The Intel Tiger Lake processor was revealed on September 2, 2020. The new chip comes in Core i3, i5, and i7 variants. Some of the best laptops of 2020 falls under this category. Similar to the Ice Lake, the Tiger Lake chips are also divided into two families. One is the Ultraportalble Laptops and other is the Thin and Light Laptop that does not require much performance. Talking about the i3 configuration, the Core i3-1125G4 has all the same featuresas of the i5 configuration. The only mere difference is that the i3 configuration does not have the Iris Xe graphics. We have a small list i3 11th Generation Tiger Lake Laptop. These laptops have all features and the newest technology. Follow the list to find the best i3 11th Generation Tiger Lake Laptops.

Best i3 11th Generation Tiger Lake Laptops

Acer Aspire 5 (A514-54 Model)

Best i3 11th Generation Tiger Lake Laptop Under $500


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Price and Availability

The Aspire 5 (late 2020) is available in most of the regions of the world. The i3 configuration with 8GB RAM nad 256 GB SSD is priced around 500 EUR for the 14” A514-54 model. For the 15 Inch variant, the price is around 600 EUR. 


The Aspire 5 is an affordable laptop built on Tiger Lake hardware. This laptop is a budget-friendly option among the highly competitive expansive laptops. The Aspire 5 is capable for daily use and even occasional gaming. This laptop is by far the best i3 11th generation Tiger Lake Laptop.


The Negatives

Asus EJ311TS

Best i3 11th Generation Tiger Lake Laptop under $700


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The Asus VivoBook Ultra is available at a price of $624.74. The laptop is perfect if you are on a budget. Consider to buy this laptop if you are looking for a i3 11th generation Tiger Lake laptop with all the decent specifications, good battery life. The Asus VivoBook Ultra can be relaible for daily usage. 

Things you need to know

  1. Stellar display. The AG display with 1080P resolution is best for daily tasks.
  2. Keyboard is full sized with separate num keys. Key travel is perfectly judged and is a boon for typing intensive tasks.
  3. Webcam is 720P capable and is superb for video calls.
  4. Comes with M.2 pcie ssd which is a beast.
  5. Although the 8GB ram is soldered to MB, there is yet another empty slot to add a module. Just buy DDR4 3200 mhz SDRAM and install.
  6. It has a expandable option to add a standard 2.5 inch hdd or ssd. User can buy and add if needed. Make sure to buy the interposer strip cable for laptop hdd as well as there is no cable inside the laptop.
  7. I bought the white colour variant and the finish is awesome.
  8. Build quality is typical ASUS. Light weight yet strong enough to last for a decade.
  9. 11th gen i3 processor is the best among i3 processors launched so for. It never struggles for daily tasks. It handles multi tasking like video editing along with Photoshop renders well. Also, read A Real Guide on Choosing The Best Laptop For School in 2021
  10. Keyboard is backlight and is a boon during night travels.
  11. Battery lasts for 4 hrs in real life continuous useage.
  12. The type C port is NOT PD supported and neither supports charging.
  13. The standard charger charges the laptop decently fast. Not the fastest.
  14. Finger print reader is accurate and fast.
  15. Touch pad in general is really accurate and intuitive to use. Gesture options work well too.
  16. Has only micro sd slot which is not good.
  17. It does NOT have an ethernet port. You will have to buy type C to ethernet converter
  18. Box packaging is awesome but doesn’t come with a pouch or carry backpack.
  19. Keyboard is not spill resistant. Be careful if you have children in home.
  20. Even with intensive tasks it doesn’t heat up at all. Well balanced thermals and i3 11th gen architecture. Also, read How to Build Your Own Gaming Laptop | Best Guide For Heavy Gaming Essentials – 2021

Dell Inspiron 5409

Best i3 11th Generation Tiger Lake Laptops Under $1000


Price and Review

The Dell Inspiron 5409 is available in the markets at the price of $834.35. This Laptop is best for work purposes. We recommend the Dell Inspiration 5409 because of its amazing features, build and quality. The best feature of this laptop is the amazing battery life and availability of all necessary ports and connectivity options.  


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