What is Document Digitization?

Scanning a document is not just about making a digital copy of it. Digitization is the conversion of documents into digital data. These allow you to better manage documents. Also, they facilitate their research and make them more accessible to different users. The digitization of documents in business can be grouped into three main actions. First, it is the action of making a copy and converting a paper document into a digital file that can be used on a digital medium or on the Internet. Then, this action extracts data from a paper or digital document to send it to online applications. Finally, the digitization of company documents consists of classifying the scanned documents in a database according to the criteria of the company.

The Digitization Process

Digitizing requires human, material and software resources. First, the documents are prepared for scanning. To do this, they are sorted, unstapled and then trombone to facilitate processing with scanners. These documents are then scanned and processed using capture tools. They make it possible to extract information and content from documents. This information, still used as metadata, makes it easier to identify or find a document. But to digitize documents you need a capable document scanner.


This time we will discuss about a new product from CZUR, the CZUR ET24Pro. This is a premium modern scanner that we think is the best to date. Its ability to display 24 MP and 320 DPI makes it incomparable with similar scanners. To us, the scans it produces are crystal clear. Not only that, with the Side Light it provides, there will be no problem when it comes to scanning glossy documents. The compatibility is also amazing because the best scanner for scanning books is compatible with Windows, macOS, and LINUX. You can hardly find this level of compatibility in many other scanners. Whatever you’ve ever expected from your document scanner the CZUR ET24 Pro can deliver. Equipped with Laser Curve-Flatten Technology, you can align page by page automatically. Its OCR feature can also transform paper pages into easy-to-edit digital pages. We haven’t talked about HDMI for high FPS, its auto-sync feature, auto-repair, smart paging, and multi-target scanning that will allow you to scan a book in minutes. CZUR has established itself as one of the world’s greatest book scanner manufacturers. The company has sold no less than 300,000 scanners to people in more than 140 countries. Traditional scanners are outdated because they are heavy and operating them is quite tiring for most people. CZUR ET24 Pro is a modern scanner that is lighter and certainly more sophisticated. Its sophistication stands out as it features auto-focus and auto-page turning detecting which can be combined with the use of a handy foot pedal and hand button for hands-free operation.  So far, its scanning speed is the highest compared to other modern scanners. With all its features and convenience, scanning a single page takes less than 1 second. Thus, a standard 300-page book can be scanned in less than 10 minutes. Its scanning speed is capable of supporting fast-paced modern workflows.

Scan your Documents with CZUR ET24 Pro

No experience is required at all because the CZUR ET24 Pro is a modern yet simple scanner. You can scan any of your documents with amazing scanning quality, 24 MP and 320 DPI! Every scanning process will be a pleasant experience. Its Laser Curve-Flatten technology works great. It will automatically remove page indentations, thereby saving you a significant amount of time. Other features will enhance each scanning process. They are Stitching Function, Smart Paging, Remove Fingerprint, Auto-Alignment, Purify Background, and Multi-target Scanning which increase scanning speed amazingly. And repeating what has been mentioned above, the Side Light is able to reduce reflections so that scanning glossy paper is no longer a problem. For your information, reflected light can cause blur in the scan results and CZUR has managed to overcome that problem. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature that makes everything easy CZUR ET24 Pro is equipped with OCR technology that is capable of scanning physical document pages and producing editable digital scans. It also supports multiple languages ​​(180 different languages), making it capable of recognizing almost any type of document. This powerful scanner is capable of scanning everything; Books, passports, ID cards, stamps, receipts, even small things. That’s why many people call the CZUR ET24 Pro a scanner and camera in one device. And as a final piece of information, the CZUR ET24 Pro can also feature 2 lighting modes that support its role as your desktop companion. Conclusion With all its features, CZUR ET24 Pro is able to accommodate document digitization to support modern workflows. With this best scanner for home office, it is possible to work with your documents at the best quality and in much less time. 


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