If you are drawn in by any in-app purchases, make sure to buy Google Play Gift Card to make spending easier in-game! Alright, enough on that front, we’re getting these marvelous games for free anyway, so let’s go!

HELI 100

A simple arcade blaster-like game, where players take control of a helicopter and proceed to gun down aliens coming in to invade the planet. Somehow, you are humanity’s last hope. There are a total of 100 missions for players to get through. The first 10 are a sort of tutorial while the end levels are brutal with hordes of nonstop aliens. The mechanics are simple, players control the helicopter with two thumbs as it weaves through the chaos. The helicopter automatically shoots bullets and players have to avoid getting shot. There are pickups that appear and unleash severe damage to their surroundings when shot, that players could use to their advantage. It’s not every day you get to steer a helicopter and shoot down aliens, so why not try it out?

Genshin Impact

Hailed as one of the best mobile games of 2020, Genshin Impact has made its impact in the gaming world right from the beginning. An action RPG with gacha mechanics, switchable characters, interesting events, and storyline as well as magical powers. No wonder this game is a hit! The game takes place in the fantasy world of Teyvat, home of seven distinct nations that specialize in specific elements. Players embody a character known as the Traveler as they search for their twin which was separated from them by an unknown god.  Genshin Impact has consistently gotten updates every six weeks which brings in new characters, improvements, and events which keep the game interesting.

Total Party Kill

In a rather sadistic turn of events, this game makes you ‘sacrifice’ (aka kill) your companions in order for one of you to make it out alive. Guess the name does make sense now huh? There are three characters in the game, all with their own skillsets. The player’s job is to figure out in what order do the characters need to be killed in order for one to make it out of the dungeon. The knight can kill enemies with his sword and throw them across the screen towards unreachable switches or toggles, the mage could freeze characters into blocks of ice whilst the ranger could fire arrows that impale characters onto the walls to climb on. A lot of dark humor is incorporated into the game and a lot of brainpower is needed to figure out how to successfully escape.  It’s honestly the one game that encourages backstabbing, don’t try it in real life!

Super Fowlst 2

A chicken is on a mission to defeat evil, what’s your excuse? This is the second installment of the original Super Fowlst where players take control of a large chicken in its attempt to squish out evil. Players need only tap left or right as the huge bird throws itself in that direction and smack demons dead. All while trying to avoid any projectiles flying through the air. No weapons, but a big behind is needed. As players go on to defeat bosses with hidden agendas, they will also gather gold to buy upgrades that would help in their mission. There are now more treasures to hunt, and mechs to drive. This second installment included a body slam feature where bad guys could be flattened onto the ground as your big chicken slams into them.  With simple two-thumb control features and an arcade-y feel to it, Super Fowlst 2 is a must-play free game! 

Drop Wizard Tower

A throwback to the era of single-screen arcade platform games, Drop Wizard Tower is similar to gems like the Bubble Bobble franchise. Players will play as a wizard that runs around knocking out a variety of enemies, defeating bosses while collecting gems and fruits that could help them along the way. The main goal is to clear the tower by defeating the final boss so your kingdom will be at peace again. One key difference is that this game uses autorun, so your wizard never stops running. The only thing players can do is control the direction of the wizard, and his jumps. In terms of shooting with his wand, that can only happen as he lands on a platform. All of this may seem frustrating at first, but as you go through the game, you’ll find that it works well!  With the inclusion of different environments and tense boss fights as well as hidden secrets, this game has something for us all.

Golf Blitz

Golf Blitz is like none of the other golf games you’ve ever played before. To be honest, it’s hard to even call it a game of golf as it steers completely away from the traditional game. Players will race against each other to make sure their balls reach the hole first – through any means possible. We mean it; there are grenades and power-ups to be used to blow up your opponent’s ball or to move yours forward. If that’s not frantic enough, the holes are located in weird golf courses dug underground or suspended in the air. Some of the walls are sticky, there are puddles of acid scattered about, and even wooden traps that could make or break your goal. Safe to say, nothing here is your normal golf experience.  It is a guaranteed fun time with friends and can hold up to three people at a time.

To Sum Up

Who says free games can’t be a load of fun? These games definitely laid that statement to rest! If there are any other free-to-play games that you think belong on this list, don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below. We love to hear from you!


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