Amid the pandemic, all the people have been restricted to their homes. In a situation like this, internet banking is being used more than ever. Everyone now prefers to do all their financial transactions from the safety of their homes.  While some want top security for their apps, others wish to have a user-friendly experience. Everyone has their own requirements and going forward in the article you can find out more about these applications. This list will help you choose the best mobile Banking app for you.

Top Mobile Banking Apps for Android

Banking can be easy if you choose the right banking app. Check out this list of the best mobile banking apps for Android.

1. AXIS Bank

The Axis Bank mobile application for Android devices helps you manage your Axis Bank account without physically going to the bank. Features:

The whole bank portfolio can be accessed on the app.The app works very well with the Unified Payment Interface (UPI)


Axis Bank app lets you apply for a loan, do a money transfer, pay bills, etc all from the same place.The app has a lot of offers so you can get cash back with your bank transactions.It lets you turn your Credit Card payments into EMIsThe app lets you schedule or auto-pay your bills. 


If you do not have an Axis Bank account, the app is not of much use to you.Due to a huge customer base, the app may lag in updating your existing account balance.

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2. Bank of America

The Bank of America application is useful to all US residents. The app can be used to link any US-based bank account and do transactions with it. Features:

The app provides high security by using fingerprint sensors.The Bank of America app connects your bank accounts in one place and lets you do everything that you need to do.


The app informs you about any fraudulent activity so that you are secure at all times. The Bank of America app has an in-built assistant called Erica.With this, you can do mobile deposits using photos.


You need to keep a close eye on your minimum account balance because you will be required to pay the monthly maintenance fee.The app user interface is not top-notch. 

3. Chime

As interesting as the name sounds, the app lives up to it. Chime is next on our list of the Top Banking apps for Android. The app lets you connect to your Google Pay account with itself and transact from it. Features:

In the case of bank theft, a complaint can be registered from the app itself.Chime has one of the best user-interfaces on their application.The account balance update is sent daily.


Chime gives the latest updates on your transactions.No hidden chargesThe app comes with a ‘Pay Friends’ feature so you can pay your friends directly from the app. 


Chime does not have any branch so in-person customer service should not be expected.The ‘Pay Friends’ feature on the app is only functional if the sender and receiver both have a Chime account.

4. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is one application that can be used for a multitude of functions. The app has two inbuild languages: English and French for maximum customer satisfaction. From making investments, to transfer to paying bills, this app takes care of it all. Features:

Wells Fargo has ample off-screen presence so this is one of the prime choices for the customers.You can make investments on the app and track it. Wells Fargo has the option of taking the help of financial advisors.


Fast payment of bills with a quick reminder.Face Id or Touch Id verification can be set-up on the app.Text banking is also available on the app.


The app takes a lot of time to load.The pop-up notification is not restricted to the app. In the middle of some other work, the app notification comes in between.They offer less rates on savings accounts. 

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5. Discover

The Discover app just like any other financial banking all the basic transfer and payments provision. It lets you make payments to multiple banks as and when necessary. The app also gives you a real-time account balance along with the last few transaction records. Features:

The app has a lot of brands integrated with them, so you can shop right from the app.Discover is always laden with Cashbacks and offers.No monthly maintenance fee.


If saving money by cashback and using offers for your purchases attracts you, Discover is the right app for you.The app can be secured using a four-number passcode. Discover lets you Freeze or Unfreeze your account with one click.Credit Card rewards can be redeemed on the app.


Discover debit cards are not widely accepted.

With the financial market ever-increasing, these Top Mobile Banking apps for Android will help you stay on top of your financial needs. The Banking World is just a click away. 


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