.

Wrapping Up

When you drive the car, you’ll need adequate insurance to protect you in the event of a collision. That’s not unique unless you’re a student of a college or school. Students who do not drive to school should consider continuing on their parents’ insurance coverage. You will, however, want to get comprehensive student car insurance regardless of whether you have your policy. The best car insurance for college students is usually the most affordable. It may be cheapest to remain on your parents’ plan as a freshman in college, but if you decide it’s time to purchase your own, check for savings and bonus coverage that may save you money over time.


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