There are many card games available on the internet. But it is had to find out the best of all. We, after a lot of playing, bring you the best Card games that you must try at least once. The list of the Top Card Games include: All these games mentioned-above are the best card games available on the internet. Read further to know more about the features, Pros, and Cons of these amazing games.

Best Card Games 2021

Read along with the list to find out the best card games. You can easily download these games form the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.


One of the most classic card games you ever play is UNO. Perfect for each family member to play without any hesitation and problem. Different types of cards are there to make this game more effective and attractive. Cards like- skip, reverse, draw two(+2), wild, and draw four(+4). The player needs to match the previous card number or color till the game ends. This game was developed by Merle Robbins in 1971.


Listed in the topmost card games.Develop your skills Tournaments and special events are there to make the game more interesting.Easy to install and free to play.No advertisement issue.

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Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Millions of users or players become a part of this game and that’s why it became the Best Card Games. The gameplay is so simple, secure, and straightforward. Different apps are included in one app like- Klondike Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, FreeCell Solitaire, TriPeaks Solitaire, and Pyramid Solitaire. This game was developed by Arkadium, Microsoft Casual Games, Smoking Gun Interactive, and Next Level Games. Its releasing date was November 23, 2016.


The king of all timeless classic card games.Most strategic card game in history of top card games for android since 2016.Easy to install.Free to play.No advertisement issue. 


Anyone can play the famous rummy card game on your android phones. The gameplay involves artificial intelligence features. AI level opponents are there to give you a tough competition at last. There are so many rules that can be modified, and make this game more interesting from the user’s point of view. This game was first originated in the United States and is mostly played by Indian peoples in high demand.


Group of matching-cards in each level is quite awesome to play.Easy to learn.Gameplay is so smooth and efficient.No advertisement issue.Application is quite good and manageable.

Card Thief

In this game, you move through a deck of cards as a stealthy thief who wants to steal valuable treasures without getting caught by his enemies. To win each level, you need to solve a solitaire card game and move on to the next level. Some equipment is there to help thieves in each level of the game. One of the topmost played card games in history.  This game was developed by Arnauld Rauers.


Gameplay is simple, secure, interesting, and highly appreciated.Improve your additional skills.No advertisement issue.Easy to learn.Free to play.

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The most interesting and ready play the game is Hearthstone. Collect your cards and make a clear difference with the other player. Players used his/her special stones as they have some power in them. But you may or may not use those cards and make a big deck of cards. This game was developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The releasing date is December 15, 2014.


Simple and interactive in nature.No advertisement issue.Free to play.Easy to learn.Improve technical and mental skills.

Blackjack 21

If you want to spend your time without making any effort, then this game is the best bet for you to make. The gameplay is simple and straightforward. It is similar to gambling but you have a better hand in it than your opponent. This game was developed by Banana & Co. 


Free to play.3D graphics display with high-quality visuals.No registration is required.Single account handler.Data is saved and secured.

Exploding kittens

The major goal of playing this game is to defeat the opponent by exploding their cards. The gameplay is very simple and secure. Each player needs to make some effort to win this game. As the player draws seven cards and takes out the defuse card. After this, each exploding card is shuffled. So that in the last, one card is less the number of players in the game and the whole thing is dependent on the deck of defusing cards. This game was developed by Elan Lee and Shane Small. Its releasing date is July 2015.


Multiplayer card game for users and newcomers.Free to play.Easy to handle.The graphics are quite good.High maintenance.

Hearts Mobile

The simplest game you ever see is Hearts Mobile. In this particular game, you need to avoid the scoring card. The gameplay is very unique and attractive. To complete the game, each player gains exactly 100 points or more than that. Only that player is declared as a winner who had the smallest score among all. This game was developed by G Soft Team.


Three difficulty levels are there to make this game more interesting.Advanced level AI players are used.Rules and instructions are quite reliable and easy to understand.The interface is intuitive.No advertisement issue.

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One of the classic-murder mystery card games played by millions of people. The gameplay is to solve every murder with the help of using card formation. You collect different types of cards in each level to solve the mystery related to every character. Rather than your character, five more characters are there from which one is a murderer. Each character is defined with their special functionality and working quality in the game. This game was developed by Marmalade Game Studio.


Helps to improve your mental skills.Very adaptive and efficient.Some additional themes for the game are available.The formation of each character is different and unique.Easy to understand the rules and gameplay.One of the best card games in history.


This game is included in the list of the most eccentric card games. Its graphics and artwork are up to the mark. Luck-based games are more effective and highly praised in the world. Features are quite similar to gambling. Despite such things, this game has good quality visuals and excellent touch controls. Supportive quality is there to make you feel like card games have so much to learn.  This game was developed by Playdeck, Inc.


Fully asynchronous support for players.Optimized features are available.Easy to understand.Free to play.No advertisement issue.

Slay the Spire

Randomly we can add or destroy the deck of cards through which one of the players is out of the game most probably. The gameplay is to build a deck of cards and each card has its unique property and function. It involves playing cards of attacks and defense against the known enemy and his usual movements or attacks. This game was first developed by Megacrit and after that, it was published by Humble Bundle. Its releasing date is January 23, 2019


The Graphics card of this game is awesome having size- NVIDIA GeForce 8300 GS.Different types of filters are available.Easy to use and play.A detection tool is also available.OS: OSX 10.9.5- 10.11.6 

Monster Train

The monster train is the best deck-building card game having some efficient elements on their side. This game includes a vertical field for players to play each round effectively. The enemies try to reach the top floor where the pyre is placed. You just have to protect this pyre from them. For this purpose, every player uses some cards having unique abilities that can activate monsters or some special effects to save them from enemies. This game was developed by Shiny Shoe and published by Good Shepherd Entertainment. Its releasing date is May 21, 2020.


Many combinations of cards are there to protect your pyre.RAM- 16GBGraphics card- NVIDIA GTX 1060Multiplayer game for each user.

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The free-to-play games are the most wanted and installed one by every individual. In this game, cards are divided into three different types- followers, spells, and amulets. Each type has its unique ability to perform. Followers’ cards have attack and defense ability. Spells cards have resolved ability after each game. Amulets are used to prevent some effects in the game. Each player is presented as a leader with 20 defense cards and a starting hand of 3 different cards. This game was first developed and published by Cygames in Japan. The releasing date of this particular game is May 4, 2018.


Graphic card- Geforce GT 640/Radeon HD 5770.RAM- 4GBEasy to install.Free to play.Animations are quite good and attractive.

Ancient Enemy

This game involves card battles in each round. Strategic operations or plans are performed to win this game against your opponent. Each card has its unique ability to show and to maintain the level of the game at the high point. Online as well as offline mode is available. Evil side animations are used to create your opponent.  This game was first developed by Grey Alien Games.


Innovative and creative effects of the game at a high level.Many pathways are there to differentiate each level.Free to play.


We all know about World War-II. In this game, the theme is just the same and provides a great effect to the players. They can easily understand the whole phenomena of this card game. The gameplay is you have to collect each card having turn-based features. Two players are there to play the game having 40 equal cards. You just have to put cards one by one in a formation to defeat your enemy. This game was first developed and published by the 1939 Games. The releasing date is April 15, 2020.


Graphics card- NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 or AMD Radeon HD 5759 1024 MB.RAM- 4GBFree to play.Each requirement is defined in a good manner.Easy to understand.

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Final Verdict

All these games are super engaging and fun to play. We would suggest you to try all these games at least once. We hope that you find these games tempting enough. Do let us know in the comment section, which game you liked the most. Feature Image Credits: Chicago Tribune


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