Trivia games are very much elaborated in such a way that no one can match the level of them for decades. These games can be understood by us through many shows and gaming modes. Most of the time new features are added to give a proper explanation of each form.  Following is the given list which includes the Best Trivia Games for Android Every quiz game involves different styles, structures, graphics, and modes. The formation of each game is done accurately. You can easily download these games from the Google Play Store.

Best Trivia Games for Android

Such games are very supportive to make your mind stable and active all the time. Players need to give exact answers and attempt as many questions as they can do.

Word Riddles

Everyone likes riddle games because of their unique strategies and ideas. Some of them have high variations as compare to the other play store games. You can try your brain test with some of its features and ability.

The gameplay of this app is quite efficient. You need to read the given riddle and give the appropriate answer. Daily rewards are provided.Simple rules and instructions.200 gaming levels.Hints are also provided for each level but in limited edition.You can play this game with your family members and friends.Best trivia or quiz games with fun-loving zones.Free to play.No advertisement.Ratings- 4.7 out of 5

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Brain Challenge Puzzle

Today, puzzle games are quite interesting and highly appreciated by the users. Addictive free quiz games are very high in demand. It may bring out the best brain skills or techniques from your side.

The gameplay is to just solve every riddle given on your display with the help of some hints.Mind-blowing gaming scenarios.Free to play.Easy to learn skills in any formation.A lot of trivia questions are there to boost your brainpower and help to improve your mentality.One of the best quiz games involves the combination of knowledge and creativity.

Logo Quiz

How many of you can easily guess the brand name? I think most of you because of its image or logo. This is the only reason to include this game in the list of the best trivia games or quiz games.

More than 3000+ logos are given to you to make the game more interesting.Defined each statistic properly at every level.Free to play.Easy to learn and guess the answers.Such games have commonly involved some features of educational games.Two basic modes are available- nightmare mode and testing mode.You can share your data with your family members and friends easily and they can guess the answer for you.

Kaun Banega Crorepati?

We all know about the show which is hosted by our famous legendary actor “Amitabh Bachan”. The show’s name is Kaun Banega Crorepati? Inspired by that show, this game is developed to make a clear mindset for each player.

The gameplay is very simple. You just have to give appropriate answers to the given questions.The time limit is there to make this game more interesting.Free to play.No advertisement issue.Easy to learn basic skills and techniques.A very simple brain quiz game.Most importantly such games may involve some basic features of educational games and graphics games.

Trivia Star

You can easily download such games with the help of its extension from the Google Play Store. This game is specially made to bring out the best result by checking some skills and techniques.

The gameplay is very challenging and addictive to many people.It includes the fields like- food, celebrities, animals, sports, music, movies, tv shows, brands, science, and more.One of the best guessing quiz games.Categories are defined properly and accurately.If you are not able to find out the answer, then you can use your coins to open a list of some hints in front of your screen.Free to play.Offline, as well as the online mode, is available.

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Final Verdict

Basic knowledge of each game, modes, and structures are very much required nowadays. We, Pathofex provide you each and every detail of some high-rated games. Such games are quite efficient for you to play easily.  In this article, you will find out the best quiz games or trivia games to make your knowledge better in every field. I hope all your relatable doubts get cleared without any missing point. No wonder why quiz games are very important for every individual.


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