Well, everyone has a list of most favorite songs matching their vibe that they love to play on loop. But without the right app, it just feels casual and steals away all the fun. Especially when you hear that on your phone. Finding a good app is just tricky. But not now. Don’t worry, as here is the detailed description of the features, pros, cons, price, and how you can download these from your iPhones. So, let’s find out how they made up the list.

Best Music player apps for iOS 2021

There are lot of music player apps but all cannot reach your expectations. Either because of low sound quality or poor support. Below you will find the best music player apps for iOS 2021 that will make your music experience better.


Spotify is the most trending and the top pick for the best music player apps for iOS 2021. This app allows you to stream from more than 60 million songs and podcasts in multiple languages. You can listen to any podcast about education, games, lifestyle, health, and many more. The interface is clean and has got lyrics option too. Even it keeps on updating your playlist depending upon your taste and what’s trending in the music world. You can download as many songs as you want. But its paid variant is more liked by its users more than the free one. As the free one has got a number of lacks.


You can make your own playlist.Search via Mood, Genre, Activity, Artist, Album.Easy streaming.60 millions+ songs and podcasts.Have lyrics options.Can connect to other devices like Bluetooth speakers.Affordable.


The free version has lots of ads and no online modeIt doesn’t have shuffle options.

Rating on Apple app store: 4.8* Download: You can download it directly from the app store or from Spotify’s official site.

Youtube music

The second one that stole the second position in the list of the best music player apps for iOS 2021 is Youtube music. YES…. YOUTUBE MUSIC!!! We all are familiar with YouTube but very few knew that it has its music player app. It is a dynamic app that with its AI allows you to search directly from the lyrics or by the description of the song. You can enjoy official releases of your favorite celebrity artist, live performances, and remix with videos. This allows you to download music and make a hotlist of your preferred songs. So, if you love to consume music through youtube, this is a good option for you. Though it offers quality features yet its paid version is recommended as it offers additional factors.


Allows you to have your hot playlist.Recommend music depending upon the context, taste, and what’s trending.Has official releases.You can then search the songs from lyrics and descriptions.


Don’t work in the backgroundHard to handle

Rating on Google play store: 4.7* Price: Free and has in-app purchases. The premium version costs $11.99/month. Download: You can download it directly from the app store or use music.youtube.com online. This is great for listening to music with the convince of handling it in your palms. You can enjoy hands-free listening on your favorite devices. It has 70 million songs, thousands of stations, and a lot of podcasts. You can stream free music along with its lyrics. Also, it gives you the option to paid download music for offline mode. Its free version has got lacks but its premium one is super exciting. The premium version has high-quality audio and has built-in Alexa. You can stream music videos, including video playlists.


70 million+ songs and podcastsThousands of stations to tuneBuilt in AlexaHigh quality audiosShows lyrics of the selected songs


The free version does not allow you to download without paying. Rigid functioning that takes time to be understood. Some users report that the apps change the preferred playlist automatically.

Rating on App store: 4.6* Download: You can download it directly from the App store or enjoy it online.

VOX – MP3 & FLAC Music Player

VOX is another popular music player that is made at 4th position in the list of the best music player apps for iOS 2021. It delivers crisp and clear sound in all formats with High resolution. This all-in-one app allows you to listen tons of songs from the iTunes library. You make the experience good for yourself with its custom made audio engine based on the bass along with its 30 presets. You can stream from other apps as well like Spotify and air play. It has online radio that offers 30,000+ radio stations with the option of the last FM. You will enjoy seamless music with gapless playback and background support.


lots of songs on iTunes30,000 radio stations all over the worldHigh-resolution audio in almost all formatsStream via Spotify, Air play.Enjoy seamless playback


Some users report a lacks in handling the playlist.highest paid purchases are expensive.

Rating on App store: 4.5* Download: You can download it directly from the App store or enjoy it online.

Musixmatch lyrics

Musixmatch lyrics is a fun music app. This app can translate any song into different languages. You can even identify the song with the lyrics playing around you with one tap. Well, that’s amazing. Right? The unique feature that made it to the list of the best music apps for androids 2021 is its ability to instantly synchronize lyrics with other apps. These include apps like Spotify, Google Play Music, Deezer, Rhapsody, and YouTube. Not enough? Well, apart from this, it has more than 14 million lyrics. You can skip through the song to get the lyrics in any language. Another compelling thing is that it works on the Lock Screen as well. You can add floating lyrics widget on the lock screen for enjoying the running track. The amazement is not over yet. No matter if you are offline, you still can watch the lyrics of all the songs that you have visited in the past. Also, this recommends new songs from your favorite artist. You can make covers of those songs and share that easily with your friends. It’s clearly one of the top choices for the best music player apps for androids 2021.


You can identify any song and its lyrics playing around.It has 14 million song’s lyricsThis app can sync with apps like Spotify, YouTube.It works on the lock screen and in the backgroundYou can have lyrics of the songs you visited once all time even without a connection.


Sometimes, the app takes too long to open and start.

Rating on Google play store: 4.4* Price: Free but offers in-App Purchases. These can cost you $37. Download: You can download it directly from the App store or enjoy it online.

Final Verdict:

These are the top best music player apps for iOS 2021. The users love these apps and have millions of downloads on the App store. In my personal opinion, Spotify and Musixmatch are the best apps that will go hand in hand. Musixmatch can find a song with its lyrics and description. This feature makes it super exciting. Now it’s your time to give a try to all these apps and choose the best-suited apps among these best music player apps for iOS 2021. Enjoy music!!


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