The graphics card market is the most affected due to the global chip shortage, huge demand limited supply, and surge in cryptocurrency mining. It is hard to find your desired product closer to the MSRP or even in stock. The RTX 3090 is the flagship and is one of the best graphics cards that are nearly impossible to find. There are a lot of enthusiasts that are trying to get their hands on the RTX 3090 but all in naught. That is where pre-built systems come into the equation. You have better luck finding an RTX 3090 in a pre-built system rather than as a single unit, as most people are either looking to replace their older GPUs or people that are building a new system prefer to build their PC themselves. I have a round of some of the best RTX 3090 PCs that you can get. Without any ado, let us get to the article.

Best RTX 3090 Gaming PCs

A quick look at the RTX 3090 PCs for gaming:

Best RTX 3090 Gaming PCs

4K gaming is slowly becoming the new norm. However, 1080p remains one of the most popular resolutions that gamers prefer due to the costs of getting new PC hardware, while some are interested in high-refresh-rate gaming. If you are interested in some 4K gaming at 120 Hz or 1080p at 240 or 360 Hz, these pre-builts are an attractive choice to choose from. Check out some of the best RTX 3090 gaming PCs down below.

#1 – OMEN RTX 3090 Gaming PC

For people that have purchased or invested their time in gaming laptops or pre-build gaming PC, OMEN is the name they will immediately recognize. OMEN is the gaming brand by HP. The system under the OMEN label comes with top-of-the-line specifications and an attractive design that will make many people go “O man!”

CPU: Intel Core i9-10850K GPU: Nvidia RTX 3090 24 GB Memory: HyperX 32 GB DDR4 – 3200 XMP CPU cooler: OMEN liquid cooler Casing: Black finish all metallic with tempered glass Storage: Western Digital 1TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD Power Supply: 750 W Platinum-rated PSU PC weight: 12.88 KG / 28.44 lbs

Classic and minimal pleasant design. 4K and 8K ready gaming PC. Custom OMEN liquid CPU cooling. OMEN command center for endless PC customizability. Wifi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 supported system. Wired mouse and keyboard included with the system.

Limited storage. Fans get noise even under no load.

My terrible pun aside, the system is a serious beast loaded with outclass PC components, which we will be looking at in a while. First is the design; it features a classic black metallic chassis with tempered glass panels loaded with customizable RGB. Simple yet elegant. Inside the nice-looking casing, you have a variety of options to choose from. From Intel Core i5 to AMD Ryzen 7. Similarly, you can also select your desired graphics card from the RTX 30 or the Ryzen 5000 series. I am talking about the GT13-0090 30L model, whose specifications are listed in the specifications tab.

#2 – CUK Mantis RTX 3090 Gaming PC With Ryzen

This next system that I want you to consider is the CUK Mantis RTX 3090 Gaming PC. CUK or Computer Upgrade King is a PC company that specializes in making one of the best-looking prebuilds PCs. It is a formidable task to find a perfect prebuilt desktop PC with little to no flaws. The OMEN RTX 3090 gaming PC is one of the few systems that come close. For starters, it has a minimalistic chassis that looks gorgeous at a single glance. It is a solid offering by HP with little to no flaws. One of the most noticeable flaws with this PC is it tends to get noisy. Under high stress and maxed out ray-tracing, 4K gaming, this thing is loud as hell. Especially when used with overclocking. Overall, this preassembled gaming system will make your hard-earned money worth it, plus you are getting the super rare RTX 3090.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X GPU: Nvidia RTX 3090 24 GB Memory: 64 GB DDR4 3200 MHz CPU cooler: AIO liquid cooler Casing: All metallic, black finish with tempered glass Storage: 1 TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD + 4 TB 7200 RPM HDD Power Supply: 850 W Gold rated PSU PC weight: 13.60 KG / 30 lbs.

Gorgeous casing, front and top winds trimmed to mimic mantis. RTX 3090 loaded PC, ready for 4K 120 fps gaming. 6x fans for peace of mind cooling performance. Liquid-cooled CPU. Hand built and stress tested. AC WiFi adapter for seamless internet connectivity.

Only single-color lighting. Nothing else for the moment.

Continuum, Mantis, and Stratos are some of the many brands of the company. You might have guessed from the title we have the Mantis RTX 3090 Gaming PC. It features a mantis-inspired, all-metal casing with single-colored green LED lighting. On the inside, it features six 120mm fans with green LED ring lighting. On the side, it has 4 mm tempered glass. If anything, you will not have to worry much about the cooling. It has a liquid AIO cooler for the CPU and has an ample number of fans for heat dissipation. The specs of this gaming PC are listed in the specifications tab. One thing before moving forward is that these prebuilt systems can be customized to your heart’s and wallet’s desire. You can have a unique PC as per your tastes, given that the hardware is not out of stock.

#3 – ROG Strix GA35 RTX 3090 PC

ASUS ROG STRIX does not need any introduction when it comes to killer, powerful gaming hardware. I have one of the many impressive products with me that ASUS has to offer to enthusiasts, meet the ROG STRIX GA35 G35DX prebuilt gaming PC, featuring an RTX 3090. The CUK Mantis RTX 3090 Gaming PC is a powerhouse built to deliver a solid performance, be it 4K gaming or professional 3D animation. The PC is loaded with features and is a flawless machine. If you are into RGB, you will be sticking with only green color LEDs in the system. Making it the one flaw that I can think of. Overall, if you are planning to run games at 1080p at high refresh rates or want to experience games in 4K and 120 with the help of DLSS, look no further. The Mantis RTX 3090 will have more than enough to cover your six.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X GPU: Nvidia RTX 3090 24 GB Memory: 32 GB DDR4 3200 MHz CPU cooler: AIO liquid cooler Casing: Black, RGB embedded tower Storage: 1 TB HyperDrive PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD + 2 TB 7200 RPM HDD Power Supply: 850 W 80 Plus Platinum rated PSU PC weight: 15.01 KG / 33 .1 lbs.

Gorgeous looking system. Fully integrated customizable RGB lighting. 4K, ray-tracing gaming ready PC. Liquid-cooled processor. ROG Scope keyboard and ROG Chakram mouse included with the system. Vertically mounted RTX 3090 with triple fan arrangement.

Lack of dust filters on the top and the front. No mounting support for additional fans can lead to higher temps in a non-conditioned environment.

On the outside, it features a sturdy-looking, classic black casing with a big ROG logo. From the logo on the bottom and to the edge, there is an RGB LED for pure aesthetics. On the side, we have a full glass panel with embedded RGB lighting, adding more of an already aesthetically pleasing casing. Inside the case, we have a vertically mounted RTX 3090 with RGB lighting and the classic ROG STRIX motherboard and AIO liquid cooler. If this thing does not scream premium and expensive, I do not know what does in the PC market. On the top, it has a handle that helps the user in moving it anywhere they like, which is a nice thing to have. Not only does it ooze quality, but on the inside, it is equally powerful. Have a look at the specifications for yourself.

#4 – CUK Mantis RTX 3090 PC With Intel

People that are dubious about which gaming prebuilt they should invest their money on, I had earlier suggested a gaming PC by CUK featuring an AMD Ryzen CPU. Now, if you are not feeling the AMD build or the system is not in stock, check out the CUK Mantis RTX 3090 gaming PC with Intel. For all passionate gamers that are interested in the ROG STRIX GA35 RTX 3090 PC, ASUS has a solid product built with quality products. The GA35 is a solid choice for people that live in colder countries, and heat is not an issue for them. It has liquid cooling for the CPU. Sure, but the casing does not have any mounting support for adding extra fans, which sucks if you live in a hot country and do not have access to an air conditioner all of the time. The lack of a dust filter is a red flag, as the user will constantly have to clean the system to prevent the dust from entering the system, which it eventually will be getting inside. The bigger picture here is that it is worth the price, with a few sacrifices to be made.

CPU: Intel Core i9-11900KF GPU: Nvidia RTX 3090 24 GB Memory: 64 GB DDR4 2933 MHz CPU cooler: AIO liquid cooler Casing: All metallic, black finish with tempered glass Storage: 1 TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD + 2 TB 7200 RPM HDD Power Supply: 850 W Gold rated PSU PC weight: 8.50 KG / 18.74 lbs.

Eye-catching, study design. 6x fan arrangement throughout the system for sufficient cooling. Killer 4K gaming performance up to 120 fps using DLSS. Ample memory for any workload. Dual-channel memory arrangement.

Under high stress, the system gets audibly noisy, which can ruin a fun gaming experience. Possibility of installation of cheaper components.

Now, pre-builds are not the ideal systems and have their flaws. If you are unlucky, the gaming PC that you paid for might come with cheaper parts. For example, if you have ordered the Mantis gaming PC with Core i9, chances are you might get the slowest version of the Core i9. It features a metallic body with embedded green LED lighting, and yes, you read that right, only green, no RGB. As the design is inspired by mantis, so you are basically stuck with the green color. It has metallic wings on the front and top, resembling a mantis which gives it a futuristic, minimal feel. Gaming-wise, it has an RTX 3090 and Intel Core i9 processor, which can run any game at maxed-out graphics and any given resolution. Check out the specifications, pros, and cons to get an idea of which product you are getting.

#5 – iBUYPOWER Pro RTX 3090 PC

iBUYPOWER is a prebuilt manufacturing company that you might have never heard of if looking into prebuilds is your first ever experience. The company makes prebuilt gaming PC from entry-level to high and enthusiastic levels. CUK has another solid product for people interested in getting a prebuilt system. It rocks the Z490-A PRO by MSI and Intel’s Core i9-11900KF, not the best i9, but it will do. The biggest con that I think might rub many people in a wrong way is the noise. It has several fans accommodating for heat dissipation, but oh well, it gets noisy when the fans rotate at their maximum RPM. The second thing is the lighting is only green and cannot be changed. The system looks cool aesthetically, but eventually, people will get tired of seeing the green lights all the time. The conclusion here is, it will deliver an excellent gaming performance, exactly as you would expect from a Core i9 and RTX 3090 combo.

CPU: Intel Core i9-11900KF GPU: Nvidia RTX 3090 24 GB Memory: 32 GB DDR4 RGB CPU cooler: AIO RGB liquid cooler Casing: All metallic, black finish with tempered glass Storage: 1 TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD + 2 TB 7200 RPM HDD PC weight: 17.23 kg / 38 lbs. Special add-ons: WiFi adapter + iBUYPOWER gaming keyboard and mouse

Slick looks with tempered glass front and side panel. 4x RGB fans + 2x AIO liquid cooler radiator fans. Top and front ventilation for air exhaust and intake. Sufficient RGB lighting for pleasant aesthetics. VR, 4K + ray-tracing gaming ready system.

Due to stock issues, you might not get the desired version of the RTX 3090. Additional fans can generate noise at higher RPM speeds.

The gaming rig that I have here is the enthusiastic level and goes under the title of iBUYPOWER Pro Gaming PC TraceMR 224i. On a single glance, the casing looks attractive but nothing extraordinary. It follows the general gaming PC casing design featuring 3x RGB fans on the front side and a tempered glass panel on the side. On the inside, there are 6 fans in total, one on the back while two are from the AIO liquid cooler radiator. Going with this gaming rig is like you are buying power. Hence the company’s name checks out. Check out the specifications, pros, and cons of this beast to decide whether you should be buying this system or not.

#6 – Skytech Prism II RTX 3090 Gaming PC

I am pretty excited about this custom-built 3090 gaming PC. Meet the Skytech Prism II RTX 3090 desktop gaming PC. Before getting into the details of the components of this gaming beast, I would like to take a moment to appreciate front and side glass panels gaming casings. The TraceMR 224i is an excellent RTX 3090 prebuilt system packed with powerful components. It has vents on the front and top side for optimal airflow, ensuring the temps are under control. The Core i9 is cooled by the custom liquid cooler, which adds additional fans for cooling. These extra fans are sweet, but at their maximum RPM, you might not like the merged noise. Overall, it is a pretty powerful PC that will do the task done whether it is 4K gaming or for professional work like 8K footage edition, 3D animations, or more; you will have a blast with this purchase.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X GPU: Nvidia RTX 3090 24 GB Memory: 32 GB G.Skill Trident Z Neo RGB DDR4 @3600 MHz CPU cooler: AIO RGB liquid cooler Casing: Metallic frame with front and side glass panels Storage: 1 TB Seagate FireCuda M.2 Gen 4 NVMe SSD Power Supply: 850 W 80 Plus Gold rated PSU PC weight: 23.58 KG / 52 lbs.

Gorgeous, aesthetically pleasing casing. 9x customizable RGB fans for unparallel cooling performance. Peace of mind gaming performance with heat issues not being the biggest concern. Customizable, RGB AIO liquid cooler. Plenty number of output ports. RTX 3090 prebuilt, ready for 4K and 8K gaming action.

One of the most spacious and heavy prebuilt glass side panels requires caution for moving. Depending on your luck, you might get paired with a hot-running version of RTX 3090.

I cannot say for the majority of the people, but I cannot get enough casings like the Phanteks Qube White casing. It features similar aesthetics as the Lian-li O11 Dynamic. It is by far one of the best-looking prebuilt gaming PC with RTX 3090. It is not just your good-looking systems only; on the inside, it has the latest and one of the fastest components that can get the job done, no matter how taxing it may be, whether its 4K gaming at 120 fps or 8K 60 fps, it will get the job done (with the help of DLSS).

#7 – MSI Aegis RS RTX 3090 Gaming PC

Lastly, we have the MSI Aegis RS RTX 3090 prebuilt gaming PC. If you have trust issues with the prebuilt desktops, MSI is a company that you can trust, especially for pre-built systems. Why? You might ask, it is because, in this gaming system, you will have the GPU, motherboard, and casing all manufactured by MSI. The Skyteck Prism II is a powerful system that has one of the best aesthetics of an RTX 3090 prebuilt. It tries to check all of the boxes that make it an attractive choice. From the outside, it gives the customer a premium feel, which you might not get in other tower desktops. You may have a few versions of the RTX 3090 that you would like to have included in the build, but that all depends on availability and stock. If you are lucky, you may get an ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 3090. Otherwise, you will likely get the lower versions of the GPU.

CPU: Intel Core i7-10700K GPU: Nvidia RTX 3090 24 GB Memory: 16 GB DDR4 CPU cooler: AIO RGB liquid cooler Casing: Full black metal frame with a glass side panel Storage: 1 TB M.2 NVMe SSD + 2 TB Power Supply: 750 W 80 Plus Gold rated PSU PC weight: 13.59 KG / 29.98 lbs.

Marvelous 4K gaming performance. Solid build quality. Great value and powerful CPU to keep up with the RTX 3090. Sufficient I/O ports on the top and back. Top vent for air intake and exhaust. Best bang for the buck.

Only 16 GB of memory is upgradeable. The closed front side is not ideal for airflow.

MSI motherboards and graphics cards are pretty popular in the gaming community. It is not the best premium-looking system out there, but the inside is what matters the most. It is not that it looks bad or anything but rather does not ooze the premium feel. Maybe that’s only me. It has a total of nine USB ports, including a USB Type-C. It features the MSI Z490 motherboard along with a 240mm custom build AIO liquid cooler. It has 16 GB of DDR4 memory, which is not the best for a system that has an RTX 3090. Check out the full specifications of the system.

How To Choose The Right RTX 3090 PC In 2023?

The RTX 3090 is an enthusiastic graphics card that remained and is currently out of stock ever since it was launched time, and even if it is in stock, it is at its double MSRP. Purchasing a prebuilt PC is one of the best ways to get your hands on a graphics card, mainly from the RTX 30 and RX 6000 series. The Aegis RS RX 3090 gaming PC is one of the best options available for people looking for a gaming rig or simply the RTX 3090. You have better chances of getting a solid RTX 3090 with this system. Whichever the case is, you will not be disappointed if you are planning to get this system. There is one noticeable issue is the front side has vents for air intake but are not ideal, and MSI could work on their design to improve airflow. Rest assured, there are little to no flaws with this system. If you are not feeling the aesthetics of this system, feel free to browse for more options. Fact: The RTX 3090 PC is a 4K and 8K ready system. These PCs are great for people that do not know how to build a PC for themselves and just want to play games ASAP! Okay, you are interested in a prebuilt, but you have never owned one before. What exactly you should be looking for in an RTX 3090 prebuilt? To answer most of these types of questions, I have made a run-through of some of the crucial things that you should be checking out first in an RTX 3090 desktop gaming PC. Without any ado, let us get to the important factors.

RTX 3090 Brand & Card Reputation

When purchasing or researching for a new graphics card, one thing that you should be aware of before spending your precious time researching is to check the brand of the GPU. There are a handful of companies that has their versions of the RTX 3090. Some cards are considered flawless, while some are not so flawless. What I meant by that is brand reputation plays a key factor in deciding which RTX 3090 versions you should get and what you should expect from most of these brands. Fact: Pre-build systems are great for people that are looking for an RTX 3090 graphics card at a decent price tag. You will face no issues in performance. The majority of the variants will have similar performance, with a difference of a few fps. The difference lies in the die cooler, form factor, the quality of fans, and aesthetics for people that want their rig gorgeous. Cards from ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, etc., have by far the best reputation in the industry due to several reasons: overclocking capabilities, coolers, and aesthetics. Whenever you are looking into prebuilt systems, make sure that the prebuilt system has a GPU is from a well-reputed brand. Otherwise, you might have to face heat and noise issues at the very least.

RAM & SSD Is Enough?

Having enough RAM and storage memory is as crucial as having a powerful graphics card. Well, not equally important, but it still is something one should be aware of. These days, you will find systems with storage, but considering the sizes of games at launch, the storage and RAM are never enough. Generally, a prebuilt PC features 1 or 2 TB of NVMe SSD plus 2 or 4 TB of hard drive storage. For casual gamers, these specs might be okay, but for enthusiasts, especially if you are going to game on the RTX 3090, you might want to get more storage. Fact: The RTX 3090 PCs are excellent for current gaming and are fully future-proof. These systems can last you solid three to four years. RAM is generally enough on this system featuring 32 GB of DDR4 memory at the very least. The lowest I have seen is 16 GB. For professional work, 16 GB is not enough, but 32 GB is. People that are getting an RTX 3090 prebuilt for their professional work, as well as gaming, might have to opt for 64 GB. SSD storage can vary from person to person, and you can always increase your heart’s desire or increase the storage while ordering.

Any RTX 3090 Bottleneck?

The RTX 3090 is the flagship and is the premium graphics card. It requires a powerful CPU and PSU for the best gaming experience. Naturally, you will get them in the prebuilt, but there is a small catch. Companies that offer prebuilt computers are notorious for advertising attractive components, but in the end, some users end up getting cheaper or lowest-end versions of such components. From what I have observed in the RTX 3090 prebuilt PCs is you are getting CPUs from the AMD Ryzen 3000, 5000, and Intel Core 10th gen CPUs and will make an excellent pair with the RTX 3090. Secondly, I have mentioned earlier that these systems have sufficient RAM. So, make sure that you have the latest versions of memory and CPUs to prevent any bottlenecks.

Is It Worth It To Buy A RTX 3090 Gaming PC?

Is the price of the prebuilt systems being worth it? Aren’t these preassembled gaming systems overpriced? I think I should better build it myself, I guess. These are some of the many doubts and questions that can arise in consumers’ minds when they opt-in for prebuilt PCs. Frankly speaking, these RTX 3090 PCs are worth the money. The reason they are worth it is that the RTX 3090 is out of stock 99 percent of the time. You will have better luck getting it with a prebuilt system rather than finding it in stock. If you decide to build a computer yourself, you will end up spending equal amounts of money or even more, plus the wait on shipping and then finally assembling. Prebuilt gaming desktops, on the other hand, are plug-and-play. The time that you are going to wait is for the system to arrive at your doorsteps. Sounds worth it to me.

Is The Motherboard Enough To Run the RTX 3090 Card?

Motherboards are not a huge concern, and yes, the companies can put a cheap mini-ITX motherboard in your prebuilt, and you cannot do anything but ask for a refund. Stuff like this does not happen quite often, but the possibility is always there. The motherboards that are paired with the RTX 3090 will all be compatible with the GPU a will have no issues whatsoever. While ordering, note down the model or the motherboard that will come with your system and after it arrives, make a double check that you received the same motherboard, else ask for a replacement. Lastly, make sure the motherboard is PCIe 4.0 compatible for an optimal, hassle-free gaming experience. Here are some of the recommended motherboard models you should look for:

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Power Supply, Processor & PC Case Design

I cannot stress enough how crucial the power supply and processor are when it comes to prebuilt systems. It is nothing new that companies that are experts in prebuilt PC often cheap out with components, especially memory and PSUs. PSU is the main power supplier to your system and can protect your system from power surges that can potentially ruin your whole PC. I highly recommend doubling check that first; your PSU is around 750 – 850 watts and is 80 plus Gold rated. Secondly, this system features the slowest variant of the advertised CPU. For instance, if the ad says you will be getting a Core i9 CPU, it will be either the KF or non-K version most of the time. If you are lucky, you might get the K version of the processor without charging extra. You can always confirm these specs while confirming your order and after receiving your order. For 1080p gaming, you would normally want a medium to a high-end graphics card. For gaming at 1080p and a high refresh rate monitor or 4K gaming, you would want the best graphics card that money can get. For such purposes, getting your hands on the RTX 3090 or the Radeon RX 6800 XT or 6900 XT is not an easy task. However, with the help of the prebuilt PCs in this list, you will not only have a mammoth of a GPU, but the whole system will serve you in such a way that you will have little to no complaints. These systems have their own set of advantages and disadvantages but overall and are not perfect. Some may have generic looks, while some are noisy. In the end, the advantages are in greater number, and you will have a worth PC at your disposal.

#1 – How much does a PC with a 3090 cost?

A decent PC, whether it is prebuilt or is built from start, can cost anywhere from 3000 USD to 5000 USD. The costs depend on how many add-ons that you have added while customizing your prebuilt RTX 3090 desktop.

#2 – Does 10900K bottleneck 3090?

No, the Intel Core i9-10900K will not bottleneck the RTX 3090 as both of these components are extremely powerful and are designed for productive work and high-end gaming.

#3 – Is the 3090 for gaming?

No, Nvidia specified that their RTX 3090 GPU is for professionals that want the job done in as little time as possible. It still can be used for gaming, but most of the 24 GB VRAM will be unutilized, making it overkill for pure gaming.

#4 – Which is the best RTX 3090 PC For Gaming?

The MSI Aegis RX RTX 3090 Gaming PC looks like a solid choice for two main reasons. The first reason is it comes with the MSI RTX 3090 variant, which all of them are solid and highly rated by the PC community. The second is the motherboard, also manufactured by MSI.

#5 – How hot can a 3090 get?

It depends on the aftermarket variant. Some RTX 3090s stay around the 68-70 degrees mark under high stress while someone reaches as high as 78-80 degrees Celsius. Proper airflow is also crucial for the GPU to exhaust hot air out of the casing.

#6 – Is it a good idea to buy an RTX 3090 PC instead of an RTX 3090 Card only?

Yes, it is a good idea to get an RTX 3090 from a prebuilt system. The chances of your finding an RTX 3090 alone in stock are very slim, while you can always get prebuilt. You can take out the GPU from the prebuilt and install it in your main PC while you can sell the rest of the components on the internet.

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