It always fascinated me looking at the Instagram picture of influencers and celebrities. I wondered a million times, is the camera so amazing or they just look fab all the time. Recently I figured out the crazy gameplay of photo editing apps. Trust me when I say that these apps can do wonders to a single picture.
There are tons of photo editing apps to choose from. The best application for editing pictures is Airbrush. This application is used by professionals and top-notch photographers. Other best photo editing apps are Snapseed, Adobe Lightroom, Picsart, Afterlight. To know more about the features, pros and cons of the above-mentioned applications, read further.

Best Photo Editing Apps

Choose the best application according to your requirements and edit your pictures. Remember that nobody can stop you to do what you want. Rule Instagram with your all glammed pictures.

1. Airbrush

The first choice for the best photo editing apps for android 2021 is Airbrush. Why? Because if you are fed up with your old boring selfies and want to add a natural radiance to your skin, then, it can do that. Well that’s amazing. Right? You can completely change your whole look by removing unwanted marks, pimples, and blemishes to give you a dramatic touch. Also, add the extra charm with mere clicks. Not only this, but you can whiten your teeth and brighten them, without over whitening. Also, read Best Video Call Apps for Android and iOS 2021 You can enjoy your perfect skin in every photo with retouch, edit, and even tan your skin. Along with this, you can slim, reshape, and lengthen your edits. It can add depth to the pictures. To make the pictures stand out, you can explore its blur, crop, stretch, and slim features. Its uniqueness doesn’t end up here… You can edit the picture before clicking them. Also, the pictures can be shared to top sharing platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.


You can remove unwanted marks form the face.Slim, reshape and lengthen the imagesEdit before clickingYou can blur, crop, rotate, flip, stretch and slim as well.

Google Play Rating: 4.7* Download: You can download this app directly from the Google play store. Price: It is a free app and has in-app purchases that cost $0.99 – $35.99 per item

2. Snapseed

The second app that made up the list of the best photo editing apps for android 2021 is Snapseed. Snapseed is a complete photo editing tool. It offers you to edit pictures professionally with 29 different tools, filters, brush, healing, and lot more options. You can save any look and use them later on others. Usually, editing Apps offer to edit as a whole while this app has an extremely exclusive feature of a brush. With its brush option, your work will be precise and will cover each of the single detail. Snapseed allows jpg or raw files. You can crop, flip, and rotate pictures as per your demand. It can bring a stunning look to your images by creating the effect of multiple exposures. You can use its white balance to adjust the colors in the picture to make them look more natural. This app has a lot of classics as well as modern fonts to add to the image. Apart from this, Snapseed can enhance the face and adjust its face pose with guidance because of the prerecorded dummies. After editing, you can save and share your edited pictures with other friends or on any social media.


You can use RAW files and export them in JPG.Its fine editing allows you to tune the image with exposure, color, sharpness, and other important aspects of editing.It allows you to crop and rotate.It also has a white balance and HDR balance to give an extra spice to your image.The double exposure blends two photos, choosing from blend modes that are inspired by shooting on film and by digital image processing.You can add frames with adjustable size.Add text to your images with 200+ fonts.

Google Play Rating: 4.5* Download: You can download this app directly from the Google play store or enjoy it online from Price: It’s a free app.

3. Adobe Lightroom

The next pick for the best photo editing apps for iOS 2021 is Adobe lightroom. You can capture, edit and share your pictures from this all-in-one app. This power app enhances your photography skills with fineness with its tools. It’s HDR mode makes your pictures look professional. You can use tools like sliders and apply pre-defined filters. Its unique feature of dragging sliders to improve light and color is just phenomenal. You can adjust the light, color grading, saturation, and other similar stuff with easy steps. It had its pre-defined filters yet you can customize it unlimitedly depending on your taste. After completing the edit you can compare your before and after picture without losing the edits. This app uses AI to store your picture in separate folders in its creative cloud storage. You search any image using searchable keywords. These are automatically applied to your images to sort them like mountains, sky, etc.


You can capture, edit, and share from one app.You can crop, rotate & adjust with straight lines.It has preset filters but can be customized unlimitedly.You can use retouch to have full-resolution photos.It has its own creative cloud storage.You can compare your edits.

App store rating: 4.7* Download: You can download this app directly from the App store or enjoy it online from

4. Picsart

The next app for photo editing recommended for the list of the best photo editing apps for iOS 2021 is Picsart. This is an all-in-one photo and video editing app that allows you to show your creativity to the fullest even if you are not a pro at editing. You can add filters, use trendy photo effects, even erase the background with its cut out photos or erase the background feature. It has millions of free images to choose from for editing. And, you can edit multiple photos in the same style with just simple clicks. To make your picture look more tempting, you can blur the background, flip, and crop. This allows you to change hair, makeup, and apply stickers from 60 million stickers. You can recreate trendy edits in mere taps. It also has 200+ aesthetic fonts to add text to your edits.


It allows you to edit images as well as videos or slideshows.You can remove backgrounds or make the background blur.You can remove people or unwanted objects from your photos by retouch.It has a lot of trendy filters and photo effects to give an extra edge to your pictures and can be adjusted as well.You can choose from 60 M+ cool stickers and 200+ aesthetic fonts.The in-built library has millions of free images.

App store Rating: 4.6* Download: You can download this app directly from the App store or enjoy it online from

4. Crello

Crello is your #1-choice photo editing tool and free background remover. It has all the instruments you need to work with visuals and create original designs from scratch. Pros

It gives you access to 50K+ static and animated templates.Its drag-and-drop editor makes it super easy to design photos and other visual content.Dozens of editing features allow you to customize pictures whatever you want or create new ones from scratch.You can remove backgrounds from images.You can upload external content and then use it for photo customization or creating your brand kits.Millions of free premium images and royalty-free stock files are available to use for photo editing.Fonts, icons, filters, photo effects – Crello regularly updates their library so you could stay in step with design trends.

App store rating: 4.7*Download: You can download Crello for Android or iOS devices or use it directly in your browser.

5. Afterlight

Afterlight is one of the best photo editing apps for iOS 2021 for all those passionate photo editors. This app is packed with several unique filters that are created by the professional photographers themselves. You edit your pictures with your fingertips using its edit features that include Advanced Curves, Saturation, Lightness, Overlays, Selective Hue, Gradients, Grain, and many more. You can easily apply the Chroma key and double exposure to make the surroundings stand out. Its add text options allow you to add text to the pictures from 120+ fonts and designs. You can add the frames and borders to the final edited images before exporting the final one.


You can choose from 130+ filters designed by professionals.Its edit features include Advanced Curves, Saturation, Lightness, Overlays, Selective Hue, Gradients, Grain, and many more.It has over 60+ textures and overlays.You can add frames and borders with this app.It has almost 120+ fonts and 150+ original designs.

App store rating: 4.6* Price: This app is free but has in-app purchases. The Monthly Afterlight Membership is $3.36 and a yearly subscription of $20 and a lifetime membership of $43.20. Feature Image Credits: YouTube


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