Discord is a handy and intuitive app that has gained popularity in no time just because of its demand at the right time and the customizability features it offers. One good thing that it allows is setting up your own server, and trust us, it is the highly customizable server you can ever get. Now let’s talk about the real spotlight of the show, the bots! You can add bots to your server to enhance the functionalities of your server. These functionalities include better manageability of the server, as well as fun add-on features to engage the members.

Best Discord Bots To Power Up Your Server

There are a ton of bots available on Discord that you can add to your server, but kid you not, they all have their own benefits. We have jotted down the top 18 Discord bots that are a mix of bots that can Power Up your Server as well as some cool Discord bots as well: Quick Intel: There are 250+ million registered Discord users in the world.

#1- Mee6

Discord users have a unanimous vote over the leading bot on the platform: Mee6, and we couldn’t agree more. This best discord bot offers several different features to help you be productive, automate administrative tasks, and handle users in your groups. Doesn’t it sound amazing? Here’s a list of some of the best features of Mee6:

Custom Commands: Who doesn’t love to automate every small thing? Commands exist for that reason. Why go through the trouble of doing something again and again when you can do it with a click? The Mee6 dashboard is home to your dreams. You can make custom commands to do anything from setting up roles, sending messages, or anything you’ve ever wanted. Rewards and Leveling: If there’s one thing we (you can’t be one and still love this feature) gamers love, it’s the sense of owning something. A level, a reward, a tag, or just something which marks us superior. Well, well, this bot does that all. It allows you to rank up and gain XP (or experience) on the channel. Users get a rank card for being active in the community. Admins can see their ranking as well.

You can also assign them roles, access privileges, or other information based on their ranking in the community. Who doesn’t love showing off badges for the top of the leaderboard?

Clear-cut Moderation: The moderation system of Mee6 is perhaps the best one out there. You can avoid spam, ads, or unhealthy people for the community within seconds. Manually dealing with people is hectic yet again. Instead, set up rules to identify such people who are violating group rules and kick them out or set up penalties; the ball’s in your court (or Mee6’s if you set up automation!). Social Media Alerts: Stop missing your favorite streamer from now on, as Mee6 allows you to set up alerts for your favorite channels. Be it on Twitch, YouTube, or perhaps a subreddit on Reddit, and you can stay up to date. Messages: Users keep on joining the group. Are you tired of welcoming them personally? Let the bot handle it for you. With a simple message feature, you can send personalized messages, and remind people of the rules, tips, and other information regularly. Auto-Role: Not just messages, you can set up roles almost instantly for newly joining members. If there’s one thing Discord users love, its this feature.

#2- GAwesome Bot

Yet another multipurpose bot, that just slipped a little margin on being the number one. This bot is famous for its high customizability and powerfulness. What makes it so accessible? GAwesome is a bot that moderates the chat, along with providing amazing features to increase user activity on the server. It has some unique features as well, listed as follows:

It allows you to kick, ban or award members It can be used to conduct giveaways, memes or polls Reliable extension system that can show results from YouTube, Google, and even Reddit

#3- Pokécord Bot

We have all loved Pokemon in our childhood, but to be very honest, we are still attracted to Pikachu because of its cuteness. If that is the case with you, you’ll also love this bot. Pokécord bot offers you to catch, train or fight while you can enjoy talking to your mates on Discord. You are wondering what actually happens? The Pokemon appears randomly on your server, and you just have to catch them, train them, compete with them, or trade them! All this is possible with an installation away.

Catch your Pokemon as fast as possible, then your friends and add it to your collection Train them and level up them to battle with your friends. The fights will make you gain XP, and then you can use your credits to use in the shop When it comes to catching Pokemon, there are no limits. Catch them as many as you can to make your collection!

How to fix it guides related to Discord:

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#4- Dynobot

Dynobot, is one of the most popular bots on Discord for a feature. It is people’s first choice when adding a bot to the server. It has gained popularity in no time due to its intuitive and simple web dashboard. The dashboard allows you to control many features that include auto-moderation, anti-spam moderation, music commands, role management, and many other endless features to count on tips. Here is a precise list of some essential features of Dynobot:

Web Dashboard: Who doesn’t want configurations according to preferences in this century? Well, the makers of Dynobot have taken your needs into consideration. It comes with a fully configurable (enable, disable, or set anything) and a feature-rich dashboard to help you control everything. Moderation: Yet another configurable feature of this bot is auto-moderation through time mutes, bans, and muted logs. Further, it also offers an anti-spam solution. Music Bot: What more to ask for? Music! Yes, this discord bot got music covered for you as well. It contains numerous playlists, DJ roles, and much more.

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#5- Nightbot

If you want to entertain your viewers for quite some time, get the Nightbot. It is basically a chatbot with amazing features and moderation that automates your live stream’s chat for YouTube and Twitch. The NightBot comes with tons of commands and auto-moderation tools that include the following:

Blacklist/Blocklist for inappropriate words and phrases Avoid spamming of excessive use of emotes, symbols, copypasta, or capital letters.

#6- dabBot

Yet another music bot that can add value to your server. dabBot provides high-quality music from various sources. These sources include YouTube, Discord. Fm, SoundCloud, and UK Radio Stations.

#7- Tatsumaki

One of the most used and powerful bots in Discord’s bot history, Tatsumaki, has made its way to servers in no time. Well, this isn’t any surprise because of the piles of features that it offers. The key features of the Tatsumaki Bot include:

Setting up welcome messages Commands for moderation Updating notifications Incentive system that allows users to indulge in games and activities to earn XPs and levels, to keep the server active

The Tatsumaki Bot is not only limited to Discord but this can also be used in various other ways, as well. You can change the bot’s settings from the dedicated dashboard, as well. Furthermore, it allows you to surf/search the web and keep you up to date from RSS feeds and many more!

#8- TriviaBot

As Discord is well known for the voice chats and discussions about the game, adding this Trivia Bot can add a little more entertainment. This Trivia Bot offers a multiplayer trivia game with over 3000 questions and 24 categories to choose from. These categories include television, film, sports, science, and nature. As it is obvious from the above description, this is a very simplistic bot with only three commands, which are as follows:

“Trivia help” to display all the commands “Trivia start” to start playing the trivia game “Trivia categories” to select your preferred category

#9- GameStats

As it is obvious from the name, GameStats, it has something to do with gaming. This bot can be very handy for setting up the game profiles for aliases and help you manage and share game statistics among your friends. It has support with a wide variety of games such as PUBG, Paragon, Rust, World of Worships, Xbox Live, and many more. However, with all the good things, one thing that can be a little off is a different style of command. These commands can be a little difficult until you can get used to it, such as you can create a profile with the “.gs profile” command. See, a little overwhelming?

#10- GuildedBot

This bot is an ultimate recommendation for gamers who play PUBG, Dota 2, or World of Warcraft. The GuildedBot helps in recruiting new players, completing missions, and improving abilities together. This bot comes with a dashboard through which you can control and manage all your team activities, later, the dashboard syncs information to the Discord server. GuildedBot can be further used to post updates and server team enhancement by using some advanced recruiting, discussion, and scheduling tools. Here is a small list of games that are supported by GuildedBot, Dota 2, League of Legends, Call of Duty, WoW, PUBG, Minecraft, CS: GO, Destiny, and many more.

#11- Serum

Have you ever got in interaction with Siri (like obviously, who hasn’t?) and loved it? Well, then you need this bot in your Discord server. The serum is like a Discord version of Siri. However, this voice-activated bot has very limited commands. Even with the limitation, the upside of this bot is that you can activate those commands even while playing the game without minimizing the tray again and again. We are really hoping that they add some more commands, as this is the future of Discord! You can start giving the commands “Hey Serum” and then say whatever your command is. As easy as it is!

#12- Twitch

This is one of the Integration bots that connects the external links to your server. TwitchBot has many integration features such as,

Easy Access: You can easily retrieve the details and current stats of your favorite streamers. Further, you can also preview the stream. Listen in Voice chat: You can listen to any Twitch live stream in your voice chat even while playing games. Get Notifications: Don’t miss a chance when your favorite streamers go live. TwitchBot gives you in-app notifications with just a click away!

#13- Medal

You must be aware of medal.tv, and this bot is related to that! Medal.tv is a game clip-sharing site, and now it is offering support for Discord as well. They particularly made this bot to share the clip directly to and from the Discord automatically.

#14- Patreon

This bot is supported by Patreon itself, hence the name. The Patreonbot is an integration bot that allows you to reward your patrons with special roles in the Discord. Once the new patron joins, this bot will automatically invite them to the server and assign them roles depending on their reward.

#15- Pancake

Want music and server moderation both in one place? Pancake bot is all you can ask for. The pancake bot has enough commands to make your Discord as cool as possible. Its music player enables you to load/request music from YouTube, SoundCloud, or Twitch. What it does is, joins your requested music with the voice channel and play on it. Therefore, you don’t have to play music over your microphone now as this bot allows audio to be directly connected to the source hence the better music quality without any noise distortion. In addition to that, it comes with user-friendly features such as it makes a queue of songs, so you don’t have to keep switching or requesting songs after every track. You can also pause, play, or change the song with the given commands. That is not the end of the functionality provided by Pancake. The addition of server-moderation toolboxes has cut down much of the administrative tasks of a server admin, which is always a painful task to do. Pancake allows you to set up roles at the very first moment a new user joins the server. It can help you avoid spam and other issues in the future. Not to mention, this is a great usage of Discords’ permission functionality. Apart from that, the bot can really make the new user’s experience worthwhile. You can help deliver customized messages to each user and with a text channel of your choice. Other features that Pancake Bot Includes are:

Deletion of messages in bulk in one click (this can be helpful in cleaning spam) Easy large server management, including timed mute and ban solution

#16- Music Bot

Who doesn’t want some music while playing games or just surfing/chatting on Discord? And what better place to find music than YouTube, right? So, if you want some cool music to attract members on your server, play some dope music through Music Bot! The Music Bot allows you to play YouTube videos in mp3 format on your Discord Server. It downloads the song selected from YouTube and plays after the track already playing. Further, it can also download videos as well!

#17- Mudae

This bot is a dream for anime lovers. Mudae offers over 20,000 anime game characters. You can claim and fight with those characters, as well as catch Pokemon and play multiplayer games. Mudae is popular for generating waifu. However, other well-known feature includes Pokemon rocket casino.

#18- Dank Memer

As it is clear from the name, this bot has something to do with the memes. Yes, exactly! The Dank Memer Bot is a multipurpose and unique bot that offers everything that a typical bot can but with a little bit more entertaining oomph to it. It has over 260 commands, including music, image manipulation, currency, and many other related commands. This bot knows no limits when it comes to handling everything that you may ask for from your server! This bot is equally annoying and entertaining. These fun features can be very engaging among your community so that you don’t have to keep an eye on your servers every minute. Furthermore, the bots can be your real friends when it comes to Discord. They smoothen and improve your gaming experience while making it worthwhile! The above-mentioned bots are the most popular and widely used ones. However, the Discord bot world doesn’t end here. If you couldn’t find a bot of your preference need, we are pretty sure there is one out there for you!

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