We all know Nintendo Switch is not cheap, and if a screen gets a crack or gets scratches, it can get costly to repair those. To prevent all that, a protector for Nintendo Switch can be a great option because it doesn’t just protect your Nintendo Switch but also provides additional features, such as reducing blue light and protection from wet surfaces, etc. Now you have made your mind buy a protector for your Switch, but there are many products out there. How do you choose the best one? Don’t worry; we have compiled a list of the 6 best Nintendo Switch screen protectors there are, so you don’t have to find it.

A Quick Look At The Best Switch Screen Protectors

Best Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

We have compiled products after reading thousands of reviews and user’s opinions on various protectors. Finding a protector might be easier, but finding the right product at a reasonable price range can be challenging. Don’t worry; we have got you covered with our top 6 protector list. These protectors might work on newer models of Nintendo Switch, and some will work on previous models, or they can work on both.

#1 – AmFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The most popular choice among all the protectors, the AmFilm protector, is top on our list because of its excellent durability. They released the Nintendo Switch lite version protector right as they got popularity for its original version. All the retailers have always had this product available in bulk.

Video Game Platform: Nintendo Switch Brand: AmFilm Clarity: 99% Material: Tempered Glass Lead Pencil Degree (Hardness): 9H Assembled product weight: 4 oz Assembled product dimensions (L x W x H): 7.00 x 4.00 x 1.00 inches

This product is incredibly durable, giving you maximum protection against all hard bumps and falls. It gives perfect transparency glass and clarity of 99% the same as it is on a naked screen. It gives a natural viewing experience for the users to enjoy. It has zero glare included, which is great if you play outside, as the screen will be displayed clearly with full colours. Ultra-thin glass giving the best protection from all.

The protector can get harder to install as it is relatively thicker than other products, but after installation, you will forget that there is a protector on your screen.

It is the most durable product on our list, and it also gives maximum response touch time. It has a great transparent glass that offers 99% clarity and no bubbles during or after installation. It provides protection against glare, which is great if you game on your Switch outdoor. 0.3mm thin, lightweight glass doesn’t interfere with the touch controls after the installation. It comes in a pack of 2, which is less compared to other products, but it gives maximum protection, and it is not easily breakable.

#2 – iVoler Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

iVoler Protector provides excellent quality at a great price. It works with the older Nintendo Switch version and with the newer model. The scratch-resistant coating makes the protector harder to scratch even with sharp contact because of its 9H hardness. Other than the two glasses, the box contains wet wipes, a squeeze cloth, a card, stickers for aligning the screen, and an installation guide. The installation might be complicated at first, but the protection is far greater than the hassle. This product became quite popular because of its durability. It has survived many bumps and falls without even getting a single scratch. It is very reasonable for its price and by far the best protector for Nintendo Switch.

Product Dimensions: 6.31 x 3.55 x 0.01 Item Weight: 2.4 ounces Item Model Number: AMUSA002030057 Brand: iVoler Material: Tempered Glass Clarity: 99.9 Compatible Devices: Nintendo Switch Compatible Phone Devices: Nintendo Switch Pencil Lead Degree (Hardness): 9H

The touch screen won’t be affected by the screen protector as the glass quality is really smooth. The protector covers the whole screen without any air gap, leaving the buttons to access functionality. It features high transparency glass with 99 clarity giving you the most natural and clear view. Blue light filter installed, which protects your eyes from blue rays that comes from Nintendo Switch. It has a fingerprint-resistant coating, and you can clean the display easily with wipes only. Great value for its price, and the iVoler Protector is reliable too.

If you do gaming mostly outside or in the sun, it might not be the product for you because it is not anti-glare, so the screen might not be viewable.

The transparent tempered glass material provides a full transparent screen with 99.9% clarity; it feels the same as it on a naked screen. Anti-blue light technology is built-in with this protector, which protects your eyes from blue light and saving you a pair of glasses. It also has an oleophobic coating, which gives protection against fingerprint marks, and the quality of touch feels like you are using Switch without the protector. iVoler protector also comes in Nintendo Switch light variant too, so if you have a lite Switch, then order for that too.

#3 – Hestia Goods Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch

Hestia Goods Protector offers 0.3 mm Ultra-thin tempered glass, which is ideal for normal use. The screen is completely transparent, giving out a clear HD display because of its tempered glass. The design is meant to cover the whole screen while giving great touch response and all-button functionality. iVoler Protector comes in a pack of three, so there will be a backup all time, or you can install it on another Nintendo Switch console. The only downside is that it is not anti-glare, but it will matter to those who play in sunlight, so if you are a home gamer, then this product may be perfect for you. The box includes cleaning with it in which microfiber cloth and wipes are given to clean your screen before installation for a smoother and clearer display. It is the most affordable option and the best product in this budget.

Brand: Daydayup Material: Tempered Glass Clarity: 99.9% Compatible Models: Nintendo Switch Package Dimensions: 6.34 x 4.88 x 0.67 inches Item Weight: 4.6 ounces Pencil Lead Degree (Hardness: 9H)

It is easier to install; just place it and press it; it doesn’t get any bubbles during installation or after installation. Protects eyes with its advanced blue light technology, which can cause harm to your eyes if you are not using any anti-blue light glasses. It provides Ultra-thin thickness, which makes it easier to connect to a dock. It also has Ultra-clear transparent layer with 99.9% clarity It is highly durable, giving a scratch-resistant screen with an oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprint marks.

The sticker provided in the box to align the protector can be difficult to use, and you may end up installing it wrong.

The protector also prevents any smudges because of its less fingerprint coating layer that doesn’t let any fingerprint marks be left on the screen. The box includes a microfiber cloth and wet wipes, so if there is little dust on your screen or any marks, just wipe it off quickly. Hestia Protector also offers Anti-blue light technology, which reduces eye strain and allows you to game continuously without harming your eyes. It also features anti-glare technology that protects against strong light from Nintendo Switch, which can cause damage to your eyes if you are doing long gaming sessions.

#4 – Syncwire Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

Syncwire provides a 2.5D curved edges tempered glass protector, which fits perfectly on your Nintendo Switch screen. The protector can withstand the falling impact of 22 lbs. The protector comes in a pack of 3, so don’t worry; you don’t need to repurchase it if any protector breaks. Hestia offers a warranty for it, so if the protector is faulty or doesn’t get delivered, you can always claim the warranty. Just open the box, take out the protector, line it up with the screen, and press it firmly in the middle; and done, your protector is installed correctly without any bubbles or scratches. The box also includes a card, which is great because if the bubbles appear on the screen, it can be removed easily by removing them from the card.

Brand Name: Syncwire Item Weight: 2.11 ounces Material: Tempered Glass Screen Size: 6.2 inches Clarity: 99.9 Pencil Lead Degree (Hardness): 9H

It provides high touch sensitivity. No fingerprint marks Scratch-resistant Strong glass not easily breakable Perfectly cut protector for Nintendo Switch screen Smoothest installation

Bubbles might get on easily if the glass is not installed correctly. And it might get hectic to remove the bubbles afterwards as they are not easily removable after installation and can be challenging to remove with a card.

It keeps your screen protected from sharp things that can damage your screens, such as coins, keys, and even a knife too. PS Don’t keep a knife in a pocket; use it in the kitchen only. It is an ultra-thin thickness of 0.3mm, common in new protectors; it provides maximum protection. It has transparent Oleophobic and Hydrophobic clear layers, which gives 99.9% clarity. The Syncwire protector fits perfectly on the screen and doesn’t affect any functionalities of the screen. It also protects from sweaty and oily fingers, so don’t worry if you accidentally touch your oily fingers. Just rub off oil from the screen, and you are good to go.

#5 – Maxboost Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch

Maxboost makes excellent protectors for mobile phones, which are great in terms of protection. Recently they have also introduced protectors for Nintendo Switch. It is excellent in quality and great in terms of thickness. The protector comes in a pack of two, which is great if in case you broke the first one, the second one will cover you. It also comes with three years warranty, so if any problem occurs whatsoever while installing or getting delivered, you can always return it later. It can withstand good weight unless you throw a giant steel ball to test it; who might know it can survive that too. PS Don’t try that. Box includes two wet wipes, two dry wipes, two microfiber cloths, six dust removal stickers, and one detailed installation guide.

Brand Name: MaxBoost Product Dimensions: 6.3 x 3.6 x 0.01 inches; 0.32 Ounces Item Weight: 0.32 ounces Material: PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) Thickness: 0.1 MM Compatible: Nintendo Switch

It works with Switch while docked with the main console, and it’s the only protector that provides this feature. It is the thinnest protector, but it also provides minimal protection against falling impacts. It offers an enhanced gaming experience by improving the quality of colours while transferring 100% direct native resolution quality of the screen. It works flawlessly with the touch screen. Provides protection against marks and cuts without interfering with the gameplay quality. Maxboost provides a lifetime warranty for the product.

Getting a thinner protector is great, but it comes with a downside, too; it is relatively harder to install. It is thinner; it can break easily; fingerprint marks can be left as it is not much flexible. It can easily attract scratches.

It is the thinnest product on our list, but it also provides good protection. It is recommended for those who don’t like protectors’ feel but still want minimal protection for their Switch. Even though it is made out of plastic, its touch quality is great, giving maximum response time. The protector’s material is Polyethylene terephthalate (PET); it is thinner than tempered glass, and it gives maximum protection.

#6 – UGREEN Switch Screen Protector

UGREEN is a great company that provides great protectors for Nintendo Switch. With its laser cutting technology, it offers edge to edge coverage with a curved design of a protector that covers the whole screen. It is fully protected against marks, drops, and cracks with its 9H hardness thickness. Maxboost protector comes in two variant packs; one comes with two protectors and the other with three protectors. Maxboost provides a lifetime warranty of the protector, so if it breaks, you can easily claim the warranty, and the product will be replaced quickly by their great service. The box comes with wet and dry wipes to clean any dust on the screen’s surface before installing the protector. It also includes stickers, which can help you align the screen properly. It gives a stylish look on Nintendo Switch without anybody noticing there’s a protector on it. It also protects against water, oil, and different liquids with its protective layer.

Lead Pencil Design (Hardness): 9H Thickness: 0.3 mm Pack: 2 Clarity: 99.9 % Material: Glass, Paper Brand: UGREEN Screen Surface: Smooth

The design is purely built to fit on the Nintendo Switch screen perfectly. Its advanced laser cutting technology leaves no gap unattended. It has an ultra-thin glass of 0.3 mm thickness that gives a smooth touch experience without interfering with the main touch controls. The 9H degree hardness makes it difficult for anything to be scratched on the protector, plus the round edges provide a firm grip on your console. It provides an ultra-clear display with 99.9% clarity giving the same optimal experience as the original Nintendo screen. Easy to install

The sticker that comes in the box, called the dust absorber sticker, can leave dust residue, which is difficult to remove after it is left for some time. This product doesn’t come with the company’s warranty.

Oleophobic coating provides protection against oily fingers while keeping the display in HD quality. It has 99.9% clear transparency keeping the natural and optimal view without you even noticing there is a protector installed. The ultra-thin glass of 0.3 mm provides a natural viewing experience. No noticeable difference from the original screen and the screen with a protector; both displays give the same HD colours. It is relatively easier to install from other products. The installation is done within minutes. This product guarantees no bubble whatsoever during and after installation.

Picking The Best Nintendo Switch Screen Protector: Things You Should Know!

Before buying a screen protector for your Switch, you should look into various things such as touch sensitivity, durability, what price range is reasonable and maximum protection. We have covered the main points that you should look into and order your Switch protector right away! The UGREEN protector comes in a pack of two. The box includes two alcohol screen wipes, three dust removal stickers, one screen cleaning cloth, and an installation guide. There is only one major downside of this product: its dust remover sticker will cause dust residue to store on the screen, which will worsen with time. A solution to this is that buy or use another dust particle remover. The protector’s stylish design is the main selling point of the protector as it leaves no gap and covers the whole screen. In case you want more from Nintendo Switch:

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Why Is A Nintendo Switch Screen Protector Necessary?

Nintendo Switch has a plastic screen, which makes it prone to scratches, cracks and in the worst case, it might break your screen entirely if you are not careful with it. Accidents happen all the time, so even if you are careful, it doesn’t give you a surety that your screen will always be protected. But with a screen protector, you can have your Nintendo switch protected all the time. Good protectors mostly come with tempered glass that gives maximum protection with excellent touch sensitivity. Plastic protectors are good too, but they don’t provide more protection, and they are cheaper than tempered glass. Protector not only keeps your screen protected from damage, but it also prevents oily fingers, sweaty fingers, and the liquids that can damage your Switch screen. Good companies produce anti-glare protectors that can prevent eye strain and increase screen visibility, giving you a more enhanced experience.

Sensitivity Is Responsive

The next main thing people consider is the protector’s sensitivity; no one would want maximum protection and good prevention on the screen if the sensitivity is terrible. Sensitivity response is when a user touches a part of the screen and determines how long it takes to respond. Nintendo Switch without protectors has maximum sensitivity response unless your screen is broken. Good screen protectors also come with full sensitivity responses as they protect your screen. Most of the protectors are designed to fit on your screen perfectly so that you can use other buttons too. Transparency and clarity play an essential role, too, as it also depends on sensitivity; the clearer and more visible the screen will feel, the more touch response it will give.

The Durability Of The Protector

Durability is also vital as you don’t want your protector to break only falling from your hands, so what’s the point even in buying that? A great protector also gives good durability as well as other features. But great durability will not always work because the more durable it gets, the screen is more likely to become less touch responsive, and we don’t want that. When looking for a good Protector, do not always go with high durability; check its touch response first and then look for durability.

Maximum Screen Protection

Maximum screen protection is the main reason people buy screen protectors for their expensive products. All our products on the list give full protection for your Switch, while others provide more durability. Maximum screen protection doesn’t only mean that it will prevent cracks and scratches on your screen but also from normal things that can damage your switch screen. For instance, using wet fingers or oily fingers can damage your screen badly in longer use. A decent protector will cover most of the screen, giving maximum protection without disturbing any buttons or touch response.

Do Not Go For Cheaper Screen Protectors

We emphasize this crucially, do not go for cheaper products. I repeat, do not go for cheaper products! They will not only give less protection, but they can damage your screen as they have cheap material. Saving money is good but saving money on necessary things is not a good thing to do. Cheaper protectors will usually come in bulk, giving you a reason to buy, but don’t ever fall for that. Cheaper products have low-grade plastic that can be broken easily, they don’t have a good touch response, and it just makes your gameplay worse.


Just like your Nintendo Switch, various good protector companies offer a warranty too. Warranty can be the main selling point for any product as it develops trust between seller and customer. Protector companies offer different warranties. Some offer three years, and some offer a lifetime warranty. Warranty is crucial as protectors can break easily, not even by you. Still, the accident happens as it can also break during shipping. You don’t need to worry about the warranty if you buy any protector from our list. All the companies provide great after service. Protectors are now a must for every expensive thing. It can save you a lot of money by protecting your valuable device’s screen. Many people don’t like the feel of protectors as they feel their product is heavier than usual or it has worsened the screen’s display. That’s true at some point; it indeed affects the natural view; the display is not the same as without a protector, but it’s worth it. Protector will only protect your screen, and it will help reduce eye strain by their anti-blue light technology. So, here’s the wrap to our list; we hope that you have found your best protector for your Switch and hope you have started ordering it now.

#1 – Should I get a switch screen protector?

Yes, you should definitely get a screen protector for your Nintendo Switch; as Switch is quite expensive, buying a protector will only protect it. It will save you a lot of money if your Nintendo Switch drops or is exposed to sharp surfaces.

#2 – Does the switch screen scratch easily?

Yes, the Switch screen is made of plastic, so even if the keys are in contact, it can get scratched easily. Using a protector will provide a scratch-free surface to prevent most of the sharp things.

#3 – What is the best glass screen protector for Nintendo Switch?

In our opinion, the best screen protector is the AmFilm Tempered Glass Screen protector, as it has the best durability while giving maximum response time.

#4 – Does Nintendo Switch come with a screen protector?

No, Nintendo Switch doesn’t come with a screen protector in its box. That’s why we have compiled our list of the best protectors out there that provide your screen protection from everyday harm.

#5 – Does a screen protector hide scratches?

Yes, a screen protector no only prevents scratches but can also hide your previous scratches too. It does a great job in hiding as the scratches are not noticeable or minimally noticeable if they are big scratches.

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