I used to believe that there was no way that a keyboard could improve my gaming experience, and boy, I was so wrong. If you are thinking about diving into mechanical keyboards, there are generally three types; 104-key, TKL, and 60 percent. As you might have guessed, full keyboards feature all keys, while the TKL lacks the Numpad, and 60 percent do not have Numpad, F keys, navigation keys, and other keys above the navigation keys. This article focuses on helping our readers get the best 60 percent keyboard for their gaming rig. I have some of the best 60 keyboards that you can buy online or from your nearest computer hardware shop. I will also be discussing a guide that will help you select the best 60 keyboards in the future.

Best 60 Keyboards – Specs & Comparison Chart

A quick look at the best 60% keyboards:

Best 60 Percent Keyboard

If you are interested in getting the best 60% keyboard, you are at the right place. I am pretty confident with the choices I have for you in this article. But, if still, you are unable to find something that would make you say, “This! I am getting this.” You will be prepared at the end of the article and have no issues choosing the best 60 keyboards for your gaming needs. Without any ado, let us get to the article.

#1 – Razer Huntsman Mini

Since its formation, Razer has offered solid, premium, and high-quality peripherals that know compromise. Razer might not have the best reputation for their gaming laptops, but their gaming mice, headphones, and keyboards are highly respect-worthy.

Color: Black Switches: Razer optical switches Keycaps: Double-shot PBT keycaps Backlighting: Per-key Chroma RGB Keyboard dimensions: ‎4.07 x 11.56 x 1.45 inches Secondary functions support: Yes, side-prints keycaps can be used as secondary function keys Number of keys: 61 Chassis: Aluminum chassis

Premium build quality Razer optical switches for low input latency Long-lasting PBT keycaps Side-print keycaps help in accessing cut-off keys functionality Non-proprietary Detachable USB Type-C cable Changeable RGB lighting modes

Premium than some full-key and competing options It does not come with palm rest

The Razer Huntsman Mini is regarded as one of the best 60 keyboards by gamers; some websites even consider it the best 60% keyboard. The Huntsman Mini is a compact, neat finish gorgeous keyboard with Razer RGB aesthetics. It comes in two colors: white and full black chassis and keycaps with RGB lighting. The keyboard is not here due to its design and aesthetics. Allow me to tell you why this keyboard is regarded as one of the best 60 percent keyboards. Rather than the standard mechanical switches, it features Razer optical switches that use Infrared light than physical contacts reducing the actuation distance for lower latency and faster response times, which is one the highest priorities of a gamer. Though it may not explicitly have the Numpad or directional keys, thanks to the “Fn” key, you can still use the functionality of the missing keys. The keycaps are made out of PBT, which are resistant to wear off and will last longer than anything.

#2 – Redragon K552 Kumara

If you have only used keyboards from prominent and popular brands like Logitech, Razer, HyperX, or more, chances are you might have never heard of Redragon. Redragon is an emerging company offering high-quality gaming peripherals. The Razer Huntsman Mini is another feather in the cap for Razer. It comes at a premium price which may disappoint many gamers, but considering the quality and features, it is outstanding, justifying its price. It has a premium quality finish that you would expect from Razer products and is a delight to look at. You can still use the keys functions usually absent on the 60 percent keyboards like F keys and the Numpad. Overall, it does not come with palm rest, which may cause wrist fatigue; moreover, the lack of macro keys is another flaw, but if you are getting this for only gaming, this product comes closest to my definition of the best 60 keyboards.

Color: Black Switches: Outemu Blue Key switches Keycaps: Double-shot injection, curved keycaps Backlighting: RGB lighting with different modes Keyboard dimensions: ‎4.86 x 13.94 x 1.46 inches Secondary functions support: Already included Number of keys: 87 Chassis: Metal alloy ABS construction

Ideal for gaming and typing Cherry MX equivalent Outemu Blue Key switches Excellent for people on a tight budget Compact despite having 87 keys No additional software required Robust, durable metallic build

The keys font might be a turnoff Not for people that are looking for a less noisy mechanical keyboard

The K552 is an 87 key, 60 percent mechanical keyboard featuring the Outemu Blue Key switches. It features programmable RGB lighting, which you can customize by pressing the “Fn” and “`” keys on the keyboard. Then press the “Fn” key along with arrow keys to choose from the 18 different RGB modes. It is affordable and one of the cheapest 60 keyboards that you can buy. It is cheap, but it has all the features you would expect from an RGB mechanical keyboard. The keys are soft and satisfying to type on, making them ideal for gaming and typing. The keycaps may feel cheaper, and some might not like the font on the caps, but that is a worthy sacrifice you can make to get other features for such affordable pricing. In short, if you want a decent quality RGB mechanical keyboard that has the ergonomics, smooth keystrokes, and does not require any additional software to run, all within a tight budget, the K522 might be the keyboard you are looking for.

#3 – Corsair K65

Corsair is a name that stands toe-to-toe against gaming peripheral manufacturing giants like Razer, Logitech, Cougar, and more. Meet the K65 mini 60 percent gaming keyboard built for enthusiastic games looking for an unmatched gaming experience. Thanks to the number of features set and build quality, the Red dragon K552 is one of the best 60% keyboards for gaming and typing. Its price tag will surprise you, as it surprised me, considering it is loaded with features. After hearing its price tag, it may sound cheap, but the build quality and button pressing will make you think otherwise. The addition of RGB and the modes adds value to the keyboard’s aesthetics and overall build quality. Though it is noisy and not for people who want a somewhat silent mechanical keyboard that will not annoy their significant other, other than that, I highly recommend this keyboard for gaming.

Color: Black Switches: Cherry MX Speed switches Keycaps: PBT, double-shot injected keycaps Backlighting: Per-key RGB lighting Keyboard dimensions: ‎4.13 x 11.57 x 1.73 inches Secondary functions support: Yes, side-prints secondary keycaps Number of keys: 62 Connection interface: Detachable USB Type-C

Highly compact, easy to adapt 60-percent design Supports up to 50 different onboard keyboard profiles Detachable USB Type-C interface Cherry MX Speed switches with up to 1.2mm actuation distance Supports secondary functions using the “Fn” key

Relatively expensive 8000 MHz polling is not particularly useful

Corsair offers premium features in a shrink-down mini mechanical keyboard. Corsair removes everything unnecessary to make the K65 as compact as possible without compromising anything essential. It is solid, durable, and feels premium, but what makes it unique from other competing 60 percent keyboards? Well, none of any particular features make the K65 stand atop the competition. Though, if you are a fan of Corsair products and are skeptical about buying a keyboard from an unknown company, the K65 makes sense. At a glance, it is compact and can be adjusted and rotated as seen fit. It packs Cherry MX Speed switches and features per-key RGB backlighting, something you will not get from cheaper products. The Cherry MX Speed switches feature a 1.2mm actuation distance with as slight input lag as possible. You can have up to 50 different onboard keyboard profiles with customizable macros. The eight MB of onboard storage will come in handy if you are into macros. Corsair also boasts its 8000 Hz native polling, which is not particularly useful.

#4 – HyperX Alloy Origins

Meet the Alloy Origins 60 percent mechanical gaming beast by HyperX. It is a compact 60 keyboard, and it is one of the most petite form factor keyboards that other 60 keyboards in competition. When it comes to premium and standout features, the K65 might be a disappointing product coming from Corsair, a very well-known name for its gaming peripherals. That said, it is not necessarily an underwhelming 60 percent keyboard. It is feature-packed and probably has more features than most cheap 60% keyboards in the market. Corsair boasts about the bonker 8000 MHz polling rate and how fast it could be; looks fantastic on paper, but in reality, it’s meh. If you are going for this keyboard for its polling rate, please do not. Unless you can notice the difference over the 1000 MHz polling rate, overall, the build quality is solid, the key presses are soft and feels natural. If you have a high budget, you can go with K65.

Color: Black Switches: HyperX Linear Red switches Keycaps: Double-shot PBT keycaps with side printing Backlighting: Per-key RGB lighting Keyboard dimensions: ‎4.2 x 11.7 x 1.5 inches Secondary functions support: Yes, side-prints keycaps for secondary functions Number of keys: 61 Chassis: Aircraft-grade aluminum body

High-quality, premium 60 keyboard Double-shot PBT keycaps Three adjustable angles Detachable USB Type-C interface Competitive price than other high-end 60 keyboards

Lack of palm rest It supports only three profiles

It features HyperX Red linear switches that are light and are super responsive, making this keyboard ideal for gamers already. The frame is made out of aluminum, and the weightiness gives the laptop a more premium feel. It rocks the PBT material keycaps that are well suited for hardcore gaming. The design is well-rounded. The RGB lighting does not feel overkill and hurts the eyes during late-night gaming sessions. The keycaps are standard-sized, and you can replace them if you have some gorgeous-looking keycaps lying around. That is reassuring to know if you like to customize your keyboard with funky or other attractive themes that match your gaming rig. As attractive as the HyperX Alloy Origins might look, there are some crucial things that you will have to keep in mind before jumping on the hype train. The keyboard is noisy and cannot use for late-night games without annoying your partner. Overall, you will be pretty pleased with the overall performance and quality of the keyboard.

#5 – KINESIS Gaming TKO

KINESIS is a name you will be familiar with if you have ever searched or bought an ergonomic split keyboard. The masterminds behind the successful ergonomic keyboard feature their 60 percent mechanical gaming keyboard, the Gaming TKO. When looking for a compact 60 keyboard, there are undoubtedly some sacrifices and compromises to be made. If you are willing to make some, then the HyperX Alloy Origins is one of the most attractive, high-quality 60 percent gaming keyboards in the market. Except for a few nitpicks here and there, the HyperX is a decent gaming keyboard at an attractive price tag. It checks all boxes of features that you would love in a mechanical keyboard minus some useless keys. But if you need the cut-off functionality keys, HyperX has your back as there are side-printed keys that to can use for accessing the absent keys.

Color: Space gray Switches: Linear Kailh Box Red switches Keycaps: Double-shot, PBT keycaps Backlighting: Per-key, dual-zone RGB lighting Keyboard dimensions: ‎4.53 x 11.61 x 1.3 inches Secondary functions support: Supported, side-prints keycaps for secondary functions Number of keys: 63 Chassis: Aircraft-grade aluminum body

Unmatched ergonomics with four pop-up feet for tilting and tenting Customizable triple split space bar Kailh Box Red switches Outstanding build quality and feel Dual-zone RGB and underglow lighting Programmable keyboard without additional software

Lack of software makes configuration a pain One of the most expensive 60 keyboards

It is one of the most expensive 60 keyboards in the market. Its premium price is due to many reasons. The keyboard, unlike the majority, have four reversible tilt feet, adjustable for maximum comfort. Moving on, it has the premium build quality and feels that you would expect from a luxurious-priced mechanical gaming keyboard. The build quality, Freestyle Edge RGB and tenting and reverse tilts make it worth buying for many. It is a must-buy for folks looking for one of the best ergonomically designed mechanical keyboards. KINESES excels in ergonomics and has one of the best ergonomics on their keyboards, except for similar comfortability and ease of use with the Gaming TKO. In the center, you will notice a space bar divided into three keys, all of which can be customized for two other micros, which is an excellent idea. It does not require drivers for running, which can be a good and bad thing simultaneously. The good thing is there is one more minor program running in the background; the bad news is, the configuration process becomes finicky and irritating to some extent. Overall, I highly recommend checking out the Gaming TKO, considering it does not affect your budget.

#6 – Ducky One 2 Mini

The first impression that I had after having a single glance at the Ducky One 2 Mini 60 keyboard was, “Oh wow, this keyboard is gorgeous.” I am not easily impressed. The Ducky One 2 Mini is a compact mechanical gaming keyboard with attractive features. The KINESIS Gaming TKO is a premium eSports gaming mechanical keyboard by split keyboard masters KINESIS. It is a feature-packed keyboard that will give you a hard time if you decide to find the number of cons it comes with. The number of pros is overwhelming and justifies the high price tag. It has four pop-up feet that help tilt or tent the keyboard as per needs, something you will not find in other competing “eSports” gaming keyboards. I can write a thousand-long article on this keyboard about how different things TKO does, which others do not; feel free to do your research. You might have issues with customizability and firmware updating due to the lack of any driver, but you have the internet, people with zero computer knowledge will figure them out.

Color: Black and white Switches: Linear Kailh Box Red switches Keycaps: Double-shot, PBT keycaps Backlighting: Per-key, RGB lit keys Keyboard dimensions: ‎6.14 x 13.03 x 2.28 inches Secondary functions support: Supported, side-prints keycaps Number of keys: 61 Chassis: Metallic chassis

One of the smoothest mechanical keyboards Outstanding customizability Gorgeous design Per-key RGB lit keyboard Side printed keys for accessing cut-off keys

Not the fastest mechanical keyboard Expensive than other better gaming keyboards

The model that I have here comes with the Cherry MX Black switches, but there are several other options that you can choose from. It comes with 61 keys, making it a proper 60 percent keyboard. It is not the best 60% keyboard when it comes to ergonomics, there are several other competing keyboards with better ergonomics, but it does not mean that it is built to cause strain. It has ergonomics but is on par with the premium, high-end models. It provides a butter smooth typing experience, making it ideal for typing along with gaming at different angles; thanks to its compact design, you have put it at any angle without placing strain on your wrists. Talking about wrists, it does not come with palm rest. It comes with many features built on its board since no interface software is available for the keyboard. Surprisingly, the keyboard is not the fastest in input latency, making it not ideal for reaction-based, fast-paced gaming.

#7 – ANNE PRO 2

If you are looking for one of the budget-friendly, low latency 60 keyboards, the Anne Pro 2 is one of the many 60 percent keyboards available for purchase. It is not just about having low latency; on the top, it looks gorgeous and oozes quality from every angle. Looking for a mechanical keyboard that comes with different switches option, the Ducky One 2 Mini is a decent choice that you can look into. Sadly, I will not recommend this keyboard to people looking for the lowest latency options, not hindering the gaming experience. It has somewhat of a higher latency despite being a wired keyboard. But if you want to play single-player games with this keyboard or want to code, it has fantastic customization, and the switches are super unique.

Color: Black Switches: Gateron Brown switches Keycaps: Double-shot, PBT keycaps Backlighting: Per-key RGB backlit keyboard Keyboard dimensions: ‎3.82 x 11.18 x 1.57 inches Secondary functions support: Supported, side-prints keycaps Number of keys: 61 Chassis: Sturdy plastic frame

Decent tactile feedback Pre-key RGB lit keys Robust, sturdy build quality Supports macros using dedicated software Wireless connectivity using Bluetooth

Super compact, the small size might not be for everyone

It does not have flashy features other than RGB; each key is individually lit and can support macro programming. It comes with dedicated software, which you can use for programming and other customizations. The build quality of the Anne Pro 2 is outstanding, which is hard to tell from the pictures unless you will hold it in your palms. Like other 60 keyboards, gamers have the choice to choose from a variety of switch options. The unit that I have here comes with the Gateron Brown switches. You might not have heard about the switches, but these are impressive and have excellent and responsive feedback. Unlike some other switches, these generate relatively less noise without compromising typing quality. There is one con that I thought I should mention, is it follows the generic design that you will see in the majority of the 60 keyboards. Ergonomics is not a thing on this keyboard, and it is possible to get your wrists fatigue.


The last keyboard on this list is the RK Royal Kludge RK61, and it is cheaper, not as cheap as the Redragon K552, so, if you are on a medium-budget and looking for a compact keyboard, the RK Royal Kludge RK61 is a 60 keyboard that is worth checking out. The Anne Pro 2 is one of the very few products I recommend that is jam-packed with features at an acceptable price tag. It also gave me difficulty finding the cons that might cause users to think twice before buying the keyboard. The Anne Pro 2 is a product of clever engineering and thoughtfulness, which is why I could not find a particular flaw. It has incredible responsiveness. The buttons are super easy to press, compact, have the solid build quality, macros, and more, all within an affordable price tag.

Color: White Switches: RK hot-swappable switches Keycaps: ABS keycaps Backlighting: Per-key RGB lit keys with 18 lighting different effects Keyboard dimensions: ‎6.02 x 12.99 x 1.85 inches Secondary functions support: Yes, dual printed keycaps Number of keys: 61 Connection interface: Wired USB Type-C, Bluetooth

White finish looks gorgeous 8° ergonomic design Wired/wireless connection interface Per-key RGB lit keyboard Competitive price

Lack of feet for tilting ABS keycaps

The unit I have, comes with white chassis and ABS plastic keycaps. Considering the price, I would not be complaining about the keyboard not having PBT keycaps. It rocks the RK hot-swappable switches. The overall design is great and would fit with most gaming rigs. When on budget, it is expected to have most premium features absent, similar to the RK61, but when it comes to the essentials, the RK61 nails almost everything, build quality, keystrokes, RGB backlit keys. IF YOU ARE WONDERING, the RGB cannot be synchronized with your other peripherals. Though you can still adjust the lighting using the keys on the keyboard, I almost forgot this thing is wired and wireless. Yep, you are getting a wireless keyboard at a meager price. Honestly, I think this keyboard is a pretty solid choice. If you are on a tight budget, you might not find this many features in any other keyboard. It is a solid 8 in my book.

Buyer’s Guide: Best 60 Keyboards For Gaming!

You have the budget but wondering which features to look for in a 60 keyboard as you have the budget and time to browse for some options? I have the perfect mini-guide for your pleasure below that will help you choose from multiple options if you have a few options in mind. The RK Royale Kludge RK61 is a gorgeous, compact gaming mechanical keyboard aimed at people on a budget. It is jam-packed with features like wired/wireless connectivity, RGB lighting, compact design, and more. The price makes this keyboard worth buying; some cutbacks are all but luxurious features. The RK61 nails everything essential for a premium typing and gaming experience, everything at the price of big brands. The lack of feet for tilt is a letdown, but there is much to complain about at this price. Fact: 60 Keyboard or 60 percent keyboard are compact keyboards without the F keys, navigation keys, Numpad, hence the name 60 percent. Without any ado, check out the crucial features to look out for in a best 60 keyboard down below. How many keys does a 60-percent keyboard have? 60 keyboards or 60 percent, as the name suggests, have 60 percent of the keys of a standard 104-key keyboard. There is a third type, known as TKL or tenkeyless keyboards. 60 keyboards are the most compact and are great for people looking for a compact keyboard that can be portable and easily moved around. These are designed mainly for people looking to save some space, but most of the time, you will see these in the hands of eSports professional players that play fps titles since you can put them on your desk at any angle. In general, a compact 60 keyboard will have around 61 – 63 keys on average. You may find more but not less than 60. TKL, on the contrary, comes with 87-90 keys on average. Benefits of a 60% keyboard As mentioned earlier, 60% of keyboards are designed with portability and compact size in mind. Not everyone is looking to have 104-key keyboards on their desks. Most of these 60 keyboards are gorgeous and per-key RGB lit, which helps them blend in any gaming theme or room. They are super compact, and their response times are often fast, depending on the switches. Talking about switches, almost every 60 keyboard comes with a variety of switches options. The option to choose from multiple options provides flexibility and ease of buying. The fun part is, you can use your custom keycaps and customize your keyboard to your heart’s desire. Lastly, they weigh less than your average keyboard, and some come with wireless options, great if you want to play a campaign title and have the chance to put your keyboard anywhere from your desk to your lap. Fact: 60 percent keyboard is the best way to save space if your computer table starts to become congested with components and other stuff. Switches and Keycaps Switches and keycaps are as crucial as the performance of a keyboard, at least for me. I cannot say for the majority. If you are a dedicated, competitive gamer, naturally, you want your peripherals to have as slight input delay as possible. That is where the switches come into the equation. Each switch has an actuation distance. It is the distance from the key to the point of contact on the main circuit board. The bigger the length will be, the more delay you will experience. Moreover, a stiff switch will require the user to put force, which sometimes would make a user either miss-click during games or not press the correct key during the intense, fast-paced fights in their multiplayer games. I do not have something special for particular keycaps, but I know that PBT keycaps are regarded as the best and preferred by the majority for many good reasons. One of them is that they do not fade and are high quality. Also, PBT or Polybutylene Terephthalate is probably the most durable material used in keycap material. Build quality & Size At this point, you know, the size of the 60 keyboards is the smallest compared to 104 and TKL keyboards. Though there is no standard size, the actual compact size will vary from model to model. The ideal size should be ~11 inches wide, ~3 inches high, and roughly 1.5 inches thick. These are rough estimates. The exact dimensions will vary. Moving on, build quality is essential. You do not want to feel bad after spending a premium on 60 keyboards to see it feels and look cheap. It may be the fastest keyboard on the planet, but it is not better than a golden garbage bin. If you prefer performance overlooks and feel, I respect that. For me, look and feel is as important as performance. If I have to pay a premium to get the same feeling as my cheap membrane keyboard, I might as well not waste my money. In the end, if you are in for competitive games, your priority should be performance and ergonomics over flashy features. Though I am positive that you will be disappointed by build quality from mid to high-end keyboards, there is little to worry about unless you cheap out on the keyboard. Other Features In the end, after checking out essential features, feel free to browse for other features like if the keyboard has some extra juicy features, like detachable USB connection for power or having standard-sized keycaps, which you can replace any time. Fact: Compared to traditional keyboards, the 60 keyboard does not have to be stationary; you can place it the most comfortable to your wrists which also causes less wrist fatigue. Before anything, make sure not to prioritize these additional features over the essential. You do not want to have any regrets at the end of the day. Some parts are nice to consider, like RGB lighting modes. The higher the price is, the more modes the keyboard will come with. What I would do when looking for a 60 keyboard is I will comprehensively look for essential features then make a list. From the list, I would go with the keyboard that suits my needs the most and then, if possible, would grab some additional features along the way. Smart, right? I do not have anything particular to say about additional features, as long it does not hurt your budget or needs. Wired vs. Wireless I guess you and I can agree on wired keyboards being the best option for games that require pinpoint reaction speeds. That keyboard with minimal input lag will be the deciding factor between you and your enemy. The person with lower latency will be standing alive at the end. Wireless is excellent; if you want to do some typing-related work, like coding, for instance, or writing a college essay, it could be anything in the world that does not rely on low latencies; you get the point. I would also prefer wireless over wired when I am in the mood of playing some casual, single-player titles like riding a horse in Red Dead Redemption 2, and I think most gamers would agree with me on this one; if not, feel free to go with a wired keyboard. Some high-end keyboards have both interfaces, so get both if you cannot decide which keyboard to go for. The 60 keyboards are the best choice for compact keyboards; it has several benefits but has their fair share of cons. If you are a typist and like to type, say goodbye to functionality keys, navigational keys, and Numpad. If you are willing to accept the cons of the 60% keyboards, you will enjoy the many advantages of 60% keyboards. It is likely you might not have found your favorite keyboard on the list since there are many new devices. These are my personal choices, and I know they will vary from person to person. In the end, I am confident if you are buying 60 percent for the first time, you will find the keyboard from this list. If not, there are a plethora of 60% keyboards available on the internet.

#1 – Which is the best 60 keyboard?

The Razer Huntsman Mini is one of the most popular and most sold 60 keyboards globally due to several good reasons. It does come at a premium price tag, but the features, build quality, and ergonomics make it a worth buying keyboard. If you are looking for the best 60 keyboards for tight-budget consumers, check out the Redragon K552.

#2 – Is a 60% keyboard better?

It depends. If you are bothered by bigger keyboards and have little room to move your mouse due to your keyboard, in such a case, a 60% keyboard is the best choice. If you often type documents or code on your PC, then a 60 percent keyboard may not be worth it.

#3 – Is the Ducky One 2 mini worth it?

The Ducky One 2 Mini features Cherry MX switches and offers a wide variety of switch options to choose from. It has some attractive features with minor cons. If you have the budget for the keyboard, it is worth getting.

#4 – Is the Razer Huntsman mini wired?

Yes, the Razer Huntsman Mini is a wired keyboard and does not have wireless connectivity. If you are looking for wired keyboards, check out the Ducky One 2 Mini or ANNE Pro 2 keyboards. Wireless keyboards often have higher input delays than a wired keyboard, something to keep in mind.

#5 – Can 60% keyboards have arrow keys?

Yes, but it requires pressing the “Fn” key. If you ask whether 60% keyboard comes with dedicated navigation keys, the answer is no. You will find the arrow keys on a TKL or the standard 104-key keyboard.

#6 – Why is 60% keyboard expensive?

Mechanical keyboards are generally requiring extra material and components to make. High-quality components increase the price further, regardless of the size. This is why you will find 60% keyboard expensive. There are some cheap options, but I do not recommend them as there will be more cons than pros.

#7 – Why do gamers use 60 keyboards?

60 keyboards are preferred by most competitive gamers that play fps games. Since they are small and compact, it is easier to rotate and place them at adjustable angles than TKLs and standard 104 keyboards.

#8 – Are 60% keyboards good for FPS?

Yes, since you will have more space for your mouse to move, you can place the keyboards at different angles, which can enhance the gameplay than the average keyboard and mouse arrangement. It also depends highly on the latency and quality of the 60% keyboards.

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