Online video streaming is on the rise of growth. A few years back, Onlive video streaming was a very new concept. However, this perception is now changed. Today, the ability to broadcast is simple and easy. Thanks to technology and people who are always willing to go off-limits to do something new. With the help of some super amazing video streaming apps for iOS, you can have so much fun. All you need is a powerful camera and there goes your live streaming.  The best Video Streaming Apps for iOS includes: Read further to know more about these applications. After a little research and personal experience, we have the best features of these applications that you must know.

Best Video Streaming Apps for iOS

1. Larix Broadcaster

Larix Broadcaster is one of the best and most preferred iOS video streaming apps. This application has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 on the App Store. This application has been called “Simple and Effective” and “The Best”.  Also, read Best Video Downloader Apps for Facebook 2021


This application is free to download and use. 

Features of Larix Broadcaster

Live H.264/AAC encoding.HEVC(H.265) encoding (where available).SRT streaming in Caller (Push), Listen and Rendezvous mode, libsrt version 1.4.2.RTMP and RTSP streaming.SSL support for RTMPS/RTSPS.RIST protocol streaming in Push mode: RIST Main and Simple profiles via librist version 0.2.0RC2.Pause the stream: a long tap on Start will pause the stream without disconnecting it, the video track will contain a black screen, the audio track will contain only silence.Watch the tutorial on creating connections Talkback for getting audio return feed via SRT, RTMP, Icecast, and SLDP.HEVC over RTMP is supported as a non-standard experimental feature.UltraHD resolution support.Front and back cameras are supported with a hot flip.Landscape and portrait mode with live rotation.Multi-camera capture with picture-in-picture and side-by-side on XR, XS, and later devices.iPhone 11 Dual/Triple camera system support, including wide-angle and telephoto camera.Audio-only capture support: disable preview, stream from the background, no video in the output stream.


Larix is compatible with Dacast

2. nanoStream Live Video Encoder

nanoStream had had its good times being one of the best video streaming apps for iOS. There was a time when this application was the most preferred app for video streaming. However, now the app is no longer compatible with Dacast, which certainly makes it lose its initial place.  Also, read Best Video Downloader Apps for Instagram 2021 One of the best parts of this application is that it supports external camera and even a drone video. 


This application is free to download and use. 


H.264/AAC Live Video EncodingHardware-accelerated video and audio encoding Broadcast/Streaming to nanoStream Cloud or custom RTMP Servers (e.g. Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Twitch)Ultra-low latency delivery and playback with nanoStream Cloud and H5Live playernanoStream SDK (available separately)High-Quality Full HD BroadcastUltra-Low LatencyAdaptive Bitrate Streaming and Quality ControlLocal Recording of HD Video while live streamingSave Bitmap Snapshots during StreamingPortrait Mode / Vertical Live StreamingNetwork Connectivity Checks and Auto-ReconnectRTMP Authentication and CDN SupportSeveral Resolutions and Bitrates supportedLive Front/Back Camera SwitchTorch ModeTouch to focus

3. Wirecast Go

Wirecast Go is another great and amazing live video streaming application for iOS. This application lets you brand your stream with texts and images. Wirecast Go offers professionalism to the live stream.  You can also stream through this app on your iPhone vis Wirecast Cam. The application also lets you wirelessly connect to a computer running the main Wirecast Cam.  Also, check out Best Video Downloader Apps for YouTube 2021


You can easily download this application from the Apple store for free. However, to unlock the RTMP streaming you will have to pay $5.99.


Produce live broadcasts from your iPhone • Stream high-quality productions on the go from your iPhone to YouTube (free) or any custom RTMP destination (in-app upgrade) Pairs perfectly with Wirecast desktop software (mac/win) • Local Wifi Camera • Remote Rendezvous Camera (WAN) Switch between multiple prepared shots • Switch between two shots (free) • Upgrade in-app for unlimited shots (paid upgrade) Brand your stream • Overlay logos, pictures, images, and titles to your online broadcast to create a branded live-streamed production • Resize and move graphics and images directly from the Wirecast Go interface Replay highlights of your live broadcast • Capture and replay clips of your live production with just a few clicks. Great for sports or other live events Stream to YouTube Live & RTMP Servers • Stream live to YouTube with just a few taps (free) • Upgrade in-app for options to stream to other destinations (in-app upgrade) Interact live with your audience directly from the Wirecast Go interface • Send and receive chats • Share your stream • See how many viewers you have Stream in portrait or landscape modes • Broadcast in portrait or landscape mode, or switch mid-stream


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