With the right attachments and the gun being in the right hands, it can obliterate enemies in an instant and can get you the crown in Warzone. The gun was introduced in Black Ops III and was available in Black Ops 4 in the pre-alpha phase but did not make it to any Call of Duty until the release of Black Ops Cold War. Searching for the best FFAR loadout Warzone will bring you a lot of results but in the end, selecting the best FFAR loadout highly depends on a person’s personal preference. You may think the gun got nerfed in less than a month and will make the gun not viable in your matches now. It is true that the gun got nerfed but getting into season 3 & 4, the AR is still strong in close-ranged combats. Due to the decent flexibility of the weapon, it can be used for medium to sometimes long-range combat. Limiting the gun to a single loadout will be an injustice to the rifle. Due to its nature of an assault rifle + SMG combination, a clever combination of attachments can bring out the maximum potential of the gun.

The FFAR 1 AR In Warzone: What Makes It Unique?

The FFAR 1 is a bullpup assault rifle that was first featured in Black Ops III and Black Ops 4 pre-alpha phase. The gun was released in Black Ops Cold Wars and made its way into Warzone. It received a nerf to its magazine size and currently has a magazine of 38 bullets. The magazine can extend to 50 after using the extended mag perk in Warzone. It packs decent damage, and with the right perks and attachments, FFAR can kill your opponents with a single magazine. There are many decent guns in the game, but they all lack some features for maintaining balance in the game. FFAR 1, on the other hand, almost comes closest to the perfect assault rifle that getting it in Warzone should be a priority. It is hard to argue about the feature that makes FFAR 1 so unique, with a lot of excellent features under its belt. The gun’s flexibility that allows it to be used for short/mid to long-range makes it unique. You will find damage and little recoil in other guns, but no weapon has the same flexibility as FFAR 1 with the right attachments. The other prominent feature that contrasts well with the flexibility of the gun is its ability to deal damage in shorter amounts of time, compared to other assault rifles and even SMGs. That is enough introduction of the gun and jump into the article to discuss the best possible loadouts for FFAR in Warzone for different ranged combats. With the right attachment combinations, the AR is still a beast, even after getting a few tweaks here and there.

Best FFAR 1 Warzone Loadout/Class (New Update)

In the recently released patch, Raven software has tweaked the gun a little. And now, that with these nerfs in mind, the focus will be using attachments that will not have a noticeable impact on ADS speed (Aim Down Sight). If you are following any articles from the web, chances are they might be outdated and are not updated after the recent patches. You might end up using not the ideal loadout for FFAR 1 in Warzone. I will be discussing two classes that you can use for different ranges. One is for short and mid-range combat, while the other is for long-ranged battles. Below are the base statistics of the gun that you can use and compare with other assault rifles in Warzone to get the idea of why it is one of the best assault rifles in the game.

Damage: 27 Fire Rate: 909 RPM (Rounds per minute) Effective Damage Range: 38.1m ADS Time: 300ms Magazine Capacity: 25 rounds Bullet Velocity: 625 m/s Time To Kill (Without Armor): ~2 seconds Time To Kill (With Max Armor): ~5 seconds

Best FFAR 1 Warzone loadout for long range combat. You will not find weapons that you can use for longer-ranged combat that can shot lots of bullets in smaller periods. Sniper rifles are your only choice for long-range combat, with a few exceptions. One disadvantage of using FFAR 1 for longer ranges is the recoil will not be pleasant. It makes sense since FFAR 1 is an assault rifle built for closer to medium combat ranges. That being said, FFAR 1 can be used as a long-ranged weapon with the right attachments. Here is the best FFAR 1 loadout that you can use in Warzone for long-ranged combat: Muzzle: There are six different muzzles that you can select during loadout edit. Most people are going to use the Agency Suppressor for getting the best results. Below are the details of the muzzles with their pros and cons:

Muzzle Brake 5.56 Flash guard 5.56 Suppressor Infantry Compensator SOCOM Eliminator Agency Suppressor

Before the nerfs, almost every person would use Agency Suppressor due to its pros and cons. After the aim down sight, speed nerfs, using the Agency Suppressor would decrease the ADS speed furthermore. For this sole reason, you can either use the basic Suppressor or the Agency Suppressor. Our focus is getting the maximum bullet distance and less recoil as possible for longer-range combat. Agency Suppressor is by far looks like the best muzzle attachment. Barrel: There are a total of 6 available attachments for each category except for Optic. Following is the list of barrels that you can get for FFAR 1. Make sure your weapon level is at least 48 so that you have these attachments unlocked.

17.9” Ultralight 18.7” Cavalry Lancer 19.5 Reinforced Heavy 21.2” Ranger 20.3” Takedown 19.5” Task Force

To make FFAR 1 convert into a viable long-ranged weapon. The best barrel that we can use is the “21.2” Ranger“. The barrel increases the bullet velocity by 100%, which increases the gun’s range by a noticeable amount. The other decent barrel to use with the FFAR 1 is the “20.3” Takedown“. We can use it in small to medium ranged combats. Right now, our focus is to create the best possible loadout for FFAR 1 for longer ranges. 19.5” Task Force also increases the range for almost the same but increases the recoil, which we want to decrease for longer-ranged combat. In short, to increase the range, and the bullet velocity the “19.5” Reinforced Heavy” and the “21.2” Ranger” is the best choice. Laser: The Laser attachment will be a waste of a slot, as we can only use five attachments max with our FFAR 1, and using the laser will take one slot. The cons of using laser are that it increases hipfire spread with a few lasers but, it also comes with cons. Instead of a laser, you can use a long-ranged optic attachment. Optic: Following are the optics available for FFAR 1 in Warzone:

Millstop Reflex Visiontech 2x Kobra Red Dot Quickdot LED Axial Arms 3x Sillix Holoscout Microflex LED Hawksmoor Royal & Kross 4x SUSAT Multizoom Diamondback Reflex AN/PVS-4 Thermal

Out of the list of available optics for the FFAR 1, Axial Arms 3x and Royal & Kross 4x has by far the maximum range that can be used to make the weapon a viable long-ranged weapon. Stock: Like with lasers, stocks do not provide many advantages in the longer range. Using a stock attachment with your weapon is wasting a slot on the gun when you can use other attachments to further enhance the weapon’s efficiency in long-range combat. Feel free to check the stocks if you are interested. Using only stocks improves aim down sight walking speed. Aim down sight speed is of our least concern in a long-range fight. Underbarrel: If you have trouble controlling the recoil in the game with weapons, the Underbarrel attachment will help you in reducing recoil to some extent. The gun has excellent shooting speed with decent damage. Recoil is one of the few problems that make the gun hard to play, especially in long-range shooting. Following are the available underbarrel attachments that you can use:

Foregrip Infiltrator Grip Patrol Grip Bruiser Grip Field Agent Grip SFOD Speedgrip

The main highlights for using the underbarrel attachments are recoil control and movement speed during aiming. The latter one is not that important. After analyzing and comparing each of these underbarrel attachments carefully, the best choice is “Field Agent Grip” undoubtedly. Ammunitions: The FFAR 1 is one of the high shooting guns available in the game that blows ammunition in a couple of seconds, making reload speed and large magazine size into the play. If you will have a smaller magazine size, you might be able to kill a person or two, but it will be hard to survive in heated shootout zones in Warzone. Below are the magazine choices for the gun that you can select depending if you are modifying your weapon for longer range or shorter to middle range shooting:

38 Rnd Jungle-Style Mag 38 Rnd Speed Mag STANAG 50 Rnd SAS Mag Clamp Salvo 50 Rnd Fast Mag

The “Salvo 50 Rnd Fast Mag” is by far the best choice for the weapon as not only it has the highest amount of magazine ammo capacity increase, but it provides other pros as well that can be in handy when you jump into Warzone, like reload speed, max starting ammo, etc. Rear Grip: At this point, all of your attachment slots will be full, and you do not need to concern yourself with rear grip loss. The two main focus of this attachment is the flinch resistance and aim down sight time. That covers our guide for the best FFAR loadout for Warzone. Best FFAR 1 Warzone Loadout For Close Or Mid Range Combat: The article will be incomplete without discussing our loadout for close range to middle range shooting for Warzone. Now that we have discussed our best long-ranged loadout for FFAR 1 AR in Warzone. Ideally, the gun performs best at closer to middle range combat. Muzzle: Out of the six muzzle attachments, the “Agency Suppressor” provides the best pros that you can utilize in short and middle-range combat. In short or mid-range shooting, our main priority is high damage while moving swiftly with decent aim down sight speed with as little recoil as possible. Barrel: There is a couple of options when you are selecting a barrel for your weapon. Out of the six mentioned barrels, the “19.5” Reinforced Heavy” or the “21.2” Ranger” are the two best options you can go with. Stock: I recommended skipping the stock attachment for longer-range gunfights; however, for shorter and middle ranged fights, you do not want to miss the stock attachments. Below is the list of stock attachments that you can use:

Tactical Stock Marathon Stock Duster Pad CQB Pad SAS Combat Stock Raider Stock

The main highlights of using the stock attachment are to increase mobility and agility while aim down sight or hip fire. Out of all stocks that you can use with your gun, the “Raider Stock” or the “SAS Combat Stock” are your best options from which you can select. My recommendation is using the “Raider Stock” as it has the most pros by far with a single con. Underbarrel: For underbarrel, there are not many options through which you can choose from. The “Field Agent Grip” and the “Bruiser Grip” are by far the most attractive underbarrel attachments that you can use for close to mid-ranged gunfights. Ammunitions: Like for longer-ranged combat, using the “Salvo 50 Rnd Fast Mag” is by far the best choice for long, short, and medium-ranged shooting. The gun ammo burns quickly, so having a larger magazine capacity is a must. Rear Grip: Some people also swap one slot with a rear grip. Feel free to experiment with a rear grip by attaching each attachment one by one and reading the pros and cons. If they are worth using, swap it with the least impactful attachment.

Best FFAR 1 Setup (Perks & Equipment)

Now that we have made the best possible loadout, but before you jump into the matches, there is one option/part that remains for discussion. The one part/option is perks and equipment as they are the other part of the best loadout for FFAR 1. There are three perk slots that you can use from a total of 18 unique perks. These perks provide different bonuses when equipped, and all 18 of them provide different kinds of bonuses like unable to be detected by optics or AI targeting system. Some of the perks are for weapons, while the majority of them are related to the player and his surroundings. Below are all of the perks from which you can choose in Warzone: Perk – 1 • Double TimeIncreases the duration of Tactical Sprint and also increases crouch move speed by 30%. • E.O.DThis perk reduces the damage taken from explosives and fire • ScavengerWith this perk, you can take some ammunition from eliminated players’ body. • Cold-BloodedIt prevents and lowers the chances of you getting detected by AI targeting system and thermal optics. • Kill ChainWhile this perk is active, your chances to find killstreaks in supply boxes increases to a noticeable amount. • Quick FixThis perk helps in HP regeneration as you kill other players. The HP regeneration is also triggered as you capture or hold objectives in Warzone. Best perk – 1? Mobility is the key to ruin your enemy aim; which perk can increase your mobility to the max? The pick is obvious “Double Time” or the “E.O.D” is by far the most picked and loved perks by players in Warzone. The other pick that you can choose is the “Cold-Blooded”. I use Cold-Blooded the most, and this perk makes flanking a piece of cake and fun. You can select any perk from the list which can enhance your gameplay. Perk – 2 • RestockRecharges equipment (like throwing knives, decoy grenades) over 50 seconds. • HardlineDecreases the kiosk prices for killstreaks, field upgrades, and armor plates. Reduces specialist perk by 1. • OverkillMakes the player carry two primary weapons. Secondary weapons cannot be picked after using this perk. • High AlertMakes the vision pulse when enemies outside of the player’s vision see the player. • GhostThis perk makes the player undetectable by the U.A.Vs, radar drones, and heartbeat sensors. • PointmanAll members of the party gain more money after completing missions. Best perk – 2? There are two contenders, each of them provides excellent bonuses during the match. While “Overkill” provides the player with two primary weapons on the go, this perk is not as useful in Warzone as you can always carry two primary weapons when you are looting. The perk which I recommend using is undoubtedly is “Ghost”. This perk not only works the best in the late game but offers exceptional value in early to mid-game as well. It is probably one of the best perks in the game. Perk – 3 • Tune UpThis perk increases the field upgrades charge rate by 40%. • AmpedThis increases the weapon swapping speed by a moderate amount while also increasing rocket launcher reload speed. • SharpnelThe player spawn with an extra piece of lethal equipment like grenades. Enemies affected by explosive damage regenerates health at a lower rate for 3 seconds. • Battle HardenedThis perk reduces the strength of enemy flash stun, stun grenades, EMP, and from gas effects. The player also gains immunity to snapshot grenades. • SpotterIt makes enemy equipment to be in vision through walls; you can aim to the equipment to highlight it for your allies for a few minutes. The player can also hack into enemy claymores, C4, and trophy systems. • TrackerThis makes the tracking of enemies by making their footprints visible. Best Perk – 3? The best perk that you can select in the perk – 3 section is “Amped”. The other decent perk that you can choose instead of Amped is “Battle Hardened”. This perk has a huge impact in the late game. Where you will have the quick swapping speed, or you are more immune to grenades of different types, which a lot of uses in the final phases of the Warzone match. For equipment, I recommend using the “Heartbeat Sensor”, other than that there is not much to talk about as it depends on what equipment that you want to start with. Grenades are a must; the second piece of equipment could be a flash grenade or a stun grenade. If you plan for a much later game, these will help you when caught in a bind. Similarly, you can also use c4 or claymore to catch your opponents off-guard. The loadout does not rely much on lethal equipments that much. You can get whatever you like in the end.

How To Unlock The FFAR In Warzone

If you have been playing Warzone for a while, and your level is quite high, then getting the FFAR 1 is like a walk in a park. Just go to weapon loadout, and in the Assault Rifle section, find and equip the gun. That is all you have to do. If you have recently started Call of Duty: Warzone, you might have to wait and play a few matches before you will be able to unlock the FFAR 1. The unlock requirement of the FFAR 1 AR is level 40. You will either have to increase your rank in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War to level 40 or in Warzone, both will unlock the weapon in your inventory. If you are below level 40, it is time to grind. If you have XP tokens, it is the best time to utilize them. There another issue even after unlocking the gun, you will have to play further to increase the levels of the gun as well then you will be able to use all of the attachments in the listed article. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to getting the gun and the attachments on the go.

Best Alternatives For FFAR 1

After dominating the game for quite some time now, despite being nerfed, FFAR 1 is still a solid top-tier choice for every person playing Warzone. Few guns can come close to the popular AR in terms of damage and flexibility. Finding the exact alternative for FFAR 1 might be just as difficult as adjusting to the meta quickly. Although, with the help of a few tweaks, there are a few guns that make it to the list of best alternatives for FFAR 1. Here are some of my favorite guns, which I believe do not get the same love as FFAR but are pretty solid: RAM-7 Ram-7 is an assault rifle featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It is one of the most underrated guns with decent accuracy, range, and fast-firing gun. The gun is bought to full potential with the right attachments and perks. This gun is ideal for medium for long-range shooting. Due to the gun having a high bullet firing rate and faster time to kill rate, making it one of the best alternatives to the FFAR 1 AR. KAR98K The best weapons, hands down, for sniping is none other than the Kar98k. It is considered to be one of the best marksman rifles, probably the best sniper rifle in the game. Combined with a big scope and the right attachments, the Kar98k is as deadly as you can imagine. AK-47 (Cold War) AK-47 is a gun that you might see in most shooting games with a few exceptions, and not many times you will see an AK with weak statistics. The AR is highly deadly in close to medium ranged combat but has a downside, which is its recoil. But with the right combination of perks, barrels, underbarrels, this gun is a killing machine with excellent damage. The recent tweak to its recoil pattern has put AK back to the meta. M4A1 One of the best assault rifles in the game. The gun was the favorite choice of people after Warzone was released, and even after four seasons, M4A1 still packs a punch combined with the right attachments and perks. The gun has excellent stability and less recoil than the guns from the same group, making it a decent choice weapon. When combined with a silencer, this gun can cause havoc without getting detected. MAC-10 If you are not a big fan of SMGs, you will not like the Mac-10. Its super-fast firing speed makes it an extremely deadly weapon in shot range combats. The downside is its stability; due to the nature of the gun, it is not as stable as other guns, but with a few attachments, this issue can be reduced M16 You might not have seen M16 for some time now, but the gun is fantastic after the recent patches that nerfed the OP guns, giving space for other guns to shine. M16 is easily one of the guns that can down a fully armored enemy in a couple of bursts. This gun is not suitable for close-ranged combats. If you plan to use this gun to carry you to victory, make sure to maintain your distance from enemies of ensuring your back to your allies. CR-56 AMAX This gun destroyed everyone in Warzone season 2. With the release of seasons 3 & 4, the weapon did see a couple of nerfs, but it is still one of the best weapons that you can use to lay waste to your enemies. The gun is best for close to mid-range battles but struggles with long-range shooting. With the help of the right attachments, AMAX is viable for even longer ranged shots. KILO 141 Kilo is another amazing assault rifle providing medium to long ranged advantage in battle. It is one of the few rifles that have decent flexibility that you can use to your advantage. It is dubbed as “the best allrounder” by many Warzone players, as it is one of the most stable guns with almost no recoil when combined with the right attachments.

Is FFAR Still Good In Warzone After The New Update?

FFAR 1 is by far the most loved assault rifle in Warzone, and this statement still holds even after Warzone seasons 3 & 4. The gun got a few adjustments here and there, and its aim down sight speed was decreased in the recent patch. With a few changes to the attachments as well, it is not the same FFAR as you would have seen after the release of Black Ops Cold War. That still did not make the weapon bad at all. It still holds the crown as probably the best AR you can get in Warzone. The base gun is not as effective as it with the right attachments. The gun suffers mostly from the recoil, which can be reduced by using an underbarrel, barrels, and stock; it is still as deadly. To use the weapon to its full potential, make sure to play a lot of Warzone or multiplayer to increase the level of the gun. Getting a higher level on the FFAR will unlock all of the attachments for the weapon. Despite getting nerfed, the gun was still one of the best that people dominated the servers of Warzone. After the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, FFAR 1 got its self into Warzone, and it quickly took the crown as the best gun from AMAX. The gun was popular due to its ability to deal huge amounts of damage and firing capabilities similar to an SMG instead of an AR. Using this guide, you can also dominate the Warzone servers as the gun is still one of the best in the game, after getting tweaked back-to-back.

#1 – Is the FFAR the best gun in Warzone?

Combined with the right weapon attachments like the “Agent Suppressor”, “Field Agent Grip” and the “Salvo 50 Rnd Fast Mag” attachments, this gun is bonkers. It deals a lot of damage in a couple of seconds, capable of downing and eliminating armored enemies in less than 5 seconds.

#2 – What gun goes with FFAR?

It is hard to say which gun can compete with FFAR toe-to-toe but in my mind, that comes closest to FFAR 1 is CR-56 AMAX AR. The weapon was a fan favorite before it received a few tweaks in recent patches. Due to its high fire rate, decent accuracy, and high damage output, the gun can be titled “the best Warzone gun”.

#3 – What is the FFAR 1 in real life?

Also known as FAMAS, the FFAR 1 is based on a real-life gun used by the military. The gun is based on the FAMAS, designed and manufactured by MAS France in 1978. It was replaced by HK416F in the French Army in 2017.

#4 – Is the FFAR good in zombies?

Yes, the FFAR is a decent weapon for short and long-range shooting. In Call of Duty Zombies, you will not have to worry about long distances; the FFAR will prove its ground due to its high fire rate and its ability to deal damage in a few seconds.

#5 – Is Grau good for Warzone?

Grau is a decent weapon to use in the Call of Duty Warzone due to its ability to deal high damage in long distances. The gun is incredibly stable and offers better recoil than other high damage dealing guns. With the best attachment, Grau can stand out from other rifles.

#6 – How much damage does the FFAR 1 do?

The FFAR 1 is capable of dealing 27-23 damage per bullet. It has a firing rate of 909 RPM (rounds per minute), which is capable of killing an enemy in less than 2 seconds (without armor). It can kill a fully armored enemy in less than 5 seconds. Making it one of the best guns in Warzone, despite getting a few nerfs back to back.

Best FFAR 1 Loadout Warzone  Attachments   Perks - 56Best FFAR 1 Loadout Warzone  Attachments   Perks - 59Best FFAR 1 Loadout Warzone  Attachments   Perks - 50Best FFAR 1 Loadout Warzone  Attachments   Perks - 28Best FFAR 1 Loadout Warzone  Attachments   Perks - 42Best FFAR 1 Loadout Warzone  Attachments   Perks - 28Best FFAR 1 Loadout Warzone  Attachments   Perks - 38Best FFAR 1 Loadout Warzone  Attachments   Perks - 65Best FFAR 1 Loadout Warzone  Attachments   Perks - 40Best FFAR 1 Loadout Warzone  Attachments   Perks - 85Best FFAR 1 Loadout Warzone  Attachments   Perks - 15Best FFAR 1 Loadout Warzone  Attachments   Perks - 30Best FFAR 1 Loadout Warzone  Attachments   Perks - 95Best FFAR 1 Loadout Warzone  Attachments   Perks - 36Best FFAR 1 Loadout Warzone  Attachments   Perks - 35Best FFAR 1 Loadout Warzone  Attachments   Perks - 75Best FFAR 1 Loadout Warzone  Attachments   Perks - 87