You should first find out how much power you actually need for the components inside your PC. After calculating it, get the power supply which supplies more power than your components need. Because getting an equal or underpowered PSU can result in unexpected shutdowns, and your PC might not perform at its maximum capability. There are some other factors as well to check before choosing a PSU for your PC. We will discuss all of them one by one later in this article. Today we will focus on choosing the best 750W power supply for your PC.

Best 750 Watt Power Supplies – Comparison

Best 750w PSUs

750W PSU is usually enough for most gaming PCs. It can handle your PC well and provide power to the components of your computer efficiently. Let’s have a look at some of the best 750W PSUs available in the market.

#1 – GameMax

GameMax modular PSU is one of the best 750W PSUs, which give an amazing value for money. It is rated at 80% gold.

80 Plus Gold rated. Power: 750 Watts. Weight: 6.01 pounds Model: RGB-750 Type: Desktop ATX PSU Fan Size: 140mm Fully Modular. A button to control RGB effects. Size: 170 × 150 × 85 mm

Fully modular. Easy cable management. Flat module wire. 25 different RGB controls with a button. Very quiet Comes with 5 years warranty.

No software to control RGB.

The GameMAx has a high-end SECC black coating casing which gives a premium feel, which means that there is no cheap plastic feel even with the affordable price tag. It is an RGB PSU, but there is no other way to control RGB on this PSU other than the buttons on the PSU itself. This means that it does not come with any software through which you can control the RGB. However, you can switch between different RGB modes by pressing the control button again and again. You can switch between different static colors to match other components in your PC., Or you can switch it to the breathing light option, and there is also a color mix mode that you can select. The good thing about this PSU is that it is fully modular, which means that you will only connect the wires you need, which will give a cleaner PC look. The GameMax PSU comes with a “honeycomb ventilation design,” which ensures maximum heat dissipation even under heavy loads. You won’t have temperature problems from this unit. The product looks beautiful, and it is a bit of a steal for how much it costs. It is around $40-$50 cheaper than the other 750W PSUs. As it is a modular PSU, it comes with a lot of cables, and you can only use those cables you need. The included cables contain a 24 pin connector to connect to your motherboard, 2xCPU 8(4+4) pin connectors, 2×8 (6+2) pin connectors, 8x SATA connectors, and 1x FDD connector.

#2 – EVGA SuperNova

EVGA is a trusted brand, and the best 750W PSU list cannot be completed without having an EVGA unit in it. This is also an 80 Plus Gold rated component which means it has a very good efficiency under consistent loads. You might not have heard about the GameMax brand before, but it is a fairly trusted brand, and this PSU gives a solid performance for its cost. The biggest advantage of this product is that it is fully modular and comes with a great price tag. This product supports even high-end graphics cards, and you can use it with any modern graphics card, excluding just a couple of them. Its 80% gold rating, RGB lighting, and excellent build quality make this PSU a perfect choice for your system.

80 Plus Gold rated. Power: 750 Watts. Weight: 6 pounds Model: 220-G5-0750-X1 Fan Size: 135 mm. Fully Modular. Size: 12 x 9 x 5 inches. Nvidia SLI and ADM Crossfire ready.

Fully modular. Comes with an amazing 10 years of warranty. Max reached temperature is 47 degrees even under full load. Tight load regulations. Long hold uptime. 100% Japanese capacitors. Over and under-voltage protection. The fan does not spin under low and medium loads.

Fairly noisy at high loads.

This is also a modular PSU which means you will only have to connect the cables you need, and your PC will not look messy with a lot of unused cables here and there. The included cables are 3xSATA cables, 2×8 pin (4+4) cables, 2×8 pin (6+2 cables, 1 FDA adapter, and 1 power cable for providing power to your PSU. SuperNova is pretty noisy compared to the other supplies on our list. However, the noise will only bother you when you put a certain amount of load on your PC, and it will start drawing more power which will ultimately result in faster fan spinning and noise. However, the fans will not always spin. It will be stopped under low to medium load and will only start spinning when you reach a certain load on your PC. Moreover, it comes with a Fluid Dynamic Bearings fan instead of a dual ball bearing which will result in long fan life and will reduce wear and tear. Although the SuperNova is noisy, the noise results in excellent temperatures. Even under the full load, this PSU reached a maximum of 47 degrees Celcius which is amazingly good. The one big reason you can trust this product and choose it for your system is that it comes with a whopping 10 years warranty. This means you’ll have peace of mind for 10 years, and if anything goes wrong with the unit, EVGA will take care of it.


Aresgame might be another new name for you in the PSU department, but it works great and will not have any issues running on your system. Plus, this unit is a great value for your money. If you want peace of mind and want to get a PSU from a trusted brand, this is the perfect choice for you. The EVGA SuperNova comes with an unbelievable 10 years warranty. Moreover, the EVGA Eco Mode does not let the fan spin under low and medium load, which results in silent operation if you are not gaming and performing some general tasks.

80 Plus Bronze rated. Power: 750 Watts. Weight: 4.6 pounds. Model: ARESGAME AGV750 Fan Size: 120 mm. Semi-Modular. Size: 150mm x 140mm x 85mm. Nvidia SLI and ADM Crossfire ready.

Flat cables. Excellent temperatures even under full load. Comes with a magic cable tie for better cable management. Over and under-voltage protection. Fairly quiet.

Does not come with a warranty.

This is a semi-modular PSU which means that the 24 pin motherboard connector and some of the SATA and PCIe connectors are attached with it while all other connectors are removable. The attached power connectors include 2 SATA connectors for connecting 2 of your hard drives or SATA SSDs. Then there are 2×8 pin PCIe connectors as well, which you can use to power up your CPU or some other component with 8 pin connector. Basically, a CPU, a GPU, motherboard, and 2 hard drives can be powered with the attached connectors. If you want to add more components to your PC or some powerful components, then you’ll need to attach the extra cables which come with the PSU. All of the cables that come with the Aresgame 750 are flat except one. The 24 pin connector cable which goes into the motherboard is the only cable that is round. There’s one 120 mm fan to cool the Aresgame. The temperatures are fair, and it does not get too hard, and even the fan does not get too loud during gaming or any other task. The fan comes with intelligent fan speed control for quieter operations. Its honeycomb ventilation design keeps the unit cooler. This is an 80 Plus Bronze-certified unit which is not as efficient as the Gold-certified, but it still does the job efficiently. Its black coating casing and black bushing cables + connectors, along with the black fan, gives it a beautiful look, and it will fit beautifully into your system if it is totally black.

#4 – Cooler Master MWE

Cooler Master PSUs are proved to be among the best PSUs available. The MWE 750 is another amazing PSU from Cooler Master. If you are low on budget and you don’t have enough money left to invest in the PSU, this could be your choice as it is the most affordable one on our list. Although the Arsegame 750 semi-modular is a good PSU, and it does the job fairly well but does not come with a warranty which makes it a little bit risky investment to make.

80 Plus Gold rated. Power: 750 Watts. Type: Desktop ATX PSU Weight: 6.23 pounds. Model: B08M9LDLXH Fan Size: 120 mm. Fully Modular. Size: 5.51 x 5.91 x 3.39 inches Nvidia SLI and ADM Crossfire ready.

Comes with 5 years long warranty. Over and under-voltage protection. Not much noisy even when fans at full speed. Excellent temperatures. Flat modular cables for maximum efficiency.

The fan does not stop spinning even when at minimum load.

It is an 80 Plus standard fully modular PSU. This means that none of your cables is attached to it, and you can only connect the cables you truly need. The MWE has above 90% efficiency on typical loads. It comes with a 24 pin power connector for your motherboard, then 2x (6+2) connectors, and 2x SATA cables with 4 SATA connectors on each cable for your hard drives and SSDs. A Molex connector cable is also included if you have a device that still uses a Molex connector. It also comes with 2 EPS connectors which makes it universally compatible with all current-generation motherboards. The included modular cables are flat, which results in easier cable management, better airflow, and improved overall efficiency. The fan is 120 mm, which works great in keeping the temperature down. The fan comes with a special bearing to keep the noise at a minimal level so that you can enjoy a silent operation. In some PSUs, the fan stops when the load is under a certain level. Which results in silent operation when you are not doing something heavy. The Hydro-Dynamic Fan on Cooler Master MWE 750 does not stop, but when at less load, it spins at a very low RPM The MWE temperatures are really good, and it is a silent PSU. Even when the fan is at full speed, there is not much noise, and you won’t be able to hear the fans at all if you are wearing headphones. The MWE can take a lot more heat than its predecessor. That could only operate at a maximum of 45 degrees, but the new MWE can operate up to 50 degrees Celcius. This means that overclocking your system components will cause no problem at all as MWE can take the heat. Although the Cooler Master branding should be enough to trust this PSU but to give you more peace of mind, it comes with a 5 years warranty.

#5 – Gigabyte

Gigabyte is another trusted name when it comes to the gaming market. Gigabyte GP-P750GM is an excellent 750W PSU from the company. Cooler Master PSUs are always good, and this one is even better as it comes with gold certification. It comes with the trust of the Cooler Master brand and 5 years long warranty. This is an all-black unit and will match your system perfectly if you are going for a black build. And even if you are not, black goes with every color. The efficiency of Cooler Master MWE is also great, it is over 90% efficient under typical loads. We definitely recommend getting this PSU.

80 Plus Gold rated. Power: 750 Watts. Weight: 4.74 pounds Model: GP-P750GM Type: Desktop ATX PSU Fan Size: 120mm Smart Hydraulic Fan. Fully Modular. Flat wires. Size 5.51 x 5.91 x 3.39 inches

Japanese Capacitors. Silent fan operation. Over and under-voltage protection. Short circuit protection. Delivers full power at 47 degrees Celsius. Comes with 5 years warranty.

Very low efficiency at 2% load.

It is an 80 Plus Gold certified PSU and is fully modular, which means that you will only need to connect the cables you need, which will give your PC a cleaner look and will improve overall airflow. You can connect and disconnect cables as you wish to provide better cable management all around. The Gigabyte P750GM is compact in size, which means it will even fit in smaller casings. As it is a modular PSU, different connectors and cables are included in the box. It has 1 24 pin connector for giving power to your motherboard. Then it has 2x 8 (4+4) pin connectors and 2×8 (6+2) pin connectors. 2 SATA cables are also included with 8 connectors, which means you will never go out of connectors if you want to attach multiple SSDs and hard drives with your PC. The Gigabyte 750W has Japanese capacitors installed in it. Gigabyte claims that they have 20 years of life which is more than 4 times better than the conventional capacitors. A high-quality power cord is also included, which is not included with some PSUs. The power cable included is high quality, if you are planning to buy another power cable, you must check its quality before using it with the PSU. All other cables included with GP-P750GM are flat, which makes cable management easier and improves airflow. The internal design is also very clean, with no cables stopping the airflow. The heat sinks are high quality and small in size, again, to improve airflow. It has a 120mm smart hydraulic fan which ensures a silent operation. It is above 90% power efficient at typical loads, but efficiency decreases significantly on very high and low loads. The fan speed changes according to the load on the PSU. Even at the highest speed, the noise is not unbearable. The fan stops under 20% load to ensure silent work conditions.

#6 – Segotep

Segotep might not be a brand you have heard of. But this 750W fully modular power supply is a high-quality product from the company. Gigabyte is a well-known brand you can easily trust. If you are building a PC with a small casing, this could be your ultimate choice as GP-P750GM is a compact power supply and can easily fit in small cases. If the Gigabyte brand name is not enough for you, it also comes with a 5 years warranty to give you even more peace of mind.

80 Plus Gold rated. Power: 750 Watts. Weight: 5.84 pounds Model: 750W Type: Desktop ATX PSU Fan Size: 140mm Hydraulic Bearing Fan. Fully Modular. Flat wires. Size: 14.4 x 8 x 5 inches.

5 years warranty. Over-current, voltage, power, temperature protection. Short circuit protection. Excellent build quality. Excellent power efficiency.

Not a well-known brand.

From packing to the build quality to the performance, everything about this product is premium. Even the wires included with the product are very high quality. As mentioned earlier, this is a fully modular power supply which means you can attach and detach the wires as you like. This will ultimately result in a cleaner setup and better temperatures as there will be no extra wires to disturb the airflow. It is an 80 Plus gold-rated product which means that the efficiency will be excellent on typical loads. The company claims that it has 87% efficiency or more in 20-100% load scenarios. Moreover, this product can handle voltages ranging from 96 volts to 264 volts. It comes with a 24 pin power connector for powering your motherboard, 2 PCIe cables, 2 cables for connecting your SATA drives, 2 cables for powering up your CPU, and a power cable. The fan performance of Segotep 750W is amazingly good. It has almost no noise even at full load, and the noise is almost zero in low load scenarios. The fan size is 140mm, and it’s a hydraulic bearing fan. The Segotop comes with different safety standards to ensure the safety of different components in your PC. It has over-current, over-voltage, over-power, and over-temperature protection. The short circuit protection is also implemented to save your PC components from getting damaged.

What To Look In A Best 750W Power Supply

Before purchasing a power supply, there are multiple factors you should check for. For example, the capacity of the unit, if it was modular or not, and fan noise, etc. As this is not a well-known brand, you might be hesitating to consider this product. But to give you confidence, the Segotep 750W comes with 5 years warranty. This means you can purchase this product with peace of mind. The efficiency of this product is amazing. It is one of the most efficient PSUs in the 80 Plus gold category. Moreover, it has all the necessary protections, including over-temperature protection. Getting the right power supply is necessary as it is one of the most important parts of your PC and other components of your PC depend on it. If it is of not a good quality, it may cause immediate failure of other components on your PC and may cause unexpected shutdowns. We will discuss all the factors before getting a power supply in detail one by one.

Fully Modular, Semi-Modular, And Non-Modular

Non-modular PSUs are those in which all the wires are permanently attached to the unit. You cannot add or remove extra wires even if you need to. This leads to clutter in your PC as even those wires stay in your PC, which you don’t need. Those cables also hinder the airflow of your PC, which results in higher temperatures in many cases. Semi-modular power supplies have the 24 pin motherboard cable, one PCIe cable with 2-3 connectors, and 1 cable with 2-3 SATA connectors attached. These are the necessary cables to boot up the basic components of the system. You can always connect more cables if you plan to add more components. Semi-modular power supplies are better than non-modular ones because they relatively cause a lesser mess. But they are still not as good as fully modular ones. Then come the fully modular power supplies. Such PSUs do not come with even a single cable attached to them. You will only attach the cables you need, and you can remove them when you don’t need them. Plus, you can upgrade your PSU anytime without removing all the cables from your system. You’ll only need have to remove the cables from the power supply and remove it. Modular power supply result in the cleanest setup builds as only those cables will be attached to it, which you truly need. This will also improve the airflow, which will result in lower temperatures and better overall performance. Fully modular power supplies are obviously the best option to consider among these 3. But you have to keep in mind that they are the most expensive ones and the non-modular ones are the cheapest.

How Much Do You Need?

This factor is obviously very important. You must calculate how much power does your PC need then select a power supply according to your requirements. If you are using up to 3080 GPU, then the 750 watts power supply should be enough for you. But if you are getting an RTX 3090, then you might need to get an 850 watts or more unit. And not just the GPU; you should also check the power requirements of other components in your PC. If you are using a normal CPU, then you may get up to a 750 W power supply. But if you are planning to upgrade to AMD Ryzen Threadripper in the near future, you should get more than 850 watts PSU.

Continuous Wattage And Peak Wattage

There are 2 ways the capability of PSU can be expressed. One is peak wattage, and the other one is continuous wattage. You should always focus on the continuous wattage rating before getting a power supply. If the product is not rated in continuous power rating and only rated in peak power rating, you should avoid that product because there is no real standard of what peak means as it might provide peak wattage for a few seconds or minutes only.

Rails (Optional) & Voltage Stability

A multi-rail power supply is one that has 2 different 12-volt rails for 2 different power supplies. There are some other rails as well, which are called minor rails, but they perform little to no role these days. The 5 volt rails os one of the most important ones as they provide power to the USB ports on your device. There are some other rails as well, including a 3-volt rail. Then there is a standby rail that receives the signal to turn on the PC from stand-by mode. Without this rail, the PC won’t even boot. The voltage stability is also very important. Whatever voltage your PSU is providing to your components, it should be normal and should not fluctuate as it might harm your PC.

Form Factors

The form factor is also an important thing to consider. You should first select your case then choose the components, including your PSU around it. If your casing is of compact size, you should get a compact power supply. But if your casing is big enough and it can fit a bigger power supply, go for such a power supply by spending some extra money.

Fan Noise & Cable Management

There are some power supplies available in the market which automatically shut down the fan when it is not using enough power. This will ultimately result in silent operation, and you will not be disturbed by noise during light work. Cable management is also very important as bad cable management hinders the airflow in the case, which will cause increased temperature and it will cause performance issues. Modular power supplies play a very important role in this area. In modular power supplies, you’ll only need to connect the cables you really need, and you can detach them at any time. Fewer cables will cause less clutter which will improve airflow and less temperature overall.

Understand The Certifications

Certifications are given to power supplies to have an idea of how efficient the product is. There are 3 scenarios of load on which the product is rating. Those scenarios are 20% of maximum load, 50% of maximum load, and 100% of maximum load. The original 80 Plus certification was simple. It simply meant that the power supply should be at least 80% efficient at 20, 50, and 100% of the maximum load. Later on, in around 2008 and 2009, 4 more certifications were introduced, and they were called 80 Plus Bronze, 80 Plus Silver, 80 Plus Gold, and 80 Plus Platinum. The 80 Plus Platinum has a power efficiency of more than 90%, which is amazingly good. The 80 Plus Platinum power supplies are always around 90% power efficient under all load scenarios. Most of them are modular, and we always recommend to must go for a modular one as it reduces the clutter by a lot and causes better airflow overall. Tell us in the comment section below that which power supply did you go for and why.

#1 – What is the best 750W power supply?

Although all of the power supplies we mentioned are excellent and all of them will do the work properly. But if we had to choose one, we’ll recommend the EVGA SuperNova 750W G5 PSU as it is manufactured by a trusted brand and comes with a whopping 10 years of warranty which no other power supply does.

#2 – Is a 750-watt power supply enough?

Yes, it is enough for most gaming builds. There are only a few scenarios in which you should go to a higher wattage power supply.

#3 – Is 750w enough for RTX 3080?

Yes, it is enough for an RTX 3080 GPU with up to Core i9 and Ryzen 9 processors. But if you are planning to get a Ryzen Threadripper processor, you should go for a better PSU.

#4 – Is 750w PSU enough for 2080 Super?

Yes, it is more than enough for 2080 Super as the recommended power supply for 2080 Super is 650 watts,

#5 – Is 750w enough for 3090?

If you are planning to use an i7 or Ryzen 7 CPU in your PC with RTX 3090, 750 watts PSU is enough. But if you are getting an i9 or a Ryzen 9 or Threadripper processor, you should go for at least 850 watts PSU.

#6 – Is 750w PSU enough for 3070?

Yes, it is enough for a 3070. If you have a 3070, you should get one of these 750 watts PSU with peace of mind.

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