Such games have many different versions as per their criteria and category. Each one consists of many other forms that are very high ranked. Such games may obtain a lot of varieties like- shooting, fighting, card playing, and so on. Action games are more reliable and efficient than simple acoustic games. Following is the given list of Best Shooting Games for Android. The list of Top Shooting Games for Android are- The above-mentioned games for android are available offline too. Shooting games are the best versions to define the reliability and efficiency of any player. It improves the mentality, skills, and comfort zone of each individual.

Best Shooting Games for Android 

Some of the most installed and played games for android are quite simple and efficient in their way. Following is the given description for each game with their abilities and features.

Call of Duty: Mobile

The best shooting game ever in which different modes and levels are available as per the player’s choice. Battleground, deathmatch, and sniper battle all in one game. Its gameplay is simple and secure. You have to play a dominant character in each round.  Also, read 7 Best MOBA Games for Android | Must-Try Games – 2021 Different levels and modes are there to play the character. For each level, a new map is available for further gameplay.


Unique loadout is customized at each level.Free to play.No advertisement issue.No in-app billing.You can play iconic characters every time.A competitive spirit can be developed.Skills and strategy is the basic lookout for the game.

Into The Dead 2

The game involves many different categories like- 7 different chapters, sixty stages, 100 challenges. Simply, you have to save your family life from zombies and win each level accordingly.  Nobody can match the statistics of this game till today. Many versions are there to define the categories of such games in each form. Some of them have similar meanings but different agendas. And some of them are opposite to the previous one.


Easy to install.Free to play.No advertisement issue.No in-app billing.Offline and online mode both are available.Required external storage permission for use.Modification is done in each manner.Highly adaptive.

Critical Ops

This game has 3D graphics ability and can easily be managed or handled by any individual. Action, story, aiming, and tactical skills are there to explore. Many levels were created to gather the attention of each individual in different manners.  Competitive ability is there so that nobody feels bored or left out. The outcome of each level is determined by your skills and strategies. You need to focus on your aim while shooting.


Team deathmatches are available.Multiplayer game for each group.No offline mode is available.Three different challenging game modes- diffuse, team deathmatch, and gun game.Free to play.Updation is done automatically.

Air Attack 2

One of the hottest shooting games ever made in history. Different names are available for this particular game like- air attack 1, air attack 3, air attack: WW2. all versions having the same meaning at last. But Different stages or levels make them quite definable and exploring from the gaming point of view. Also, read Best Simulator Games for Android 2021 The gameplay is to drive a plane and shoot all the enemies without touching them. Varieties of scenes and levels are there to explore. One of the best classic plane games having various ideas and animations.


The gameplay is smooth, simple, and secure.Excellent effects of background, audio, and visuals.Different forms of levels and tasks.Multiple types of a warplane.

Sky Force Reloaded

This game has its functionality in a very different manner. It is also included in the best arcade games for android. Its modern visuals, designs, levels, and features gather the attention of each individual. Such games have abilities to perform many actions at each level to break the extension within. Many can unlock different modes, transitions, and fighting paths to upgrade their position inside the game.


In-game objectives are quite good and manageable.No advertisement issue.No in-app billing.Free to play.Easily installed in any android version.Improves technical skills.

Final Verdict

At last, I can say that many shooting games are available on the google play store. Some of them have an online mode. Offline mode is also available and at some point both modes are available. Such games are made for those who can easily handle such stuff as- aiming, running, planning, plotting, and major agendas for a particular level. Payable features for such games are very less. Best games are not made, they become best after playing. I prefer such astonishing games that make your skills better for the future. Hope you find this article very helpful and make good reviews as such.


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