The person boycotted due to cancel culture is said to have been ‘canceled.’ CancelSanta is trending on Twitter from 30th May of 2022. Santa has faced this backlash before too. People are saying a thousand reasons to CancelSanta, yet none of it actually makes sense. let’s see some of the pinned comments here. I don’t know if you liked Santa or not, but many of the comments might provoke your picture of a likable Santa Clause. Let’s check why CancelSanta is trending on Twitter now.

There is literally no explanation for why CancelSanta is trending on Twitter now. It is only June! Twitter never leaves a single moment on roasting someone, so why Santa cannot be it? They might have thought. Some criticized his list of ‘who’s naughty or nice’ whereas some questions ‘Who gave him the permission to break and invades to home at night?’ Somehow it makes sense, right? Also, read Instagram Reels Can be Extended to 90 Seconds, Rolls Out New Features

Why is Santa Getting Cancelled?

Santa is the dream of childhood. We all know he doesn’t exist, but it is a hard pill to swallow. Do you remember Phoebe screaming over Joey for saying ‘Santa is not real?’ Let’s see what are the comments people have for ‘cancel Santa is trending on Twitter.’

Giving gifts is fine, but breaking my window and rebuilding it back as before is not cool!He is so clever that he lives in poles to avoid taxes- That’s not acceptable!He must be punished for crossing all the borders in one night, which is purely illegal.Who gives him the authority to spy on everyone?

While CancelSanta is trending on Twitter, the most satirical thing was the tweets are tagging an account named Santadecides. People might think this Twitter handle is related to a Santa Clause fan page, but actually, it is remotely related to the previous CancelSanta campaign. The user is also marked before for problematic content on Twitter. Also, read How Did Dora the Explorer Die in TikTok | Odd Trends on TikTok Series Continues!

Here are some of our hot picks on hilarious comments on #cancelsanta. Scroll down and join the trend on Twitter. I am not saying you to cancel Santa. If you love him join the comments and tell them why CancelSanta shouldn’t be trending!

1. Santa says he is Karl Marx

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2. Santa Died Laughing?

3. Did Santa Reply to Your Letter?

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4. Is Santa Abusive?

5. Why Santa Wear Red?

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6. Is Santa a Racist?

Wrapping Up

Cancel Santa is trending on Twitter now. Nobody knows why, but like all other bizarre trends, everybody followed the trend. People are posting hundreds of reasons why the Santa Clause should be canceled. Here I have covered the most hilarious comments and the suspicious account that got tagged on it. Do you like Santa| Let me know in the comments. Adios!


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