Do you also love sports games? And are you in search of the best sports games for you? If yes, then the internet has made you reach the right place. As we have got you the list of the best Sports games for PC trending in 2021. According to the gamer’s reviews and the internet’s saying the Best Sports Games for PC 2021 are Super Mega Baseball 3, Dirt Rally 2, and Grand Mountain Adventure. But what makes these games the best for your PC? What features they have? What are the Pros? Where do these games lack? Is it compatible with your device? Don’t worry, this post has got an answer to all these questions of yours.

Best Sports Games for PC 2021

Though the internet is flooded with a lot of sports games as they are added regularly on the internet being so popular. But not all these games are the best for you to play. Here is the guide to the features, pros, cons, system compatibility, and users reviews of all the above mentioned Best Sports games:

Super Mega Baseball 3

Why Super Mega Baseball 3 is one of the best Sports games for PC 2021? Super Mega Baseball 3 is an unparalleled triumph when it comes to the most loved sports games for PC. It is the third game in the series that is the baseball simulator game with all-new Franchises to compete in the online leagues. This game steals the limelight with its major graphical enhancements and on-field additions including pickoffs and situational player traits. You can compete in several online as well as offline leagues. You can add on to the baseball love with a new pickoff and stealing mechanics, wild pitches/passed balls, designated hitters, and situational player traits. Hang on!!! Not over yet…. This game lets you take in the sights and sounds of 14 richly detailed ballparks and each one of these features day and night as well as the unique alternate lightening conditions of day and night! Also, This is a cross-platform game so that you can enjoy playing it with anyone anytime with the online modes. Yes, it is customizable but you can skip it as well. Focus on competing with your friend all over the globe to top the leaderboard score.


It gives seamless gameplay triggering your hand-eye coordination.You will get to play with a new pickoff and stealing mechanics, wild pitches/passed balls, designated hitters, and situational player traits.It has about 14 rich ballparks with unique day and night sights.You can arrange a Cross-platform league with your friends.Compete online to win pennants and climb to higher divisions in the cross-platform Pennant Race mode.


For some users, the controls are the problem with keyboards and mouse.

GENRE: Action, Indie, Simulation, Sports System Requirements: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system. User’s rating: 9.5* out of 10

Dirt Rally 2.0

Why Dirt Rally 2 is one of the Best Sports Games for PC 2021? Dirt Rally 2 is an iconic realistic rally game. This racing game is focused on Rallycross and Rallying. And is particularly designed for race lovers and enthusiasts. This makes you feel like a real racer with its most extra-ordinary rally locations. This game is functional with over 50 fabulous and most powerful cars. The powerful cars are comprised of VW Polo GTI R5, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X & Citroen C3 R5. And locations are real too. You will enjoy racing on the roads and tracks of New Zealand, Argentina, Spain, Poland, Australia, and the USA. You get the liberty to select your own team, hire someone or expand your garage for better performance while racing. This game will be a good experience with its improved handling, fallibility, and surfaces. Its advancement and such amazing features made it to be on the list of the Best Realistic Games on PC 2021.


It has over 50 of the most powerful off-road cars to play.Stunning environment and 6 real-life locations.Improved handling and surfaces.Authentic and focuses on off-road experiences.Has a multitude of different series.You can create your own community and team.You can upgrade the vehicle parts at any point.Daily, weekly, monthly leaderboards.


Mechanics are no up to the mark as reported by a few of the users.Even the single-player progression is bounded to the internet connection.

GENRE: Racing, Simulation, Sports System Requirements: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system & OS: 64bit versions of Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10. User’s rating: 9.0* out of 10

Grand Mountain Adventure

Why Grand Mountain Adventure is one of the Best Sports Games for PC 2021? This action-adventure game’s main focus is on skiing and other mountain adventures. You can snowboard and choose your way down. Make use of a cross-device multiplayer gameplay model. You can explore a lot of areas in the game and make use of many techniques. Jump, slide, ride, grab parks, etc. You can use any of these tricks or all at the same time to get more points. The mountain areas are available all over the world. This game offers cross-device multiplayer over wifi. The demo version of the app is available for free for only a limited time. After a certain time, you will have to buy the full version of the app and then play the 7 other mountain games. You can also make use of the online leaderboard to keep a track of your progress. There are a lot of secret missions and tasks that you will have to perform on the way to garner additional points. The road down is not easy; you will also encounter many wild animals. Be aware of the bears, avalanches, wolves, falling trees, etc.


It has a range of huge open-world mountains to explore.You can play in 100+ different challenges to master the game.No need of thinking about the device, you and your team can play on different devices as it is a cross-device multiplayer over Wifi.You can enjoy 20+ hours of gameplay to complete all mountains with the advanced trick system with Corks, Combos, Rails, Spins, flips, and a lot more.Get to play at the locations with vivid ski resorts with busy slopes, avalanches, wildlife, and sunsets.You can wander wherever you want. Feel free to ride any lift you like without loading screens or interruptions.


The camera options are little bit irritating.

System Requirements: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system. GENRE: Adventure, Casual, Indie, Racing, Simulation, Sports User’s rating: 9.5* out of 10

Final verdict

So these are the Best Sports games for PC 2021. All these games are super fun to play with the tint of the real sports because of the graphics. If you love skiing and want to play an adventure game along with the sport one, then go for Grand Mountain Adventure. If you are a Baseball fan, then Grand Mountain Adventure is a good preference for you. And if you love Adventure sports games, then go for Dirt Rally 2.0. So gamers, now its your turn to try these games and go with the one that perfectly suits your taste. Enjoy!!!!


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