And there’s an abundance of smart tech now making it out onto the commercial market after years of development.  This article will give you the run down and need-to-know for the best smart home tech that you should consider investing in. You’ll be surprised how far tech has come in the past decade! An aspect of the smart tech market that doesn’t get talked about enough is the advancements being made in heating technology. Gone are the days of manual valves and clunky radiator units that take up far too much space. One of the most common pieces of smart tech you can get for your radiators is thermostatic radiator valves. The best bit is that they can be installed on various radiator models of all shapes and sizes. These valves allow you to control the heat output of individual radiators from the comfort of your sofa with your smart device, be that a phone or tablet. Controlling your heating remotely is also great for when you forget to switch the heating off before leaving for work in the morning – only to realise mid-traffic jam. Smart thermostatic radiator valves are a brilliant way around this. Other smart tech heating solutions include replacing radiators with heated towel rails – like the fantastic range offered by Trade Radiators – or implementing under-floor heating solutions. The options are as endless as your creativity! Yes, smart plug sockets are absolutely a thing, and they are changing how we use electricity. They work much like the smart thermostatic radiator valves we just discussed in that they can be turned on and off remotely. This is ideal for appliances that use a lot of energy on standby mode. Instead of keeping them on standby, use these plugs to switch them off – no matter where you are. Maybe you just got comfy in bed and forgot to switch the TV plug off. Or perhaps you’re at work when you realise the oven switch is still on. Using smart plugs can allow you to control power to your devices remotely. This is great for saving energy and money! If you are a coffee lover, you may already be aware of smart tech coffee machines, but are you aware of the latest functionality from the updated models being released? From Google and Alexa compatibility to having individual profile settings for different people, coffee machines can now get you that perfect cup of caffeine if you ask nicely! Forget remote-controlled coffee machines from smart handheld devices; newer coffee machines are capable of integrating with voice command centres. Imagine asking for a cup of coffee and getting notified when it’s ready, all from the comfort of your home office? It may seem like something out of a science fiction film, but it’s now a reality. So, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself one! This is a more niche bit of smart tech but a necessary bit of tech for homes where the internet router or telephone connection is in an awkward spot. Traditionally, you would need a lengthy LAN cable or a strong WiFi booster to access the internet in such a scenario. However, PowerLine Adapters are a brilliant solution that uses your home’s pre-existing wiring as a workaround. These adapters can plug into any plug socket in the home (even smart ones) to use the electrical cabling in your wall as a LAN cable. This means that you can route your wired internet connection from anywhere in your home where two plug sockets exist. These devices are a godsend for those that require a strong wired connection. The best bit? They don’t take up a full plug socket. Most modern powerline adapters come with plug extensions to keep the plug socket free while the powerline adapters are using them. You won’t need to sacrifice plug socket spaces to use this smart tech! This may seem like another fantasy-land idea, but it is more affordable than you may first think. Biometric locks are great for keeping sensitive documents safe behind a small safe that only your fingerprint can access. You could even take it a step further by installing biometric locks for your front and back doors to future-proof your home for the next wave of home security tech upgrades.  Smart tech is slowly integrating into many aspects of everyday life to make our lives easier and safer. But we’ve only scratched the surface. There’s a huge variety of new tech released every year, so it’s good practice to keep yourself in the loop with the latest developments.  The future is here, and you can be a part of it.


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