The strategy games challenge your minds and help you work beyond the conventional gaming ways. Whenever you are on your PC, looking for a strategy game, our list of the best strategy games for PCs will help you. Some of the best strategy games for PC are: Our list of the best strategy games for PC has been discussed in detail below. Find everything that there is to know about them further in the article below.

The Best Strategy games for PC

After a lot of time spent reading, analyzing, and understanding, these strategy games for PC suggestions have been created for you.

1. FTL: Faster than Light

FLT: Faster than light is a space-based top-down real-time strategy rogue-like game. In this strategy game for Android, you control a spacecraft that is capable of traveling faster-than-light. You can choose a spacecraft with several systems rooms like engines, weapons, piloting, life support, etc as well as a crew. The best part of the game is that the game’s map and the obstacles are procedurally generated every time you start a new session. 


It has complex gameplay, so you have to strategize carefully.Pause it mid-make to look back at the strategies made.You can re-strategic for a faster win.Play the game at your speed.You have complete control in the game. 

2. Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 was released in 2004 as a first-person shooter game. It was developed and published by Valve. This game is one of the most revolutionary strategy games for PC in the industry. Half-Life 2 continues the story of the scientist Gordon Freeman, but in a very lightweight alternative for you to play. If you are looking for low-spec small size PC games, then this game will be more beneficial for you. The game has received many awards and recognition for its amazing graphics.


The game comes with advanced physics.Half-Life 2 comes with praise-worthy graphics.You control a character named Gordon Freeman.The player begins the game empty handed. All the weapons and arsenal are collected with the passage of the game.The new feature of the game comes with detailed physics simulation to induce intrigue. 

3. Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III is a game that is full of darkness. It gives proper horror vibes to anyone playing the game. If you are wondering how you can solve the game in darkness, you can make use of the magical powers of the game. You can use various weapons, armor, and consumables to give a tough fight and eventually beat your enemies. You can shield as well to protect yourself. The bonfires in the game are considered as the checkpoints. Ashes play an important role in the game. The magic is marked by the returning magic system of the Demon’s souls. But by spelling the magic, consumes the player’s focus points.


Compete with different types of enemies.Each enemy has different powers.This game is very similar to the last edition, making it easier to understand.The game has maps to offer maximum exploration.The shield can be used as an extra weapon. It can also be used to deflect the actions of the enemies. Each weapon comes with two forms of attack, one is a standard attack and the other is a slightly more powerful version of it. 

4. XCom 2

Xcom 2 is one of the extremely best strategy games for PC. It is a turn-based strategy game for PC. In this game, you can make use of all your strategies while also taking a break. It has all the best features from its previous version. In this game, you use various techniques to uncover the secrets of your enemy and defeat them. Learn their research, engineering, and military strategies to win over them. You can also use the human resources to get an upper hand during the gameplay. Monitoring this human power will be a little difficult than its last installment, and hence more challenging and fun to play. 


Use all your resources wisely in the game. Strategize when what weapon to use.Building a strong base is the most important in the game.In this game, you can travel all around the world.Go to different locations to set up cells, hunt for more resources to add to your collection, and also infiltrate some black sites.Search hidden, different locations for more powerful weapons.The best soldier you have, will not just be equipped with weapons, but will also act like an Avenger.Your characters are capable of sci-fi heroism in the game. 

5. Crusader Kings III

Crusader Kings III is a blend of RPG and strategy games. This game has taken the world of gamers by a storm by offering the best graphics and features. In this game, you can command troops while also conquering empires. It is also one of the most realistic games, giving you a real-life experience of combat and regal life.


Different characters in the game have different powers and duties.Each member of the dynasty will have an impact on your empire.The plans you make are also very important in the game. You need to strategize your battles well to win.It is not an easy game to understand, but the tutorials and toolkits are guidance enough.

The strategy games are not going away anytime soon. For as long as you play, you might as well enjoy these strategy games. Let us know if any of these games helped you. 


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