Don’t you want to be the first among your friends to try all the newly released games? Then, don’t think twice before downloading these awesome games. I have listed down some of the best games that are a must try. The list of the Top Newly Released Games include: All these games have amazing graphics and gameplay. You can read further to know more about these games.

Best Newly Released Games 2021

Read along with the list to find out the best games that are newly released. You can easily download these game from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.


It is a mech frame sandbox game with high HD quality. The gameplay is very easy to manage. You just have to collect a variety of parts to build a mech and at last, they fight against each other to win the present round. Extra thighs are also there for your help like- holograms, smoke bombs, EMP generators, and many more. The user who know some basics to play such games, this game very effective for them. As the game customization is awesome in every way. You just have to build a robot and make small efforts to win each round.


Build the most electrifying arms from scratch.Bring teammates to an SVS tournament.Create an arm that soars the sky.Rule the skies! Bomb them to Smithereens.Build an arm with full powers.Batling gun, sniper cannon, smash their defenses.Assemble a heavy-armor arm.The light shield is on, protect the team till death. Install indestructible arms.

Ratings- 4.4 stars on Google Play Store. Updated- January 29, 2021 Offered by- NetEase Games Also, read How To Stream Games on YouTube in Easy Steps

Basketball vs Zombies

Short but one of the best new entertaining released games ever created by the editors. We all know about Zombies or dead men. The gameplay is very basic for every single player. You just have to kill zombies at every level by hitting their heads onto the basket.  You have to defend yourself from each layer of zombies with the help of some shooting weapons that can be upgraded at every level. This game doesn’t have any high-quality effect to play. Simple pixel game is here with more than 100 levels.


More than 50+ cool skin characters are available for you.Having 60+ awesome weapons.One of the best modern pixel gaming modes.Various spooky sound effects.

Ratings- 4.4 stars on Google Play Store Updated- January 14, 2021 Offered by- Laurent Bakowski

Dream Score: Soccer Champion

One of the best soccer simulators having newly released games features with high quality and promotion. The gameplay is full of strategy and planned features included for every single aspect. Most of us want to play soccer with few relatable connections because of the gaming zone. You can easily choose your favorite character and play the game with his ability and skills. Characterization is done in a very appropriate way which gives you an excellent result at the end of each level.


Collection and strategy football game.Build your ultimate football club.FIFPro is officially authorized.Thousand of players from the top clubs.Train and develop your stars.Bring them to ultimate greatness.Create powerful attack combos.Use tactics to break the defense.Beat rivals from across the globe.Dominate the football world.

Ratings- 3.9 stars on Google Play Store Updated- February 6, 2021 Offered by- Elex

Run Boggo Run

Creators of Lands of Boggo want to make a new arrival with an effective part of their newly released games for android. Well, Run Boggo Run is one of the best ways to show the simple and effective impact onto the users. One wants to save his BFF from the rivals with some special weapons and powers. You can collect many tokens to save Boggo from dangerous monsters in many different forms. Be sure about ignoring the anxiety gremlins, instead of such thing use bath bombs which is more powerful than the previous one.


Avoid and throw bath bombs at these bozos.Collect calming Boggs to make Boggo calmer.Throw bath bombs at the stress monster to quell Boggo’s stress.Gain achievements to level up!Free updates and challenges are quite awesome.

Ratings- 3.8 stars on Google Play Store Updated- December 22, 2020 Offered by- BuzzFeed Also, read 17 Awesome City Building Games for Mobile and PC

AsDivine Saga

When the world is facing a huge problem after a big war, there are 3 princesses for people’s help with Shinobi. They have to fight against the evil machinations who are very powerful and dangerous from all of its kind. The gameplay is to protect everyone from these evils with your masterstroke and weapons. Get some powerful support from spirits which helps you to enhance some magic, and up-gradation of weapons can be done easily. At the end of each level, some special appearances are there to build up trust with the other characters in the game.


A non-stop adventure with a trio of heroines!Master the art of throwing and level monsters to the dust.Upgrade weapons.Synthesize rings to power up in battle.Take on the strongest at the battle arena including Madame Curie.

Ratings- 4.5 ratings on Google Play Store Updated- January 14, 2021 Offered by- KEMCO

Subway Surfers

Create marvelous themes, towns, actors, and many offers related to the well-defined levels. The gameplay is so easy and reliable. You just have to run on the slope without being kicked by trains in your path. You can choose any kind, but first, you have to unlock them by achieving points as much as you can during each level. 


Paint powerful jetpacks on your way.The advertisement issue is not being there at all.Not free to play advance levels.Marvelous graphics of the a make a great impression.

Ratings- 4.4 points out of 5 on App Store

Call of Duty

Sniper games, hunting games, and battleground games are also included in such categories as Best Graphic games for iOS. The gameplay is quite plain as you have to play the character of a sniper who wants to defeat his rivals at any cost. Each round comprises different types of threats and alerts for you and your team. Customization of every unique character is done in a very good manner.  Many matches are there to show your ability and performance.


Customize your ultimate weapon.A competitive spirit is developed automatically.Methods and patterns are flexible on every ground.Characters and abilities are not equally divided within the team.New seasons monthly.Ski Town map.

Ratings- 4.8 points out of 5 on App Store

Asphalt 9: Legends

Traditional games are quite difficult to perform in which you need to complete some actions that are not easy to do. This game is named for so many awards and collects some of them. This applicability is very much used by the users in high range.  Amazing real-world situations are there to gather attention. Most of the time such newly released games are highly acquired by the users.


Customization of your transportation.Efficiently handled.No publication issue.Extra styles and effects are there to build skills.Procedures are highly adaptive.

Ratings- 4.7 points out of 5 on App Store Also, read 7 Best MOBA Games for iOS Devices| iPhone/iPad Games – 2021

Endless Nightmare

Devil and fear effects make the game more interesting in the field of such newly released games. Most of them are very much efficient and highly approved by the users. The gameplay is that you play the role of James who is a detective and wants to find out the major causes behind the unnatural activities.  Supplies and technicality can be done concurrently. This is the reason why each player can easily predict the better answer to their problems inside the game. It will make it more engaging and relevant. Others can confirm the same phenomena to make a good team in the future. 


The graphics are amazing.No unusual motions can be performed.Publication issues are very few.Subscription is required to open the superior levels and modes.

Ratings- 4.6 points out of 5 on App Store

The Gardens Between

Such puzzle games are more interesting than the other lite games. Vibrant characteristics are present to make you feel the same as you live in a spiritual place. The gameplay is so plain and profitable. You have to play the role of the protector who finds out the hidden events that occur around her.  Each level and mode is distinctive from the previous one.  Safety and appearance is the major goal of the game. To uncover the missing piece of each puzzle is the basic form of the game.


Maze games are available for you to enjoy the game.Enchanting times and productive design look great while playing the game.Bold levels are defined accurately.Strong and appropriate.

Ratings- 4.8 points out of 5 on App Store

Max Payne

This game involves the best graphic features to perform many responsibilities. The gameplay is very straightforward. You have to play the role of the fugitive secret cop who is framed for killing someone. And now hunted by cops and the mob. Fighting next to his attackers with the hope to win each battle constantly. Developer- Remedy Entertainment  Release date- July 25, 2001


Every variant mode has unique capabilities, methods, and levels.Improve industrial and standardized skills.No commercial problem.Instantly flexible for many users or newcomers.This game is appreciated for its graphics.


The best action experience video games for newcomers or some users who are already a part of these newly released games. The gameplay is you have to play the role of the most popular shooter battling against his enemies for a very long time. This game is mostly affiliated with those users who want to upgrade their skills and progress. Developer- High Moon Studios Release date- June 25, 2013


Most impressive game ever created in the history of Best Graphic Games for PC with new features that are going to be displayed in your newly released games.Free to download the new set.No arguments are there while operating the game.The graphic of the game is highly recognized and admired.

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Hitman 2

The most slyness video game ever created for newcomers or experienced users. The gameplay is very reliable as you have to play the role of an Agent 47 who is usually known as the Hitman: Sniper Assassin by his enemies. Aim and shoot is the essential strength of your personality. Many variants are made after the recognition of its first mode. Developer- IO Interactive Release date- November 13, 2018


Topmost newly released games for PC ever created.The area of each level is awesome and the graphics are high rated.The story, character activity, methods, address, and many more are the basic optical display things.Challenges are narrated.

Cyberpunk 2077

This game includes action-role playing video games in the history of the most demanded and listed on the best newly released games. The gameplay is quite simple and secure. You have to play the character of a soldier who completes each level by damaging his enemy’s headquarters and areas. You Can customize your appearance, sound, costumes, weaponry, and storyline too. Developer- CD Projekt Release date- December 10, 2020


Fixed some of the buffer issues.Involves in the list of the best graphic games for pc.Removed some of the advertisement problems.Upgradation is done after each level.You can easily upgrade your character.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

This game comprises a flight simulator application for Microsoft Windows to easily obtain in its working system without facing any type of trouble. The gameplay is you have to drive a flying aircraft and kill your opponents for completing the level through hunting. You can build your availability inside the game.  Developer- Sublogic, Bruce Artwick Organization, Aces Game Studio, Dovetail games, and Asobo Studio. Published by Microsoft, Xbox Game Studios, and Dovetail Games. Release date- August 18, 2020 Also, read Brighten Your Weekends With These Amazing Fun Games


The real-world climatic zone is used inside the game.You can easily examine yourself inside the game by implementing some ideas.Recreation of many moves in each level per gaming structure.

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