With the financial markets increasing, the demands of the customers are also increasing. While there was a time that bill payments and transfers were all a customer was looking for in their apps, they are now looking for more advanced features on their app. The Mobile Banking apps are in constant competition to provide the best facilities to the customers. Most of the apps that we have mentioned below are free of cost. The top Mobile Banking apps for iOS include: All these apps come with different features and Services. Each individual is different and so are their requirements. Read further to compare these apps and find the right fit for you. We give you a real image of what these apps can do for you.

Top Mobile Banking Apps for iOS

We have spent a lot of time researching, testing, and reviewing these apps. The Top Banking apps for iOS are many and constantly changing, but the apps mentioned below are beyond all frames. 

1. Ally Bank

Ally Bank’s mobile Banking app has a huge online presence. They provide high-interest rates and give you access to more than 43,000 ATMs in the US. The app lets you keep a track of all your accounts with a tap. From savings accounts to the Certificate of Deposit (CD), you can take care of everything here. 

Features :

Ally offers a clean and user-friendly app interface. The app has a provision that lets you find your nearest Ally Bank ATM. The app offers the latest financial market news to its users. 


You can do Mobile Check deposits from the Ally app. Ally lets you transfer money anywhere. The beneficiary does not necessarily need to have an Ally account. You can search your transactions on the app. The app can be used to trade stocks and track the performance of your investments. 


Despite a large ATM access, it is not possible to deposit cash into the Ally account. 

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2. Capital One

This is one of the highest rated apps on the Apple App Store. Capital one comes in the Top Banking apps for IOS due to its impeccable customer service. While a lot of apps are trying to offer maximum services, Capital One is moving forward with its premium Customer Service. 


Capital One offers a high-interest savings account, so you get maximum benefits. The app lets you personalize your profile by adding a profile picture and name. 


The app sends a notification when any card transaction is made. You can find all the details of the transaction on the app. You can report any banking fraud to the customer complaint executives by making use of the Capital One app. You can view all your accounts here, including your loans. Apple watches can also be used to use the app. In case you lose your card, it can be blocked by a single click. 

3. Huntington Bank

It is that one banking platform that takes care of everything. This Midwest-based bank offers the best of everything in one place. 


The app lets you use push notifications so anytime a transaction is made, you are informed of it immediately.In the case of an overdraft, you have a time frame of 24 hours to deposit the money back before a fee is deducted. 


The app comes with easy navigation and easy understanding.You don’t have to log in to view your account balance. The app offers a range of services and makes it available in a way that is easy to understand. 


While the online presence of the bank is good, you can have an ATM access problem with Huntington Bank. 

4. Simple 

Simple has been called one of the top mobile banking apps for iOS for its money management facilities. Apart from the generic banking features, the app helps you manage your finances. 


With Simple on your phone, you don’t need any budgeting apps. You get access to your entire bank balance, but you can set a limit to how much money you want to spend. 


Simple works in a way that is similar to Envelope budgeting. On the app, you can categorize your expenditure and designate a certain spending limit to it. After the spending limit is set, you can get a real-time image of how much money will be left in your account.


The money you save for goals has a very low-interest rate.It does not have good customer support.

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5. Credit One Bank

By creating a personal profile, Credit One Bank mobile app lets you take care of your credit card dealings. The app lets you keep a track of your spendings and reminds you to repay them at the earliest.


The app lets you schedule and cancels transactions as per your need.The app has a Quick view that lets you inside your balance without logging in.


Credit One Bank mobile app can be used to postpone your credit card payments.The app facilitates a lot of cashback and offers.Multiple accounts can be managed from a single app.The app has a chat feature that provides fast customer service.


The app has a high annual fee.Even if you have a good credit score, you might have to pay high interest.  

If you wish to go beyond the basic banking tools and want to have an app that does it all for you, this list will be of great help to you. Each app is different offering advanced features and services to their customers. Feature Image Credits: Retail Banker International 


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