The point here is that Warzone will never bore you, and that is one thing we have learned after spending countless hours in the game. We have already talked about the best assault rifles in Warzone, so naturally, it is time to start discussing the best SMG Warzone. You will naturally find a plethora of submachine guns but finding the one that is good for you is key. After all, not every weapon is going to be the same, and there are always balance changes that are happening. These changes make the experience different for everyone, and you need to be careful as to what you want to choose, so you do not find yourself confused.

Best SMG Gun In Warzone: Tier List

Now, naturally, there are lots of SMGs that you can find in the game, with each one being different. While we will see some similarities, but they are usually different in the terms of how they play. Finding the right one is largely subjective as it will be better if it suits your needs. Let’s break down what each tier means down below: Related guide: “Modern Warfare Unable To Access Online Services” – (Solved)

Tier S

The first one is, of course, tier S. This is the top tier that you can find in the game or any game, for that matter. Here, you are looking at SMGs that are dominating the world of Warzone, and getting your hands on them is like finding superpowers.


The first weapon that we are looking at is going to be the iconic Bullfrog. For those who are familiar with guns and shooting games, this weapon is more or less a staple for a lot of us, and you can find this gun in almost every game that you can play. This is one of the best weapons for anyone who is looking for close-range domination.


MAC-10 started as one of the best weapons in the game, and while it has been hit with a nerf ever since season 3 started, in the right hands, this is an absolute killing machine and can dominate every situation without thinking twice. You should start using this weapon if you are looking to score easy kills.


You are looking at a fairly new weapon as it was only added in the last season in the game, but if you are looking for a really good SMG that can give you an edge in competitive play in Warzone, LC10 is the way to go. You can equip different attachments on this weapon and this becomes a beast of its own.

MP5 (Cold War)

Honestly, I don’t think anyone needs an introduction when they are talking about MP5. This right here is one of the best weapons that you could think of, and while it might not be for everyone, the weapon truly deserves to be in a league of its own, and if you are looking for something solid, this is the one that you should be going for without a doubt.


Ever since the Season 3 Reloaded update, PPSH-41 has become an absolute killing machine in Warzone, and you can take on any enemy with ease and without any problem coming your way.

Tier A

This is something that not a lot of people are aware of, but tier A weapons in the Warzone is still excellent in every sense of the way and can melt anyone that you want to melt in the game. In the hands of the right gamer, these weapons are a force to be reckoned with.


When talking about reliable and handy weapons in the game, the AK-74u is one of the weapons that come to mind, and while it has been subjected to some balancing changes over the past couple of updates. If you are still looking for the best weapon there is and you want something unstoppable, then this is the weapon you should be going for.

MP5 (Modern Warfare)

Ever since Warzone started, MP5 from Modern Warfare managed to become one of the most popular SMGs in the entire game. And for all the right reasons as this is one of the most powerful and easy to handle weapons and in the hands of the right person, an absolute beast.


Another great weapon that I have grown to love is the MP7. This bad boy right here is ridiculously accurate and is a laser on the battlefield. And that is before you start putting the appropriate attachments on it. Once it is loaded with attachments, it becomes unstoppable.

KSP 45

Although not as famous as some of the other SMGs, the good thing about KSP 45 is that in the right hands, it is very, very powerful. The gun has a great range, and it is absolutely a beast when you are using the right attachments. Going wrong with this weapon depends entirely on you, so it is better that you are on the look.

Milano 821

When you are looking at the Milano 821. You come to realize that this weapon has seen some good days, and while it no longer is as popular as it used to be. Once you are putting the right attachments on the gun and you are using it the right way, you are unstoppable in terms of the performance, and you will not regret using it at all.

Tier B

You need to understand an important thing here, and that is the fact that Tier B weapons are not bad. These are perfectly serviceable. However, I have said before how at this tier, you are no longer relying entirely on the weapon, but your skills matter a lot, too. You will also need the right sort of attachments before you go ahead, but once you get a hang of these weapons, rarely anything is going to come your way.

AUG (Modern Warfare)

The best thing that I love about Aug is that it is one of the classic SMGs that have managed to find its way into almost every single game that you can talk about. This gun has managed to become an icon for a lot of us, and in Warzone, it is not as good but still gets the job done well.


Another staple of shooting games is the P90, and while it looks odd as compared to some of the other weapons, do not let this little beast fool you, as it can melt through anyone and everyone once you have gotten the hold of it. True, it takes some time to master, but once you have mastered it, nothing can stop you.


The beauty of Warzone is that different people are going to work differently for people with various playstyles. The reason why Fennec had a hard time finding a place in a proper tier list is because of the way it is designed. This weapon is deadly for those who are looking to play aggressively, but if you are a bit defensive, this might not be the right choice for you.

PP19 Bizon

The last weapon on the list is the PP19 Bizon, another iconic SMG that has graced countless games in the past years or so. The weapon is great at a closer range, and while you do need good attachments, it is not that hard to learn and can easily be handled by expert and average players.

Tier C

Tier C weapons are the ones that we would rarely suggest to anyone because of how many good choices are available. Sure, these weapons were at the height of their success at one point but throughout a few updates, they have fallen in the tier list. They can still be used for a quick kill, but carrying the entire game on them is not suggested.


ISO started as one of the best weapons in the game, but several updates and balance changes have dropped it in the lowest of lists. If you are looking for a good-tier weapon, you can go through all the other options that we have listed here as they are going to suit your style and requirements in a much better way.

Striker 45

Striker 45 is also something that used to be great. However, balances and other updates have made this cult classic into an average weapon, to say the least. Sure, it still has a great range for an SMG, but when you combine that with everything else about this gun, a lot of the things stop making sense.


The last weapon on the list is going to be the iconic Uzi that is no longer an iconic weapon, at least in the game. The reason being simple, as opposed to some of the other weapons that we have mentioned here, Uzi does not happen to have a great damage output in the first place. This makes this weapon a lot less ideal in almost every case. So, it is only fair that you are getting a game that delivers an excellent experience across the board. Granted, SMGs are not everyone’s first choice in the first place. But if you are looking for laser-like precision and great overall performance and experience, SMGs are excellent and will not let you down. With this tier list, I have tried to help everyone who is looking to get into Warzone and have a great overall time.

#1 – Is the ISO SMG good in Warzone?

Sadly, the ISO SMG is not as ideal as some would want it to be. The weapon does look the part but fails to have the same impact that most people would want from a good SMG. Therefore, it no longer is the suggested weapon of choice for a lot of people.

#2 – Is MP5 or MP7 better?

Both the MP5 as well as MP7 are two weapons from the same tier list. Therefore, in terms of performance, they are a lot similar, and they are also very similar in terms of their fire rate, with MP7 being a bit more accurate.

#3 – What is the best SMG in Warzone?

Currently, if you are looking for the best SMG in Warzone, that would have to be the Cold War variant of MP5, as that weapon is amazing in the game and can melt through anything and anyone without breaking a sweat. So, that is where you want to get started.

#4 – Is MP5 good in warzone?

The best thing about MP5 in Warzone is that both of the variants in the game are among the finest weapons that you can get started with. Thanks to MP5’s legendary status, this weapon has become more or less the standard for excellent weapons with top-tier performance.

#5 – Is AUG better than MP5?

Nope, while in some of the other games, the Aug does happen to be a better and more advanced weapon than MP5, in Warzone, you are looking at something that is not as good. MP5 manages to beat Aug along with many other games with ease, so you need to know that.

#6 – Does FMJ increase damage to Warzone?

You need to understand that an FMJ bullet is not going to increase the damage against other players. However, it does improve the weapon’s effectiveness against armor. Therefore, you are not entirely wasted on the idea of using FMJ.

#7 – Do headshots do more damage in Warzone?

In the previous Call of Duty games, the headshots only had a 1.1x multiplier as far as the damage was concerned. However, in Warzone or Cold War, the damage has been buffed and ranges anywhere from 1.3x to 2.0x in terms of damage

#8 – What is the best loadout for the ISO?

Honestly, ISO is one of the worst weapons in the entire game, and while you can improve the odds once you start using different load-outs, at the end of the day, you are still looking at a low tier weapon that can barely do any damage,

#9 – Is ISO better than MP7?

Not, ISO is one of the lowest tier weapons that you can find in Warzone, and as compared to MP7. It cannot do anything. Since MP7 is one of the best weapons in the game, the idea of ISO being compared to MP7 is just wrong.

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