Young male drivers have a high tendency of accidents, which means they will be required to have a bigger coverage than usual drivers. The average cost of car insurance for males between 17 and 25 is $496 per month or $5,958 per year. However, you don’t have to pay almost $6,000 to insurance companies without doing a bit of research.  Also, when there is a way you can save your money, why would you want to pay your hard-earned money to insurance companies? Scroll a little and know all about car insurance for male drivers under 25.

Best Car Insurance Prices for Males Under 25

If you have just entered your twenties, your first thought must have been to join your parent’s policy. While being a part of your parent’s insurance policy is definitely money-saving, having standalone insurance has its own perks. Now, the only question is, how to lower the insurance cost of males under 25.  Insurance companies give you a rate after analyzing the risk criteria around the people of your age and your driving history. We will get into more details later.  Allstate is an insurance company that’s been long enough in the game to give you a good discount. You should definitely check its reviews. Progressive is also one of the companies known for its flexible prices.  If you are a bad driver then it is very difficult for you to get a cheap car insurance from any company. By being a bad driver, I mean, you usually have speeding tickets, parking fines, and accidents. Such incidents only make it harder for you to land cheap car insurance. 

Why do Young Male Drivers Under 25 Have Expensive Car Insurance?

All young drivers are inexperienced, and with less experience, the risk of accidents and collisions is also higher. Since the young generation is also very indisciplined, the habits of texting while driving, calling, using your phone while you’re on the wheel make you more prone to risks. Hence, multiple surveys have shown that young drivers, especially males under 25, have more accidents than people of other gender or age group.  With time, once these young people learn how to stay focused on driving and take care of themselves, the insurance costs also lower with significant differences. Many young adult males are very careless when they are driving. Overspeeding, drunk-driving, not following traffic rules, not wearing a seat belt, all these things actually count when it comes to your insurance.  Leave the surveys, if you have a bad driving history, it is going to make it impossible to get a discount based on your driving history. So, what should you do?  Also, read Best Car Insurance Calculator in The U.S in 2022 | Calculate Before You Purchase

How Can Male Drivers Under 25 Save Money on Car Insurance?

Do you know women are considered more sensible drivers than men? Well, it’s true and also the fact that men have twice as many speeding tickets and DUI’s. This good record of female drivers helps them get far less expensive insurances and financial liabilities. 

Be a Responsible Driver

Just following simple driving rules can set you apart from other people of your age. Since there’s already a stereotype and stats say that males under 25 are careless drivers, you have to follow traffic rules to say that you are not like the rest.  Also, read 6 Significant Car Insurance Coverage Types You Need To Know About!!

Never Violate Traffic Rules

Every speeding ticket, every DUI, and parking fine will be used as leverage by insurance companies to increase the cost of your car insurance. By every traffic violation, you basically want to pay insurance companies to rip off your money. So, if you want to save your money, do not violate traffic rules.

Compare Different Insurance Policies 

Only a fool will get the first insurance he sees online. You don’t have to rush through it. Doing your research will be a smart decision in getting car insurance if you are a male under 25. Compare reviews, prices, coverage, liabilities before paying them.  Also, read Parked Car Insurance | Save Money from your Rarely Driven Car All male drivers under 25 should set a good driving record and compare different car insurances before committing to a company. If you want to know more about these insurances, then comment below. 


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