On the Chromebook, you get access to Playstore and Chrome Apps, which is the best of both worlds. I was initially reluctant as I doubted whether or not I could rely on Chromebooks for long-term use. It took some time for me to get used to the low-end Chromebook with light software, but as a reviewer, I had to take that chance.  After 2 weeks, I discovered that Chromebooks are as good as any windows laptop; in some cases, they proved to be better in terms of portability. The best part is that now you can also have access to Linux. Although it is a beta feature, at least you can see the possibility soon. Along with that, you can also install Linux-based desktop software like Steam and GIMP. 

Black Friday Chromebook Deals

Black Friday Chromebook deals are considered the best time of the year to buy Chromebooks. If you cannot afford chrome till now, then buying it on Black Friday can be the best decision. As per last year’s trends, there will be huge Chromebook discounts. Also, read Currys Black Friday Deals | Here’s What you Should Buy

When is the Black Friday Chromebook Deal Starting in 2022?

 Black Friday Chromebook deals in 2022 will start on November 25. However, I suggest you keep looking for deals starting from Cyber Monday, as many products get sold out by the time Black Friday Chromebook deals start. 

How to Grab the Black Friday Chromebook Deal?

There will be a lot of Black Friday Chromebook deals on and after November 25, which can also cause a lot of confusion, and you may need advice to sort out the option for you. This article will tell you where to buy and how to buy your favorite Chromebook.  The first step is to put down your requirement and search for possible Chromebooks that match your budget and configuration. The second step is to decide if you can wait until late November or if you need the Chromebook urgently. If your need is urgent, I would recommend buying it right away, but after comparing the prices on different platforms. In case you can wait until the end of November, the third step is to try looking for deals from Cyber Monday itself. It might be a case that a few deals get launched on Cyber Monday and products go out of stock within minutes.  Also, read First Dibs on DeWalt Black Friday Deals 2022 | DeWalt Tool Deals You Can’t Miss  Therefore, I recommend preparing yourself for Cyber Monday itself and keep looking for the best deals. Also, when you get a deal that offers more discounts than you have seen before, then buy the Chromebook right away.  Do not wait for the price to drop even more or for further discounts, as the Chromebook itself may go out of stock. 

Where to Crack Black Friday Chromebook Deals

Black Friday Chromebook Deals: What to Expect?

Plenty of great Chromebook options from 2020 and 2021 will be on sale this year. 2022 embarked on the launch of Intel’s 12-gen processors, which basically mean that seller will try to finish their stock of 11-gen and even older processors,  Also, read The Best Black Friday Fitbit Deals in 2022 | Your Holistic Guide to Best Fitbit Offers of The Year This will be a great chance to buy a Chromebook with intel’s 11-gen processors. Not only that, in fact, the Chromebooks with intel’s 12-gen processor will be on sale this year.

Black Friday Chromebook Deals: The Best Deals of 2021

Wrapping Up

This completes my take on Blac Fridays Chromebook deals, and you have found the websites from where you can access the deals. For more exciting deals and discounts, subscribe to Path of EX and keep scrolling, as we will be posting regular updates about your favorite Chromebook deals.


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