There are many online games available for Android or PC. Most of them can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. But in my thinking, some of them are often boring or may not be helpful for developing concentration for your child. So I list the best kids’ games for android that can be played manually. The List includes the best 5 Kids Games for Android:-  The above-mentioned games are the best kids’ games. For further knowledge and briefing, you can read the relatable information for the same.

5 Best Kids Games for Android 2021

Read along with the list to find out the best games for your kids. You can easily download these games from the Google Play Store. Pick your favorite and start playing.

1. Spot It

This game is relatable to a simple card game and can be played with each family member. It defines the visual conception in a very good manner. Its concept is simple. For all ages, it can be a challenging game. A fun moment can be created. Everybody loves this game. There were a lot of versions created for this game. Every version has its unique features, which can build some basic skills for helping kids. Several variations are made to make the game more usable for the kids. In all variations, one thing is common in each and every round. We need to solve each obstacle by declaring the card number or name. 


 Different symbols are available for each card with different sizes from one to the next. Any 2 cards can be similar but not more than that. Each variation in this game brings a lot of interest through which kids can easily understand the given instructions regarding the game.Gaming skills can be improved.No hard efforts are required as it is the simplest game.Free to play forever.

2. Monster Truck

This game is designed for youngsters between 2-8 years. Simple controls are used to drive the monster truck. The major goal for children is to not flip the truck while driving till he/she touches the finish line. Racing mobility is the basic feature of this game. Mini-games are also included as a part of the game. The gameplay is quite simple and can be easily available for different paths or levels.


Varieties of trucks can be chosen.Only 42 levels are there.HD graphics.Background music tracks.Develop mechanical skills.Free of ads.

 3. Toca kitchen 2

This one is the newest app from Toca Boca(game studio). In this game, Toca kitchen is created as the main lead of the game. In this field, the activity is going to be performed. New tools are used to form creativity. New food combinations are there to test out. Sometimes these combinations can affect the whole game and make it gross. But in all, this is fun game to play. Make sure that you and your kids enjoy playing this game.


Creative methods are used to draw the children’s attention.New characters are created for further levels.Strong reactions of the characters.No advertisements.No rule book or instructions.No in-app purchases required.

4. Candyland

This classic game has become one of the most favorites for family members. Anybody can play this game independently. Difficulties may take place while playing this game due to a lack of skills. But keep playing this for a while and you will not find any difficulties in the future.


To make this game interesting different types of color cards can be seen in its set. This makes it more similar to a simple card game and can be easily understood. Different levels of skills can be increased as per the gaming point of view. It has different versions. Each version has its unique features and marks.Free to play forever.

5. Monument Valley

In this game, we will manipulate some impossible architecture and guide the princess. Here princess is the main lead who wants to escape from the dark world. The dark world includes mysterious monuments, uncovering hidden paths, optical illusions, and mysterious characters. The value of playing the game is incalculable. Each screen has a good work of art. Every chapter is defined. Chapters with adventurous phenomena are included. This will make the game more accurate and easy to play.


Every monument has a unique 3D effect.A new hand-crafted world is made to explore the world inside the game.You can easily handle this game.The sound effects are brilliant.You can synchronize your game using cloud factor.Optimization is done easily on both tablets and phones.

Final Verdict

These are the best Kids Games for Android. You can keep your kids engage with these mind-building and brain-simulation games. We would recommend trying each and every game and choose the best one for your kids.


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