To help and remind the gamers to drink water or energy drinks of their choice, companies have introduced gaming mini-fridges that are smaller in size, lighter in weight, and, most importantly, take a smaller amount of space. Mini fridges are compact and can be moved anywhere with little effort. Keeping a mini-fridge in your eyesight or near a person will remind them to stay hydrated and prevent dehydration that can cause painful body issues like kidney failure, weakness, seizures, and more. You do not have to be a gamer to own a mini-fridge. Anyone can get a mini-fridge as, in the end, we are here to prevent dehydration. In this article, I have gathered some of the popular mini-fridges that you can get for your office or gaming room.

Best Gaming Mini Fridge In 2023

At A Glance Look At All The Gaming Mini Fridges:

Best Gaming Mini Fridge In 2023

If you have watched any streamer with cam, you might have noticed a small fridge here and there, and quite often, they head over and grab a drink for a small break. It is an interesting appliance, and each different variant in the market comes with its pair of advantages and disadvantages. If you are interested in getting a mini-fridge for yourself, you are at the right place. Without wasting any time, let us check out these awesome mini-fridges down below.

#1 – Xbox Series X “Mini Fridge”

Back in 2020, the official Twitter account of Xbox has shared a scale comparison of Xbox Series X and a refrigerator which instantly became a meme, and people started asking if there would be an Xbox Series X mini-fridge? Some even went ahead and made their versions of the fridge.

Design: Xbox Series X replica design Storage: 10L or 12 + 2 cans capacity Exterior dimensions: 18 x 9 x 9 inches Interior dimensions: 13.2 x 6.8 x 6.8 inches Temperatures: Up to 20°C (36°F) Shelves: 3 Color: Matte Black (exterior), Xbox green (interior) Adjustable temperature: No

Matte black exterior, green colored interior resembling the console. Solid build quality. Highly affordable. Can store up to 12 cans. LED lighting.

Temperatures are not low enough. Don’t have enough space in it.

After a series of voting competitions of the best brand by Twitter Marketing official account, people took Skittles and Xbox to the finale, and you might have guessed who won. Xbox won by 50.5 percent of votes, and Microsoft embraced the memes and developed a working Xbox Series X mini-fridge manufactured in partnership with Ukonic! People that initially ordered the mini-fridge on October 19th with get their Xbox Series X mini-fridge in December 2021. People that missed the pre-order date can still preorder from Toynk’s website. The product will be available on 31 Jan 2022. It looks like an Xbox Series X and can be easily confused with the gaming console. It features the classics matte-black finish tower that can store up to 12 cans of your favorite beverage. Two more cans are stored in the door; all you need is to have your snacks and PC ready for intensive gaming sessions. On the front, it comes with a USB port that can help charge a single device. For power, it comes with a DC power adapter. The 12 cans equate to 10L of capacity. Just like the Xbox Series X console, the Xbox logo features LED lighting to match the console. On the top, it comes with a green LED lighting.

#2 – Antarctic Star Gaming Mini Fridge

Designed for wine bottles specifically but is still viable for use as a fridge for storing your favorite beverage cans, the Antarctic Star gaming mini fridge is the next product in this list of gaming mini-fridges. It is one of the most popular and most sold mini-refrigerators that can be used for work and gaming. It is amazing to see multi-billion-dollar companies embracing community memes, and nothing is more exciting than a company embracing the memes and turning them into a reality. The Xbox Series X mini fridge is one of the “memes turned into reality” products. It is okay to call it a gaming fridge due to the aesthetics resembling the Xbox console. The fridge has an Xbox logo on the front that features LED lighting. The top also contains green LED lighting making the fridge closer to the console. Thanks to its price tag, it can be ordered by anyone and in 2022, when it will be available in more regions, make sure to keep the dates in mind before it runs out of stock.

Product dimensions: ‎17.52 x 18.31 x 19.61 inches Capacity: 1.6 cubic feet Temperature: 16.1°C (61°F) – 4.4°C (40°F) Color: Glossy black Item weight: 18.37 KG / 40.5 lbs. Model: SINAS46 Voltage: 120 Volts Adjustable temperature: Yes

Glass door. LED lighting. Adjustable thermostat. Frost free. Decent capacity.

Nothing special in particular.

It features a cubic, compact form factor built to store up to 24-26 soda cans. One of the best things about this fridge is it comes in different sizes, we have the 1.6 cubic feet version, and the biggest available size is 4.4 cubic feet. The total number of products highly depends on the size. Another nice thing about this product is it has a temperature regulator, used to change the temperature from 4.4°C (40°F) up to 16.1°C (61°F). The reinforced glass door features the air-tight seal ideal for sustaining lower temps and will chill any cans in a few minutes. The full specifications of the Antarctic Star gaming mini-fridge are given down below:

#3 – NewAir Gaming Fridge “Beers Of The World”

Moving on, we have the NewAir gaming fridge ideal for every beverage. It features a hefty capacity for storing averaged-sized cans. It is one of the best choices for gamers looking for a feature-packed refrigerator to cool their favorite drinks and not to mention a lot of cans or bottles. The Antarctic Star mini fridge is one of the most popular and most sold refrigerators for gamers and office workers alike. There are a lot of reasons which make this particular fridge popular: its capacity, aesthetics, adjustable thermostat, glass door, and glass seal. As long as the bottle size is not huge, you can store anything of your choice, be it wine, beer, soda cans, or simple water. The 16.1°C (61°F) – 4.4°C (40°F) temperature range allows the user to enjoy a chill beverage. Looks-wise, it is certainly pleasant to look at. The glossy black finish can fit with any room’s aesthetics, and dim LED lighting helps the user check what is left inside the fridge. Overall, it is an excellent product with decent capacity.

Product dimensions: ‎18.7 x 18.5 x 32.5 Inch Capacity: 3.4 cubic feet Temperature: Up to 2°C or 34°F Color: Glossy black Item weight: 28.5 KG / 63 lbs. Model: ‎AB-1200BC1 Voltage: 110 Volts Adjustable temperature: Yes

Low temperature. Glass door. Storage for up to 126 cans. Customizable 5 shelves. LED lighting.

One of the heaviest refrigerators. Manual defrost.

It comes with a stainless steel glass door and is 18.6 inches long, 18.5 inches wide, and 33.3 inches high. It has a 3.4 cubic feet capacity accommodating up to 126 standard-sized cans. This spacious capacity is cooled by the powerful compressor and easy-to-use thermostat that comes with up to seven configurations. The drinks can be turned into solid with the help of the temperature, which can drop to as low as 2°C or 34°F. It features five modular shelves that can be configured as per needs or for maximizing storage. Check out the specifications of this product down below:

#4 – COOLLIFE Mini Gaming Fridge

Meet the COOLLIFE mini fridge for gamers. Right of the bat, let us talk about its sleek design. It is shaped similarly to other mini-fridges and does not have any crazy, eye-catching design, but the features it comes with are too good to ignore. The NewAir gaming fridge is here for people looking to chill their favorite drinks with a decent fridge. This fridge features a 3.4 cubic feet capacity that can accommodate up to 126 cans and is for people that love to drink often and do not have to worry about stocking the fridge due to limited can capacity. When going with ample capacity as lodging up to 126 cans, this fridge is heavy. Secondly, for defrosting, you will have to clear the frosting the old-fashioned manual way. I believe the NewAir gaming fridge is an excellent product and can be used for gaming, office, or people living in smaller apartments.

Temperature control: Touch button control panel Display: LED screen for displaying temperature Product dimensions: ‎ 20.28 x 22.58 x 32.68 inches Capacity: 4.5 cubic feet Temperature: 4°C or 40°F – 16°C or 61°F Item weight: 29.6 KG / 65.4 lbs. Shelves: 6 Adjustable temperature: Yes

LED monitor for temperature display. Touch buttons for controlling temperature. The capacity of up to 145 average-sized cans. 6 adjustable / removable shelves.

With this huge capacity, the refrigerator might generate noise.

First, it has a glass door and removes / adjustable shelves that provide customization. The second big feature, which I believe is pretty neat, is the LED screen for displaying the temperature and can be adjusted between 40°F to 61°F. Instead of a traditional mechanical knob, the temperature can be changed by using the buttons beside the LED screen. It comes in three different capacities. The one that I have here has a capacity of 4.5 cubic feet that can accommodate up to 145 averaged sized cans. It is by far the biggest in terms of capacity on my list. It has subtle LED lighting, which shows the contents inside the fridge. The full specifications of this fridge are in the specifications tab:

#5 – Black+Decker Gaming Mini Fridge

Black+Decker compact mini fridge is the next gaming mini fridge on the list. Black+Decker is an American company that specializes in manufacturing power tools, hardware, and other electronic accessories. If you are looking for a moderately sized fridge that is easier to move and can chill food, drinks, and other stuff, the COOLLIFE mini fridge is a solid choice to choose from. It comes in different sizes from 1.6, 2.6, and 4.5-cubic feet from factor. The temperatures are pretty decent, ranging from 4°C / 40°F to 16°C / 61°F. The glass door is there for you to check when it will be the right time to stock up the fridge, and if you are a person that has to move often, this is the perfect electric appliance that you can invest your money in.

Product dimensions: 18.5 x 17.52 x 26.61 inches Capacity: 2.5 cubic feet Temperature: Up to 0°C or 32°F Color: Matte black / stainless steel / white Item weight: 21.0 KG / 46.3 lbs. Model: ‎ BCRK25B Shelves: 2x adjustable glass shelves Adjustable temperature: Yes

Premium, sturdy build quality.Adjustable glass shelves.Ice cube tray.Additional door space.Adjustable thermostat with different settings.Reversible door.

No glass door.

It is a compact fridge that can fit in most places and features 17. x 18.5 x 26.6 as dimensions. It has a 2.5 cubic feet capacity that can accommodate a decent number of cans. I was not able to find the exact number, but judging from the capacity of previously discussed models, you can expect it to contain 45 to 50 average-sized cans. The door provides additional storage and can accommodate five 12 oz. Cans, small cans, and a 2-liter bottle for making up for the lack of a glass door. The door is reversible. It has a mechanical knob on the top right side of the fridge, which is used for controlling the temperature. The lowest temperature it can maintain is 32°F, which means 0°C of temperature. The full specifications for this product are listed down below:

#6 – ADT Mini Gaming Fridge

Lastly, we have the killer mini gaming fridge by ADT. It is an absolute beast as it is presented as a freezer rather than a fridge. It features three shelves that are removable to accommodate big bottles as wine or champagne. Black+Decker has a decent reputation when it comes to the electrical equipment that the company manufacture. The Black+Decker gaming mini fridge adds to their already vast catalog of durable products. It can fit the environment and aesthetics of any room due to its compact, sleek design. However, the lack of a glass door is still a bummer. The lack of a glass door is complemented by the additional storage on the door. Overall, I believe, if delivered in perfect condition, you will be more than pleased with this fridge.

Product dimensions: ‎17.5 x 18.6 x 19.6 inches Capacity: 1.1 cubic feet Temperature: -22°C / -8°F to -10°C / 14°F Color: Matte black Item weight: 16.5 KG / 36.4 lbs. Voltage: 115 Volts Shelves: two removeable shelves Adjustable temperature: Yes

Outstanding cooling. Glass door. Super compact. Triple layered glass door. Adjustable temperature.

Temperatures might be too low for people looking for a mini fridge. Oddly placed temperature dial.

It is a fridge for people that are looking to quickly chill their beverages without waiting much and take full advantage of the -22°C / -8°F to -10°C / 14°F. It is ideal for storing anything. People that live in compartments or compact rooms are going to love this mini-fridge or, rather, a freezer. From the description or the multiple reviews, it looks like the glass door’s direction can be changed. Maybe I am wrong. Except for the reversible doors, it has everything that you are looking for in a compact fridge, looks, super low temperatures, and capacity.

Few Things To See Before Buying The Best Gaming Mini Fridge

It is important to consider a few things before finalizing a particular gaming mini-fridge, just like regular shopping. It is my job to guide you to buy a proper mini-fridge tailored as per your needs. The ADT mini freezer is a compact-shaped beast of a mini freezer, designed and built to store any item, whether it is frozen food, seafood, ice cream, ice cubes, soda cans, or beverage bottles. It has a super low-temperature range which will take no time to chill anything that is put inside. This product is excellent for cooling products in shorter periods and is ideal for gamers. The glass door is present, which shows contents inside the refrigerator. Excellent to keep track of the stock of your favorite food or drink. Its compact size can fit any room and anywhere, making it a worthy purchase if space is a big concern. You are free to do your research and look for your ideal mini-fridge. Below are some factors that you should consider before purchasing the mini-fridge.

Size, Storage Capacity, And Budget

Compact size for a mini-fridge is a must. What good a mini-fridge is if it gobbles up large amounts of space? Bigger sizes equate to increased weight, and a heavy mini-fridge is hard to move, which defeats the purpose of purchasing a mini-fridge. All of the suggestions that I have listed in this article take small space and are super easy to move around in the house or the office. First, check out the dimensions of the fridge that has caught your eye, and see if it is suitable for your needs. Storage capacity is by far the most important aspect of the mini-fridges and having a hefty amount of capacity is welcome. Some people like to drink often while some drink once in a while, so as per your needs, decide how many soda cans get consumed every day or in a couple of days. Lastly, budget is crucial as you do not want to spend a fortune just to chill a few cans. Not every expensive product is ideal. If you are not sure whether you should be getting a particular mini-fridge at its price, head over to the review section or check out its features to ensure that the product is worth your money.

Design, Color & Overall Look

Looks are important, especially if you are a gamer. You would invite someone to your room to show your gaming rig or just to hang out, and you do not want to ruin the aesthetics of your room by having a mini-fridge that goes against everything in your room, aesthetics-wise. If you have a room with everything white, naturally, a black-colored fridge would easily ruin the entire concept of your room. Most of these fridges come with a glossy or matte black finish. Some of them are might available in different colors. Lastly, it should look pleasant to look at. From what I can tell, I have yet to encounter a refrigerator that has a poor or bad design that would make me go, “Nah, let’s skip this one.” You should browse for different options to get an idea of what type of designs these fridges come into. There are some limited-edition designs that I came across while gathering for information, you might want to browse different options, and you might find a decent-looking fridge in stock.

Is It Worth It To Buy A Mini Gaming Fridge For Your Gaming Room?

It is easy to immerse yourself into a game and lose hours without realizing so. During gaming sessions, scientist recommends taking a break and doing some light exercise, and drinking some liquids (water is highly recommended) to stay hydrated. A person can lose track of time during gaming and might not drink enough water that can cause dehydration which is one of the worst sicknesses that no one would want to experience. In these cases, a mini-fridge is excellent as you can place it in your sights, and whenever you look around, it will remind you to drink something. This electronic equipment is not super expensive and can affect your budget. However, if you are on a tight budget, then you can save up money and look for discounts or sales to get yourself a gaming mini-fridge like the Xbox Series X mini-fridge. If you are not an avid liquid drinker, I at least highly recommend getting a mini-fridge for water or the cans of your favorite beverage. For gamers, it is extremely important to stay hydrated, and getting a mini-fridge is a decent idea as they can have a little break during gaming. You do not have to be a gamer to justify purchasing a mini-fridge. It can be used for anything, from storing frozen foods to even cosmetics. If you have the budget and have space issues, the mini-fridge will be the perfect appliance for your needs.

Question 1: Can we play games on Xbox mini-fridge?

No, the Xbox mini-fridge is only for storing beverages and water. It is not a console and cannot be used for playing games. The design and lighting can easily confuse a person into thinking that the fridge is a console.

Question 2: Is Xbox mini fridge a console?

No, the Xbox Series X mini fridge is not a console but a mini-fridge. It started as a viral meme, Microsoft surprised the general public by releasing a life-size Xbox Series X fridge and did not stop there, and a few months after, the company released the Xbox mini-fridge at an affordable price.

Question 3: What is the cost of the Xbox fridge?

Microsoft launched their Xbox Series X replica mini-fridge for 99 USD, and for their European customers, the price was set to 89 pounds. The company also promised to expand region availability in 2022.

Question 4: Can you buy Gfuel mini-fridge?

The official Twitter account of G Fuel, the Gfuel mini-fridge, is not purchasable, but you can earn it by entering GFuel contests and giveaways. Lucky winners will be eligible for receiving the mini-fridge.

Question 5: Why is Xbox making a mini fridge?

Long story short, the Xbox Twitter account shared a comparison of Xbox Series X and a fridge, and people started making memes and made the console into a fridge. Xbox promised to make the Xbox mini-fridges a reality if they won the vote competition against skittle in Twitter’s “battle of the brands” championship, and Xbox won.

Question 6: Which one is the best gaming mini fridge?

This question’s answer is purely subjective and will vary from person to person. For me, the Xbox Series X mini fridge looks cool, but there are better options like the Antarctic Star Gaming mini fridge or the NewAir mini-fridge. If you are looking for rapid chilling, you can also have a look at the ADT mini freezer. Overall, the best gaming mini fridge on your requirements: capacity, budget, and looks.

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