Technology is something that can help you. There are a lot of high productivity apps present online. But how to choose the best that will suit you and helps you to improve your productivity? According to the internet saying and personal experience, the Best Productivity Apps for iOS 2021 are Todoist to manage tasks, Toggl track to track time, Evernote for notes-making, Hootsuite for social media, Skype for video calling, and Grammarly to improve writing. But why are these the best apps? You will find out this through the medium of this post. Below is a detailed description of the unique features of these apps and their ratings on the App store along with the prices.

Best Productivity Apps for iOS 2021 of Different categories


Why Todoist is the best productivity apps for iOS 2021 in the time tracking genre? Todoist: To-Do lists and tasks is the reminder, day planner, and habit tracker app for iOS and is ranked as the best to-do list right now for iOS. No matter if the project is big or small, you can organize and plan them from anywhere. It offers you to collaborate the projects by giving tasks to others. Priority of the tasks depends upon your taste. You can drag the plus button to add any task and those tasks are easily recognized with its smart search. App store Rating: 4.8* Price: It is a free app. But has in-app purchases with monthly and annual premium versions.

Toggl Track

Why Toggl track is the best productivity apps for iOS 2021 in the time tracking genre? The next one among the Best Productivity Apps for iOS 2021 is the Toggl track. It is a time tracker for work app that can track for hours, has timesheets, and can manage tasks very easily. This power app lets you track your all-day activity and data. The data tracking enables you to know where you spend your time all day. You can go for daily, weekly, or monthly reports and graphs. these reports and graphs can be shared with clients or friends. Adding an event, customizing the time entries and days, you can achieve with your fingertips. It offers suggestions based on the widely used entries and notifies so that you always know about the coming tasks. No worries if you don’t have your phone next to you. You can synchronize this app through different devices be it phone, desktop, or the web. Though the app is completely automatic yet it allows manual mode. But this feature is an optional one. You can assess this from the app settings. And the most amazing piece of news is that you can assess your tasks offline too. App store Rating: 4.8* Price: It is a free app.


Why Hootsuite is the best productivity apps for iOS 2021 in the social media productivity genre? Hootsuite: Social media tools are the ultimate app that saves time by scheduling posts. You relax while Hootsuite will work for you. You can compose, stream, and publish here. After you create, edit, and schedule the task, Hootsuite’s AutoScheduler will publish posts automatically. you can edit these posts’ timing and schedule anytime. The task doesn’t ends here. Along with scheduling the posts, this apps controls the messages on different platforms like Instagram, Facebook in the feed, and delivery time. App store Rating: 4.6* Price: It is a free app. It has in-app purchases between $12.55 to $231 for premium services.


If you are living far from your home and miss talking to them, then you must try skype. Skype is a full-fledged calling app that is able to HD video calls. It’s a clutter-free app that makes you focus on your conversation more than the connection. You can enjoy seamless calls with 50 people at a time. Not only the video calls, but you can also enjoy voice calls, send instant messages, or SMS. Also, you can share photos, videos, gifs, stickers, and emoticons and save them as well to your camera roll. One interesting feature about skype is that it allows Cross-platform. It means that you can call using your phone, but it’s not necessary that the other person has to do it likewise. They can connect to you from the phone, laptop, desktop, and smartwatch. App Store Ratings: 4.3* Price: It’s a free app.


Why Evernote is the best productivity apps for iOS 2021 in the note-taking genre? Evernote is a notepad, daily organizer, and planner to take notes without any fancy outlook. You can use Evernote to put everything from information and ideas to web pages or the to-do list in a single app. The only planner and note organizer that can offer you to write, collect, and capture any idea into searchable notes, memos, checklists, and notebooks. You can add text to your notes, sketches, audio, web pages, photos. It has the find fast feature that allows you to search the text in the photos and pdfs. It’s a boon to organizing the personal life with Evernote. You can go paperless by scanning the important documents, bills, and receipts in a single app. No need to worry about planning your important days and precious moments, just write it down and it will remind you about them automatically. and if you are a student, then this app will help you to create different notebooks and planners for each class. You can clip and highlights the essential information and annotate notes as well as the essay draft. App Store Rating: 4.3* Price: It is a free app. It has in-app purchases between $2.55 to $39 for premium services.


Why Grammarly is the best productivity apps for iOS 2021 in the writing genre? Every time you try to write an email or a message, use Grammarly app. why? Grammarly is a writing app that has a keyboard to write, a proofreader to check grammatical errors, editor to access personal writings. this app makes sure that you write at your best without worrying about errors. It real-time writing suggestions instantly check grammar, corrects spellings, Multiword text predictions, enhances vocabulary, and finds synonym. This makes the sentences appear clear and professional. App store Rating: 4.3* Price: It is a free app. It has in-app purchases between $34.17 to $162.99 for premium services.

Final Verdict

So, these are the best productivity apps for iOS 2021. All these apps can help you boost your productivity. But do not only depend on these apps only. They just help you to make a better life. So, keep your will high and give a try to these apps to be the better version of yourselves. Enjoy.


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