You can still find the best car insurance in Texas by comparing all available policies. With each company offering competitive prices for all kinds of insurance. It is easier to find insurance even for drivers with speeding tickets or DUI. The insurances are a value for money as well as offer decent coverage. Some of these insurances are the cheapest options available in the state. While others are in the higher range for annual premium payments. We will give you an overview idea of all insurances that are available and will best suit your present requirements. The options listed below are based on the price, insurance coverage as well as on consumer experience rathings. So you don’t have to worry about comparing insurances that aren’t even an option for you. Let’s get a look at all the insurances you can get yourself for various reasons.

Best Value for Money Car Insurances In Texas

Insurances are not only for saving money in taxes. You should get yourself car insurance regardless of if you want to save money. Car insurance will keep you protected in case of an accident. It will help you in paying any liabilities. Depending on the coverage you opt for, the insurance will also cover your medical bills. These are enough reasons to get yourself an auto insurnace. Here are some options you can consider even if you have a speeding ticket or less credit score.

Best Value for Money Car Insurance 

If you have a clean driving history, it won’t be much hassle for you to find auto insurance that is cheap as well as offers good coverage. Good coverage on auto insurance will keep your savings in check in case of an accident. As of now in 2022, you can consider getting car insurance from Texas Farm Bureau Group for the annual premium of $1,035. This is the cheapest option available for good car insurance. If you can afford to get car insurance on the higher end you can consider getting one from State Average for the annual premium payment of $1,574. 

Best Car Insurances for Drivers with Speeding Tickets

In case you already have a speeding ticket on your license, you can contemplate these insurances. These options are the best ones for anyone who already has a penalty on their license. The cheapest car insurance is offered by Texas Farm Bureau Group with an annual premium payment of $1,035. Slightly on the higher side, the car insurance for drivers with a speeding ticket is offered by State Average. The annual premium payment of State Average auto insurance is $1,745.

Best Car Insurance for Drivers with DUI

You will need car insurance even if you have a DUI penalty on your driver’s license. It can be difficult to find insurance if you have a DUI registered on your driver’s license, especially one that suits your budget. You can go for car insurance from Geico with the annual premium payment of $1,948. On the costlier side is the car insurance offered by State Average with an annual payment of a premium of $2,945.

Best Car Insurance for Drivers with Lesser Credit Score

There are car insurances available that you can choose from even with a poor credit score. A poor credit score can make it difficult for you to get car insurance. It can make things worse in case of an accident. With liabilities and medical charges to keep a track of your credit score can go for a toss. You can get car insurance even with a less than average credit score from Texas Farm Bureau for the annual price of  $1,483. You can also get car insurance for those with poor credit score history from State Average. The insurance offered by State Average is a bit on the costlier side. State Average offers car insurance for poor credit holders for the annual premium amount of $2,543. So, now you have an overall idea of all the insurances that are offered in Texas. We have jotted down the cheapest as well as the high-end options that you can go for. Texas citizens do get the advantage of having to pay lesser money for insurance than other states. Even with a speeding ticket or DUI or a poor credit score you can now select car insurance that will be the best car insurance for you.


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