Augmented games let you stay in the game as much as they let you stay in the real-world environment. It is an attractive and interesting gaming genre. These augmented games can be played even from the comforts of your house. Read further in this article to find out how each of these augmented reality games works.

Best Augmented Reality Games for iOS

Augmented games for iOS come with advanced features. We tested and tried these apps for you so that you can remain carefree and play.

1. The Machines

The Machines is one of the best augmented reality games for iOS devices. It is a multiplayer, co-op strategy game that lets you turn any room into a playing field. Choose a tabletop and by using the AR feature of the game, you battle with your machines. You can choose to play against a local player or anywhere online. Fight your battle. You win or lose depending on the way you play. This game uses advanced physics and technology to help use visual fidelity better. It also has a great sound integration so your position in the real world defines the amount of sound you will hear in the game.


The gameplay graphics are available in high definition.It is a 3D game that gives you a real-life experience.Sounds in the game are something widely acknowledged. The farther you are from the action, the lesser frequency sounds you’ll hear.Make use of perspective-based tactics to beat your enemy.You can use super weapons and carefully planned gameplay to win the battle.Check the global leaderboard to see where you stand.Share the code with friends to play this game with them.

2. Smash Tanks

The game of Smash Tanks turns your tabletops into a battlefield. Be quick in your response and you can win the game. The action happens on your phone screen that with the help of augmented reality appears to be happening on the tabletop. This game is not difficult to play and with the help of standard physics. This can be played single-player and multiplayer as well. You can take the game with you. It can be played outdoors and indoors as easily.  Also, read Best Augmented Reality Games for Android 2021


This game can be played by two people from the same device or different ones.You can also play this game with an online multiplayer.It is only after you eliminate your opponent’s tanks that you can win the game.Make use of swipe features to defeat the opponent.Use special power-ups in the game.These power-ups are at a lot of places in the game field. Use tactics to avoid your opponent getting a power-up. 

3. AR Zombi

If you love zombies and the world of supernaturals, this is the right game for you. Unlike the other Zombie AR games, this one focuses on you saving your house from the Zombies. This augmented reality game does not require a large set-up. The comfort of your home is enough for you to enjoy this using your iOS devices. It is widely loved for the element of difficulty and graphics that it provides.


Zombies try to invade your house.The game offers a 3D experience.The zombies attack you and try to feed on your brain.Use weapons to kill the attacking zombie.You are provided with limited ammo so strategize well and use defense more than attack.This game maps the real doors and windows with the AR of the game.

4. Jurassic World Alive

Bring back the world of dinosaurs on this augmented reality game for iOS. This game is very similar to the famous Pokemon Go game. In Jurassic World Alive, Your surroundings become the playing field where you have to capture the dinosaurs. Take this game with you wherever you go. Find dinosaurs along the way and collect them. You Can also find some surprises and bonuses at certain places in the game so be on the lookout for that.  Also, read Best Popular Games for iOS 2021


Find rare dinosaurs to get additional points.Go to the lab and you can create your new hybrids of the dinosaurs.The more you travel, the more dinosaurs you will be able to collect.Battle with the other team to get points.Open the game every day to get daily rewards and bonuses.You can post the AR images and videos on your social media or share them with your friends and family to show your progress.The game has many in-app purchases.You can subscribe to the game to get more benefits.

5. Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs

Angry birds have been a popular game for iOS devices. Its integration with Augmented reality has made it all the more important and likable for all the users. You can now fling Chuck, Red, Bomb, and the blues at the pigs that you can very well find in your real-world surroundings using this augmented reality feature of the game. Also, read Best Cartoon Games for iOS 2021 Just like the other angry birds games this game also requires you to blow up the pigs. Move around in the room to play with more complex structures to get more points. Compete with a local player or with any player online to track your progress during playing.


The game has about 40 levels to play. This is a free AR app for iOS.You can now make Angry Birds a reality with your real-life environment.Destroy as many pigs as you can to get higher scores.If you get a three-star score you can get advanced scores and more benefits.This game is not very aggressive so kids can also enjoy it. Zoom in the game or Zoom out depending on the space around you. For you to play this game, you need to have a constant internet connection.

Wrapping Up

Augmented reality games are fun to play. These can be horror driven or just some action-oriented. Our list takes care of your expectations and only recommends the apps that promise a high quality and gaming experience.


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