Saving a favorite and hooking on to the number of favorites on our posted TikTok video is what brings attention to the love we receive on the platform. However, any TikTok video posted can be one of the TikTok FAVORITES only when it is created well using appropriate filters and TikTok sound.  Head on through this article and learn Can you see who favorited your TikTok, Who can see who favorited your TikTok, and further, how to find and manage TikTok favorites. Check out the guide below and see what this new TikTok favorites feature will bring to your table.

Can You See Who Favourited Your TikTok?

TikTok’s feature of letting other people know who favorited their TikTok is all out there on the platform. We can always know how many TikTok users have added our content to our favorites.  However, recently, we encountered a tough battle between the TikTok application and its users regarding the sudden demand to know who favorited your TikTok. People were craving to know who were the ones who added us to their TikTok favorites.  And to answer that, TikTok did start notifying some users about who favorited your TikTok, but no certain feature has come up yet.  Also, read How To Transfer TikTok Drafts To Another Phone With 4 Steps In 2022?

Who Can See Who Favorited Your TikTok?

Surprisingly, this feature of who favorited your TikTok is only available to some for the time being. It is only available to some of the accounts on TikTok. This feature to see who favorited your TikTok is specific to certain countries and regions.  If you don’t have this feature, all you can do is wait for a bit and wait for the feature to come up to your region. 

How to Find Who Favorited Your TikTok?

The New TikTok update has surpassed all the ground rules ever laid by users. As the user logs in to the new latest version of TikTok and posts a video, he will receive a notification when someone favorites their video.  You can also see who favorited your TikTok. Here’s how you can find favorites on TikTok:

Open TikTok > head on to the Inbox section. Check out the notifications so received. Under the head Activities, you can see who commented or favorited your content.  Tap on the option See all to see all the activities You can see the profile name and icon of the individual under the section that added your video to favourites. Click on their name to see their profile. 

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How to Find Your TikTok Favorites?

TikTok also allows you to mark your personal favorites on TikTok and further locate them on a page where you can easily find all your favorites on TikTok with a tap.  Here’s how you can find TikTok favorites: 1, Open TikTok > click on the profile icon at the bottom right corner of your page. 2. Tap on the favorited icon from the toolbar above your profile grid.  3. Lastly, spot all of your favorites under the Videos section on your screen.   

How to Manage Your Favorites on TikTok?

After you’ve found your favorites on TikTok, you can always manage them to remove, add, or move videos as per your preference. It gives us the freedom to choose our actions according to the requirement.  Here’s how you can manage your favorites on Tiktok:

Head on to the favorite videos section on TikTok.  Open Collections > click Create new collection on the page.  Fill in your collection name > tap on Next > and add more videos to your various list of categories. You can manage your favorites on TikTok by selecting the option Collection > Manage Videos to edit, remove, or move favorites on TikTok. 

What Do TikTok Users Have to Say Regarding the Favorites Feature on TikTok?

This new update has witnessed many mixed features from TikTok users lately. Some are extremely pleased to find who favorited their video on TikTok, whereas some are drowning with disappointment.  One TikTok user tweeted: “Finally got the TikTok update where you can see who favorites your videos, and I do NOT like this.” And another TikTok user tweeted: “Allowing you to put your favorites in folders is one of the most helpful updates TikTok has made.” It denotes the mixed remarks of people on the new Favorite feature on TikTok.  Also, read What Does Dinkleberg Mean on TikTok? The Solution for All Your Problems!

Watch Can you see who favorited your TikTok

Wrapping Up

This was all about whether Can you see who favorited your TikTok and how to find favorites on TikTok. This new favorite feature rolled on TikTok is all set to embark upon new thrill and excitement on the platform. Check out the detailed guide mentioned above and see how you can make the most of your TikTok favorites.  The Path of EX is an open space. Come along if you have any doubts, and we will get back to you asap. 


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