In our opinion, the Ryzen 7 5800X is the sweet spot for both gaming and productivity. It is going to deliver excellent value for your money. Choosing the best motherboard for Ryzen 7 5800X can be a difficult task for someone new to the market, but we are here to make things easier for everyone. This roundup plans to look at all of the most acceptable options that are available when you are talking about motherboards, so our readers don’t have to go through any confusion. After all, as someone who has built a lot of computers in the past, choosing the right part list can be a difficult process.

Best Motherboards For Ryzen 7 5800X – Reviews & Specifications!

Best Motherboard For Ryzen 7 5800X

Choosing the best motherboard here is not going to be something that will be difficult. If you have picked up motherboards before, you will have the experience and the idea on how to do it now. The only difference here is that this time, you are choosing a motherboard for a processor that is yet to release. But don’t worry about the support, as it has been confirmed by manufacturers, too.

#1 – Asus ROG X570 Crosshair VIII Formula

I would understand if you have seen this motherboard on our list several times because, honestly, we have been putting it here for a reason, of course. Asus motherboards have always been solid, and if you want a no-compromise approach, Asus is the way to go.

Supports 2nd, 3rd, and 5th generation Ryzen processors. The top-notch thermal design keeps everything cool. High-performance networking with MU-MIMO. 5-way optimization. Processor Socket: AM4. PCIe 4.0. Dual PCIe 4.0 M.2 Slots. NEXT-GEN WIFI 6. Memory Slots Available: 4 Max Memory: 128 GB

Stunning aesthetics. Loads of features to use. Great overclocking. Integrated I/O shield. Stable overclocking or stock performance.

None that we can think of.

The motherboard we have is their top of the line Asus ROG X570 Crosshair VIII Formula, at least as far as the Ryzen motherboards are concerned, you cannot find anything better than this unless you go to Threadripper, but for now, this is the top of the line offering. Asus has done a great job with their entire Formula motherboards, this does include the ones from the competition as well. Everything you can dream of from an enthusiast-grade motherboard is available here. Water-cooled VRMs, great aesthetics, loads of connectors, powerful power delivery phases, and everything in between. Asus truly gives you the performance that you want. I have been using the Formula motherboard in one of my main rigs as well, and I can tell you that when it comes to performance, nothing even comes close. Of course, this motherboard is not for everyone, and we have managed to understand that now but if you are getting a Ryzen 7 5800X, this is something that will serve you well. Not just that, your future upgrades will also feel at home with this motherboard. So, I can assure you that you are getting the power you deserve.


MSI has earned itself quite a reputation for itself, and for all the right reasons, I would say. They have been releasing some great motherboards and other components for some time now, and if it is the performance you desire, performance is what you get. At the same time, if it is the value that you want, you get that as well. Right from the start, I can tell you that the Asus ROG X570 Crosshair VIII Formula is not the motherboard that is for the faint of the heart. Wherein, in it, is a motherboard that is made for people who are looking at the best performance possible just because they want to get something that does not have any compromises. It is the motherboard that is built to overclock your processor, and give you the performance that you would want if you are looking to achieve the highest possible scores in benchmarks.

Supports 2nd, 3rd, and 5th generation of Ryzen CPUs. Onboard Wi-Fi 6 with MU-MIMO support and Bluetooth 5.1. MSI Mystic Lighting. Audio Boost 4 technology. Processor Socket: AM4. M.2 SHIELD FROZR. Frozr heatsink. 2 x PCIe 4.0 x16 slots. ATX Form Factor. Memory Slots 4/128 GB.

The motherboard delivers stellar performance on stock and overclocked configurations. The all-black looks are stunning. Great RGB implementation. Fast support for wireless and wired connectivity. Great set of features.

The PCH fan gets louder in some cases.

Now the good news about the MSI MPG X570 GAMING PRO CARBON is that in a lot of ways, it is one of the finer options available. IT is one of the more affordable motherboards, for sure. But that’s not it, you are still getting a great combination of high-end features and value propositions with it. If you are looking for one of the stealthiest offerings in the market, this has to be one of those because I love the black, muted look of the motherboard. You are also getting reliable performance across the board, allowing you to run without any problems whether you are going stock or overclocked. MSI has been kind enough to include fast wireless and wired connectivity, and the motherboard’s onboard audio is one of the best that we have experienced so far. Thinking about the downsides, I cannot find any fault in this motherboard. Pretty much everything about his motherboard is good. However, the PCH fan can get loud, but it never reaches a point where it becomes a problem.

#3 – Asus AM4 TUF Gaming X570-Plus

For a lot of people, the TUF series motherboards have always been the series to go for if you are looking for affordable options but still an outstanding performance. Asus has focused on delivering something that offers good build quality, and that is just one of the many excellent traits of the TUF series. Overall, I am happy to report that the MSI MPG X570 GAMING PRO CARBON is one of the finer options available in the market for anyone who is looking for a good motherboard that has a balanced configuration to boot. Whether you are looking for good looks or good performance in general, this motherboard has you covered in every sense of the way and will make up for a great pairing with the Ryzen 7 5800X once it launches.

Support for 2nd, 3rd, and 5th generation Ryzen CPUs. Dual M.2 slots supporting PCI-E 4.0 standard. Military-grade TUF components. Realtek L8200A Gigabit Ethernet. Dual PCIe 4.0 M.2. USB 3. 2 Gen 2 Type-A/Type-C. 11ac Wi-Fi with MU-MIMO support. Dr. MOS power stage. Active PCH heatsink &VRM heatsink. Hybrid fan headers and Fan Xpert 4.

Great performance in every configuration. Lots of ports. Fast wireless connectivity. Good overclocking support. Debug LEDs can be lifesaving.

No front panel USB 3.1 Gen2 header.

The TUF Gaming X570-Plus by Asus is no different as it delivers all of those things that you would want in an Asus motherboard, and the best part is that the price is a lot better, as well. Which means that you are getting good performance but without paying a premium. Now there is no denying that there are a lot of good things about this motherboard, starting with the fact that it is one of the best looking options available. I know I say this a lot but hey, as someone who has spent a lot of times with ugly, green motherboards, finally seeing a shift to a motherboard that you would want to show off is great to have. But the TUF gaming is not just for showing off as at the same time, it is also one of the best performing motherboards available. So, it is a good performance you want, it is better that you are keeping this motherboard as your choice because you are going to get the performance as well. Asus has been kind enough to add debug LEDs, a feature in my opinion that has been severely underrated. Sadly, there is a lack of front panel USB 3.1 Gen2 connector, but if your case also does not have that connector, then it is more than okay to not stress over it.

#4 – GIGABYTE X570 AORUS Elite Wi-Fi

For the longest time, Gigabyte’s motherboards have been our radar, and we have seen the company get better and better at their products as the time has gone. At the moment, the Aorus lineup is one of the best enthusiast grade motherboards that we have seen, but it still manages to have some affordable options. For a lot of the reasons, the Asus AM4 TUF Gaming X570-Plus is one of our favorite motherboards available for you to check out. For anyone who is looking for good enough performance, this certainly is the motherboard that you should be going with. It delivers commendable performance across the board without having a premium on top of it.

Processor Socket: AM4 RAM Memory Size: DDR4 Memory Speed: 4400 MHz Supports 2nd, 3rd, and 5th generation Ryzen CPUs. 12+2-phase VRM solution. Advanced heatsink for proper thermal cooling. Dual-ultrafast NVMe PCI-E storage. Advanced heatsink design. Memory Slots: 4

One of the more affordable motherboards. The I/O shield is integrated. The primary M.2 slot is also covered with a heatsink for better cooling. Does not have any instability issues.

Lack of USB Type-C and debug LEDs on the motherboard.

The GIGABYTE X570 AORUS Elite Wi-Fi is one of the more affordable Aorus offerings, and if you are looking to pair it with the Ryzen 7 5800X, you can get a good deal on this motherboard, and you still get a good performance overall, minus a few quirks that we will talk about as well. For starters, the motherboard is one of the most affordable ones available, and the reason why this is considered to be a redeeming factor is that it will allow you to focus on other components as well. Additionally, you are getting something that has an integrated I/O shield, which makes the installation a breeze. Not just that, despite the low cost, Gigabyte has been kind enough to add a heatsink on the primary M.2 slot, making this motherboard a pretty compelling option for those who are still trying to save some money. On the other side, you are getting no debug LEDs, and there is no Type-C port on the rear, either, but I believe that should not come as a problem for anyone, given how this motherboard is aimed at budget users.

#5 – Asus Prime X570-Pro

We are finally coming close to the end of the list, and the Asus motherboards have been dominating the scene, and they deserve it, as well. For something to give such a solid performance, it is not often that you get to see this from affordable and high-end offerings at the same time. Honestly, I was not expecting the GIGABYTE X570 AORUS Elite Wi-Fi to surprise to an extent that it has surprised me, but I am happy to report that it certainly is one of the better motherboards available for you to check out. For anyone who is looking for good performance without spending a lot of money, this is the one that you should be looking at. Another great thing here is that you are not paying a lot of money, either, and the performance is great for what you are paying here.

Enhanced power solution for optimal performance. 5-way optimization for added stability. Asus Optic-MEM for interference-free circuit routing. Fan Xpert 4 for top-notch fan controlling. USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A & Type-C. Socket AM4 Dual PCIe 4.0 M.2 slots. Pre-mounted I/O. Memory Slots Available: 4 RAM Maximum: 128 GB

The monochromatic color combination looks stunning. The overall performance is stable on both stock and overclocked scenarios. Metal reinforced PCBs give added protection against heavier graphic cards. The memory overclocking on this motherboard is great.

You are not getting any Wi-Fi connectivity. The motherboard lacks some premium features.

With that said, the Asus Prime X570-Pro is something that one should get their hands on. While it is not the most affordable options available, it is something that the Prime lovers from Asus are going to enjoy a lot thanks to its signature monochromatic looks with a dash of color. If you are looking for a motherboard that brings a sleek and minimal design, then this is what you should be looking at as it does deliver that. The overall performance is also pretty respectable, so you are certainly getting your money’s worth. The PCI-E slots are also metal reinforced, so if you are worried about some construction issues, don’t worry as it is not going to break on you. Another great thing is the memory overclocking on this motherboard is one of the finest and runs without any stability issues that are synonymous with some other options in the market. So, what do I not like about this motherboard? Well, the fact that this does not come with Wi-Fi, whereas some cheaper motherboards do, and there are not a lot of premium features to boot are just two things that I would want to change.

#6 – ASRock AM4/X570M Pro4 (Micro-ATX)

If you want to go ahead and build a system with a micro-ATX motherboard in it, that is entirely possible all thanks to ASRock and their great selection of motherboards. Don’t worry about the company, though, as they have a history of giving us some of the finest motherboards to date. If you have been searching for a good motherboard that does not cost a lot of money but something that looks great in a different color scheme, then going for the Asus Prime X570-Pro is not a bad idea at all. The good news is that aside from the looks, the motherboard is still a solid performer, so you are indeed getting something great.

Support for 2nd, 3rd, and 5th generation Ryzen processors. 10-phase power design. 7.1-channel audio. 8 SATA and 2 M.2 slots. Socket AM4. AMD Quad Crossfire. Intel Gigabit LAN. PCIe Gen4 x4 M. 2 SSDs. Micro-ATX form factor.

The performance remains decent across the board. You get plenty of SATA ports along with 2 super-fast M.2 slots. One of the most affordable X570 options available. Power consumption across the board is stable.

No integrated I/O shield.

The ASRock AM4/X570M Pro4 shares the same DNA that has put ASRock on the radar for countless companies. If it is the performance you are after, you are getting that. All of that in a small package that is honestly one of the finest offerings we have seen in some time. The overall performance of the motherboard right out of the box is excellent, meaning that you are not going to have to tweak anything to get something good out of this motherboard. There are also a lot of SATA ports available for your convenience as well as to M.2 slots for fast storage. If you are looking for something that does not draw a lot of power under load or when idle, then the ASRock AM4/X570M Pro4 is something that should be right up your alley as it does deliver great performance in that regard. My only issue here is that it does not come with an integrated I/O shield, which in all honesty, can be forgiven because it certainly is a subjective part here.

#7 – GIGABYTE X570 I AORUS Pro Wi-Fi (Mini-ITX)

The last motherboard on our list is a treat for everyone who is looking to get their hands on a good mini-ITX motherboard. A fan-favorite form factor amongst the enthusiasts. This form-factor is back in the mix, and the demand is increasing too, people just want to build smaller systems now that are easily accessible, as well. If it is a good micro-ATX motherboard that you want, then the ASRock AM4/X570M Pro4 will deliver the performance that you are looking for. It is not bad in any case. Quite the opposite. The performance numbers across the board are substantial in every case, and you are getting a great motherboard through and through. A missing integrated I/O shield is not something that you should be worried about at all because, at the end of the day, it takes less than a minute installing that.

Support for 2nd, 3rd, and 5th generation Ryzen processors. Direct 8-phase power design. Extended VRM heatsink for better cooling. Ultra-fast NVMe PCI-E 4.0. Socket AM4. Dual-channel ECC/ non-ECC unbuffered DDR4, 2 DIMMs. Intel WiFi 6 802.11ax. BT 5 with AORUS Antenna. Intel Gigabit LAN. Smart Fan 5.

Super compact but with a lot of performance. Great connectivity options. Solid VRM design with increased stability. Great price to performance ratio, one of the best.

Only two fan headers available here.

This is where the GIGABYTE X570 I AORUS Pro Wi-Fi comes into play because it certainly gets the job done for a lot of people, and the best part is that despite being the smallest motherboard in the list, it still is one of the best as far as the performance is concerned. Right out of the box, you are getting a motherboard, despite its low price, delivers performance that is better than some of the similarly priced competition. There are a lot of ports that you can use, including a USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C on the rear, dual M.2 slots are also there if you are looking to add fast storage, and not to forget, the Q-Flash Plus is a great feature for easy and convenient BIOS flashing. Now, the only thing that I don’t like here is that you are only getting 2 fan headers on a motherboard, but in most cases, it is not going to be that big of a problem due to how small the motherboard is and the case it will be going in.

Essential Factors Before Buying The Best Motherboard For Ryzen 7 5800X

Now that we have looked at almost all the important offerings that you can get for your Ryzen 7 5800X, the next step is to start looking at a buying guide because it is undoubtedly going to help you make the right purchase. In all honesty, the GIGABYTE X570 I AORUS Pro Wi-Fi is a motherboard that you should be looking at if you want to get something that is small enough and still has a lot of power. Whether you are thinking about running it in a gaming build or something that will be just used for productivity, you will be getting the best of both worlds with this, and you will have on issues whatsoever coming in your way. Just be sure that you are pairing it with the right hardware, the case, to be exact, and you will be all fine. More high-performance motherboards for Ryzen processors below:

Good motherboard for Ryzen 5 5600x Best motherboard for Ryzen 9 5900x and RTX 3080 Best budget x570 motherboard

Voltage Regulator Module (VRM)

Voltage regulator module or VRM is known for doing what the name suggests, it makes sure that the CPU gets the voltages that it requires so it does not end up overvolting or undervolting because both of those cases can ruin the overall performance can cause some serious damage, too. The better the VRM, the better the overall performance as far as stability is concerned. So, be sure that the motherboard has a good VRM design when you are buying it because that certainly is an important factor. Thanks to all the good motherboards we have listed here, all of them are going to get the job done, and you will not have any problems, either.

The Importance of the Right Chipset

You have to be sure that whenever you are investing in the motherboard, you opt for the right chipset because investing money in something that is not compatible is only going to not have any benefit as your computer will not work. Now the good thing is that you want to go for either the B550 or an X570 chipset if you wish to go for the Ryzen 5,000 series chipset because that is the important part here. Both these chipsets have full support for the processor, so you are not going to be left out. Any other chipset is not supported officially or unofficially, so it is better that you know this.

Form Factor (Mini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX)

When buying a new motherboard, regardless of the CPU that you are going to put in it, always take the form factor in mind. You do not want to go investing in something that will either be too small or too big for a case. The standard ATX form factor is the most popular one, and if you want to build something smaller, you have access to micro ATX, and if you want the smallest, then the mini-ITX is the most common form factor available. Whatever form factor you do, make sure that it corresponds to your case’s size as well because otherwise, there is going to be a complicated situation.

RAM Support & Number of M.2 slots

The next thing that you are going to take care of is the RAM support and the number of M.2 slots; a feature that most people totally overlook whenever they are shopping for a good motherboard, but it is always better that you look at it because otherwise, you are just putting yourself at risk. Now the good news here is that all the motherboards that we have listed here are going to ship with a maximum of 4 RAM slots, with the mini ITX option having 2 RAM slots. As far as the M.2 slots are concerned, all motherboards have a minimum of two slots, with some going as high as 3, but make sure that you check with the manufacturer beforehand.

Important Ports

Whenever you are looking for a motherboard that you want to pair with your gaming PC, make sure that there are ample ports because you would be surprised just how important they are. I have made the mistake of not paying attention and regretted this decision later on. The right way is to understand the number of ports you want, and then, based on that, pick a motherboard that has more ports, so you are on the safer side. As long as this factor is being taken care of, we doubt that you are going to run into any problem as far as the right motherboard you want to buy. Rest assured, you will be all fine once you get the right motherboard that has the right number of slots for your requirements because, at the end of the day, that is going to be one of the more essential parts.

Support For Overclocking

Now, this is something that is mainly going to interest the enthusiasts because the thing is that when you are looking to get a good motherboard, be sure that you get something that should be able to provide you with the chance to overclock should you feel the need for it. The good news is that both B550 and X570 support overclocking, and you will not have to worry. Just be sure that you know how to overclock because that is going to be an important factor in the process. If you try to overclock and something goes wrong, you could end up running into massive issues. The Ryzen why the 5th generation of Ryzen processors is getting so much hype is that for the first time since Ryzen became mainstream, AMD has managed to beast Intel in single-core performance, at least that is what the benchmarks have been telling us. So, needless to say, the hype is all justified. If you are in the market for a good motherboard, then this list is going to be great for you, and you will have absolutely zero issues that are going to come in the way of how the performance is going to be.

Question 1: What is the best motherboard for Ryzen 7 5800X?

If you want to get a motherboard that brings no compromises to the table, going for the Asus ROG Crosshair Formula VIII is going to be the right choice, thanks to how amazing it is.

Question 2: Which motherboard is compatible with Ryzen 7 5800X?

All B550 and X570 motherboards are fully compatible with the Ryzen 7 5800X. The motherboards just need the latest BIOS update, and you would be all good to go.

Question 3: Is X570 good for Ryzen 7 5800X?

The X570 is one of the best choices for a Ryzen 7 5800X motherboard. However, not just that, the X570 chipset also has full support for Ryzen 9 5900X as well.

Question 4: Is X570 future proof?

As long as AMD keeps using the AM4 socket, the X570 chipset is going to remain compatible. With that said, all 5th generation of Ryzen CPUs are going to work entirely on the X570 chipset, so you do not have to worry about any issues with future-proofing whatsoever as it will work just fine.

Question 5: Why is X570 so expensive?

X570 chipset is not expensive at all. There are several options available in this chipset that you can go for. Everything ranging from sub $200 to $500+ is available when you are going for X570 motherboards. So, it is safe to say that you do have options available.

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