Shooting games are filled with action, adventure, strategy, engagement, and much more. Display your shooting skills in these amazing games. There are many shooting games available on the internet. Out of so many games, we have managed to list the best shooting games of all time. The list of the best shooting games include: The above-mentioned games are the best shooting games available on the internet. You can easily download these games from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. Read further to know more about the features, pros, and cons of these amazing games.

Best Shooting Games 2021

Read along with the list and find out the best shooting games of all time. These games can be easily downloaded. there is super fun to play. Many of these games can be played online with other players as well.

1. Garena Free Fire

The most famous battle game in history is the Garena free fire. The graphics, modes, stages, and abilities of this game make a great impact on the player. You can freely choose any zone with any character to play the game.  Its gameplay is simple and easily understandable. Similar to the most played game- PUBG. But have some differences in each level.  Also, read Best Shooting Games for Android 2021


Lite and fast gameplay for users.Easy to handle.Free to play.Easy to use controls and manage each character effectively.Casual mode is available for each user from the start.


Manage all activities related to the gameplay.Different types of characters are there to make a good impact on their individuality.


Sometimes it may hang due to lack of space or updation.Rank mode faces so many problems related to their positions. 

2. Clash Royale

We all heard about the game Clash of Clans. this game is another version of COC. The real-time multiplayer game has many Royales to change and each character is different from the other.  The gameplay is you have to knock the enemy king with the help of weapons, army shield, dragons, and many more. You have to collect trophies, coins, and glory in the area after winning each fight.


Anybody can play this game from anywhere in the world.Upgradation is done after each level.New events are there instead of boring effects.You can learn many different tactics through this game.


Mechanics are awesome.Easy to play.Balance your skills and time management.


Tracking can be done easily while playing the game.Some permissions are required.

3. Cover Fire

One of the best shooting games in history which creates a great impact in many different ways. You can play this game offline as well as online. The gameplay is you have to lead the team and become the best shooter or sniper. Each chapter is different from the previous one. It will make your skills better. It helps you to put some more strategic plans in front of your team to win the battle.


Cover fire functions are upgraded.3D shooting technique is there to make the game more interesting.Free game to play.No advertisement issue.No in-app billing.


The graphics are excellent.Easy to handle.The game center controls all activities.


Data cannot be linked to your private id.

4. Sniper 3D Assassins

Everyone is very much interested in shooting games. They help you to improve your skills, hand speed, technicality, and many more things. You play a sniper character in this game. All you have to do is shoot down all the enemies who are there to destroy your area.  Also, read Best Shooting Games for iOS 2021 Time limitation is there to complete each round. You can choose any weapon and team.


Cool animations and 3D effects too.Customization of weapons in each level.Better than hunting games.Thousands of thrilling missions.


Free to play but contain some mature content as well.Easy to understand each level and ability.Upgradation is done automatically.


Advertisement issues may occur.A subscription is required to play the game.To access all-new features, a subscription is very much needed.

5. Fortnite

One of the most epic games in the history of shooting. Available in three different modes- Fortnite: Save the World, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Fortnite Creative. Each mode has different functionalities, agendas, player quantity, and many more. Each version is unique and has many good outcomes as well. 


Upgraded regularly after each activity.An Android version is also available.Easy to play.


Free to play.No advertisement issue.No in-app billing.


Some tactics are not defined so well.The difficulty occurs when you don’t know the concept of how to play the game.

6. Call of Duty: Mobile

The best shooting game ever in which different modes and levels are available as per the player’s choice. Battleground, deathmatch, and sniper battle all in one game. Its gameplay is simple and secure. You have to play a dominant character in each round.  Also, read Best Shooting Games for PC 2021 Different levels and modes are there to play the character. For each level, a new map is available for further gameplay.


Unique loadout is customized at each level.Free to play.No advertisement issue.No in-app billing.You can play iconic characters every time.A competitive spirit can be developed.Skills and strategy is the basic lookout for the game.

7. Into The Dead 2

The game involves many different categories like- 7 different chapters, sixty stages, 100 challenges. Simply, you have to save your family life from zombies and win each level accordingly.  Nobody can match the statistics of this game till today. Many versions are there to define the categories of such games in each form. Some of them have similar meanings but different agendas. And some of them are opposite to the previous one.


Easy to install.Free to play.No advertisement issue.No in-app billing.Offline and online mode both are available.Required external storage permission for use.Modification is done in each manner.Highly adaptive.

8. Critical Ops

This game has 3D graphics ability and can easily be managed or handled by any individual. Action, story, aiming, and tactical skills are there to explore. Many levels were created to gather the attention of each individual in different manners.  Competitive ability is there so that nobody feels bored or left out. The outcome of each level is determined by your skills and strategies. You need to focus on your aim while shooting.


Team deathmatches are available.Multiplayer game for each group.No offline mode is available.Three different challenging game modes- diffuse, team deathmatch, and gun game.Free to play.Updation is done automatically.

9. Air Attack 2

One of the hottest shooting games ever made in history. Different names are available for this particular game like- air attack 1, air attack 3, air attack: WW2. all versions having the same meaning at last. But Different stages or levels make them quite definable and exploring from the gaming point of view. The gameplay is to drive a plane and shoot all the enemies without touching them. Varieties of scenes and levels are there to explore. One of the best classic plane games having various ideas and animations.


The gameplay is smooth, simple, and secure.Excellent effects of background, audio, and visuals.Different forms of levels and tasks.Multiple types of a warplane.

10. Sky Force Reloaded

This game has its functionality in a very different manner. It is also included in the best arcade games for android. Its modern visuals, designs, levels, and features gather the attention of each individual. Such games have abilities to perform many actions at each level to break the extension within. Many can unlock different modes, transitions, and fighting paths to upgrade their position inside the game.


In-game objectives are quite good and manageable.No advertisement issue.No in-app billing.Free to play.Easily installed in any android version.Improves technical skills.

11. Doom

For those who love shooting things, having a craze of solving intense missions, and are very much comfortable in such areas. Then Doom is the best Shooting Game for them. You can choose to play any character and your aim is to become the best shooter among all others. You are going to experience many different sessions inside the game.


The graphics are super satisfying.Easy to understand whole pathways inside the game.No advertisement issue.No need to make several ids to play the game.Each level has different motos and agendas to solve.

12. Battlefield V

Best shooter video game having many versions related to each level and functionality. One can easily make up their mind to win each round with some help from their teammates. Also, read Best War Games 2021 Specific objectives are given to the player in each round. Through such action, the player can easily maintain the position of his/her character inside the game.


Party-based mechanics are there to make the game more interesting.The graphics are awesome.Resource scarcity is present.Realistic phenomena are used to make the game more reliable and efficient.Several new multiplayer modes are available as per the choice you can choose anyone from them.

13. Gears 5

Newcomers are not that good and efficient for playing such games. Previous versions have some qualities to gather the attention of each user towards the games. Having 4 different versions is quite commendable for a particular game.  Gears 5 gameplay include single-player and multiplayer. Aiming and shooting are the basic steps taken by any game player.


Easy to play.Develop technical and strategic skills.No advertisement issue.No more advanced action is required to access all modes of this game.High tendency to make the player realize that the role he/she is playing is accurate and manageable.

14. Borderlands 2

Many versions are there to make a great impact on the Best Shooting Games in the field of action and battlegrounds. Such games have many versions that are developed according to the time and requirement. The concept and style for this particular game are quite good and popular in many other fields too. The story of each level and mode is different and can easily be understood. Also, read Best Indie Games for PC 2021 Many other forms are there to make a big argument to develop new versions but no one can replace its position from the Best Shooting games for PC till now. 


Graphics are quite an imagery.Visuals include comic book styles to create the background.The audio quality is excellent.Story, gameplay, and writing feature is praised by many critics/users.Nominated for many awards and received some of them.

15. Superhot 

The most independent and best shooting game in history is Superhot. The gameplay is simple, you just have to aim and shoot the enemy and beat them in each round.  Just one single shoot from the enemy side, you need to restart the level having zero points at last. Every single opportunity is defined by your action and how you play the game.


Each version is capable of enacting every action easily.No advertisement issue.Basic knowledge is required to play the game.Having both offline and online mode.Graphics and style are simple, minimalistic, and efficient by design.

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