The games are now available of varied types. From board games to arcades, the play store now offers all kinds of games. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world came to a standstill. The process for the release and production of digital games stopped abruptly. Due to this, the number of upcoming games to come out in 2021. Some of the best upcoming games for PC that you can look forward to in 2021 are : We went through a lot of trailers and specifications and made for you this list of the best upcoming games for PC. Our assistance will help you dodge the overflowing list of upcoming games and choose the one that works for you the best.

Best Upcoming Games for PC

The game developers are constantly making new changes and introducing new games. If you love gaming on your PC, this list of upcoming games will come in very handy. We have created for you this list of upcoming games.

 1. The Medium

The Medium is a psychological horror game that is set to release this year. The game has been developed by Bloober Team and will be made available for Microsoft Windows to be released by the end of January 2021. The game will be played in a third person, named Marianne. It will be a single-player game and so you can’t play the game in online multiplayer. The game thumbnail and logo are other factors that have attracted the people and made them sure of the psychological horror theme of the game.  Also, read Best Multiplayer Games for Android 2021 The character of the game can travel into a different medium, that of the spirit realm. In the game, you can inhibit both worlds and that will make the game more interesting for it will help in the puzzle-solving in the game. Spirit wells present at various places in the game will help Marianne recharge her psychological power and move forward in the game. 

2. HumanKind

A game that takes the world of gaming into another dimension. It is a 4X video game that is scheduled to be released in April 2021. The Developer of the game is Amplitude Studios and will be published by Sega. Microsoft Windows will get the first look at this video game and will further revolutionize the world of gaming.  This game is highly comparable to the Civilization series. In Humankind, the players take forward their civilization through six eras beginning with the Nomadic age. It is up to you to help your civilization move forward. You can control the military, develop cities, making the civilization expand and their civilization interacts with the others. Your actions decide what way your civilization will go on.  Also, read Best Augmented Reality Games 2021 For Mobile and PC One of the major features of the game will be that you have the option of playing as anyone civilization depending on their known histories. The bonuses and penalties will be recorded as and how you develop your civilization. The game will have more than a million civilizations to choose from. How many points you’ll get depends on how you will develop the chosen civilization.

3. NIOH 2

NIOH 2 is an Action Role-playing game (RPG). The player takes on the character they wish to take on. It is a Japanese game and a lot of characters are inspired by them. NIOH -1 is a game that has been available for the PlayStation for quite some time now. This NIOH 2: Complete Edition version of the game will especially be released for Microsoft windows with pre-existing features and a completely downloadable game.  The player takes on the character nicknamed Hide, a half yokai. The player can create its character by having a yokai spirit. You can use a variety of weapons and learn new skills as you move on in the game. Completely controlled by Artificial intelligence, the game lets you go to a location called “Benevolent Graves” where you can ask for help from other players in the game. They can assist you during combat and lead you to victory. This app pre-existing for Playstation already has a fan base and so its move to the PC is expected to be huge and get many downloads. The game also gives you a three-player cooperative mode of multiplayer gaming. 

4. Roller Champions

A free-to-play multiplayer game, Roller Champions is set to attract an audience with its release in 2021. The game has been developed by Ubisoft Montreal. It is played from a third-person perspective wherein two teams of players compete against each other. The goal of the game is for any team to score five points within seven minutes. For any team to win the game you will have to throw the ball into a goal. Gain possession of the ball, skate at least one lap at such a pace that you are not interrupted by any member of the opponent’s team. You can then pass the ball to other team members and they’ll do the other laps in the game. The more laps your team does, the more points you get. However, it is important to note that as soon as you are interrupted by any member of the opponent’s team, you lose points. Also, read Best Popular Games for Android 2021  The more matches you win, the more likely you are to compete in matches having a large crowd. You can customize your avatar, gears available and also create unique fan outfits using different cosmetic items available in the game. 

5. Hood: Outlaws and Legends

Hood: Outlaws and Legends is a violent game. It is set in a medieval world that allows the player to interact with the surroundings. This game developed by Sumo Digital is one of the most anticipated releases for 2021. The players have to go through a heist and steal some precious jewels. It is a multiplayer game. Two teams of players compete with each other to steal the jewels. The one team that can pull off the heist wins the game. Along with defeating the other team, you will also have to dodge the AI-controlled guards stationed outside the heist location and also multiple other locations in the game. The guards will use all their powers to stop and fail you in your mission.  These are just a handful of games that we have talked about in this article. There are many more that are scheduled to release in 2021. Be on the lookout for these games and enough them to the fullest when they release. 


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