People who have been building PCs for some time now and they know what they are looking for, and they simply pick out the one that they think is going to be best for them. Whether they choose to go with the best 360mm AIO cooler available in the market, or they decide that they are looking to go with an air cooler. The choice is there, but it is important to know that they are fully aware of what they are buying. With that said, the problem starts creeping in for everyone new to the idea of building a new gaming PC because that is when things become difficult for most of us, and there must be a proper roundup so you can make the right decision without any issues.

Best 360MM AIO: The Chart With Details Below!

Best 360MM AIO

Now, if you have set your mind on a 360mm AIO cooler, the good news is that you can easily find what you are looking for, and it is better that you are fully informed about the decision that you are making. It will always be helpful if you are making the right decision. That is what we are going to get sorted in this article.

#1 – Corsair iCUE H150i RGB Pro

We are kicking the list off with Corsair, of course. After all, the company is known for giving us some of the finest coolers over the past couple of years. Not just coolers, Corsair has covered almost every aspect that you would normally want in PC gaming, and that is what makes them so special as compared to some of the other companies that we have.

Ships with three 120mm Corsair ML series magnetic fans. 16 individually addressable RGB LED lights. Fan speed ranging from 400 to 2500 RPM. Zero RPM cooling profile. Corsair iCUE software for customization. Compatible with all modern sockets.

The fan curves on this cooler are excellent. Fans have a great overall performance. The overall thermal and acoustic performance remains one of the best. You are getting one of the best mounting systems that you could ask for.

Corsair charges a premium but makes up for it with great features.

For now, we have the Corsair iCUE H150i RGB Pro, one of their newer coolers that have been making waves in the market, and for all the right reasons, of course. The cooler delivers amazing performance, and the best part is that they are going to give you a great experience overall, so you are not left behind, either. Now, the good thing is that the fans on this cooler can manage some of the finest curves that you will get to see, which means that the performance is going to remain excellent. The fans on their own are solid, and you are not going to be let down by the acoustics or anything else that could make your decision sway in one way or another, which makes this cooler an excellent choice. The overall performance is also excellent in almost every way, which ensures that you are getting a proper cooling experience in which you do not have to worry about anything not adding up. In addition to that, the intuitive mounting mechanism is another thing that you should be aware of as it is going to deliver the performance you want. Honestly, after using this cooler after some time, I tried hard to find something that I could obsess over about, but aside from the fact that Corsair charges a slight premium over this, I couldn’t find anything wrong with this cooler which makes this a compelling option.

#2 – NZXT Kraken Z73

NZXT is a long-runner when you are talking about PC components, and coolers are just one of the many things that they excel at and do a great job of excelling at, as well. Simply put, their coolers are amazing for every single reason, and the performance is on par with some of the best we have seen in the market. The Corsair iCUE H150i RGB Pro is cooler to get if money is not an issue, and you are looking for a no-compromises experience because that is what this cooler delivers.

Bright 2.36-inch LCD for customization. CAM software can take control of everything. Chamfered intake and fluid dynamic bearings for an excellent performance. AER 120mm fans. Rotatable pump for easier access. Compatible with all modern motherboard sockets.

The LCD on the pump looks excellent and has a lot of functionality as well. CAM software is great for adjusting different aspects of the cooler. The excellent cooling capability is one thing that keeps us coming back.

Fans are on the louder side.

The NZXT Kraken Z73 is based on the old foundations, but everything else is new, which makes this cooler such a compelling choice for almost everyone in the market. The cooler takes you by surprise with the beautiful, multi-faceted display on the pump that can show the data in real-time. The CAM software is great as it can provide great flexibility as well as the overall user experience. It can allow you to manage the pump as well as fan curves or just control the cooler and all the other aspects to it as well. If you are wondering whether NZXT has given up on the performance in ways to push other features ahead, then that is not the case. The NZXT Kraken Z73 is by far one of the best coolers that I have tested, and it manages to keep your components cool regardless of the condition you are running them in. Sadly, the fans that NZXT has supplied end up getting louder at full speed, which is something you can deal with adjusting fan curves or simply swapping the fans out.

#3 – Thermaltake Floe

There is no way to overlook the dedication that Thermaltake has managed to show us in the market full of wonderful coolers. Everything ranging from your affordable air coolers to AIO coolers to full-out custom cooling equipment, ThermalTake has got you covered and with great assurance, as well. If you want a good cooler that delivers on every promise and brings along excellent performance, the NZXT Kraken Z73 is the cooler to go for, and you will not be let down in any way.

Patented Ring Plus RGB software. 12 individually controlled RGB LEDs. High-efficiency radiator with push/pulls mounting support. Fan speed from 500 to 1400 RPM. Supports all modern CPU sockets. Durable and sleeved water block and cable.

The performance is decent in all cases. Good memory and GPU clearance. The great build quality. The cooler is easy to install. Runs without creating a lot of noise. RGB lighting looks excellent. Ships with a 3-year warranty.

The TT RGB Plus software could use some polishing in different areas.

The Thermaltake Floe is just that, one of their higher-end AIO coolers that have managed to make some strides in the market. While it does not do anything that has not been done in the market before, it is all about how good it is when it comes to the traditional formulas, and I’d say pretty good, to say the least. The overall performance of this cooler is what makes it great for everyone to use, and the cooler has a perfect memory as well as GPU clearance to ensure that you are not getting left behind in terms of the overall installation is concerned. The build quality is also excellent, and the cooler itself is easy to install. You are getting an overall quiet acoustic performance. While I will not call it whisper-quiet, what you are getting your hands on is excellent in every way. The RGB lighting is implemented nicely and looks great, too. You are also getting a three-year warranty for an added peace of mind when you are buying this cooler. On the opposite end of things, my only issue here is that the software is not as intuitive as I may have liked it. In the world of easy software customizations, this one stands out a bit and not in a flattering way.


MSI is not normally a company that you associate with someone good at making coolers, but things are different here as the company has given us some new AIO liquid coolers, and as far as the things that we have heard, they are pretty good for the price you are paying but are they that good in other terms? That is what we are here to find out. Whether you are in the Thermaltake ecosystem or you are not, the fact that the Thermaltake Floe is a great cooler is undeniable and should be on your buying list already

Motor ceramic bearing for increased life expectancy. Total RGB control. Customizable fan speed and curves. Rotatable cap for easier mounting. The pump is integrated into the radiator. Compatible with all CPU sockets.

The CPU block is smaller and easy to fit. The installation process is one of the easiest. Great RGB lighting effects. A long list of supported CPU sockets.

The thermal performance is average at best.

The cooler that we are looking at is the MSI MAG CORELIQUID, and it sure looks the part if you are going to talk about aesthetics only but is the cooler more than that? That is what we are going to look at in this review. One of the best things about this cooler is that the pump has been moved to the radiator mounting, which allowed MSI to make the CPU block a bit smaller while still maintaining great performance. The RGB lighting looks vivid, and not just that, it looks brilliant when properly set, as well. The overall installation process is one of the easiest that we have come across, which makes this cooler a compelling option for everyone in the process, and you are also getting access to extensive CPU socket support, which is always nice to have as it only brings more freedom of choice here. As far as the downsides are concerned, the only issue I have is that the thermal performance is average at best, and while it still manages to keep everything adequately cooled, the cooler does not do anything that is not already being done by other coolers.

#5 – ASUS Rog Ryujin

Asus has a great history with some of the finest products that we have seen so far in the market. You can name any product with Asus’ name on it, and you will know that you are getting your hands on something that is not going to disappoint you as far as the performance is concerned. The great thing about the MSI MAG CORELIQUID is that it is one of the best coolers available in the market and will deliver the absolute best performance for anyone who is looking for a good performance and will not be disappointed at all.

1.77-inch LiveDash OLED screen. Industrial grade 2000 RPM PWM Noctua fans. Asus Aura Sync compatible. Patented pending micro fan inside the pump. Aluminium pump cover and reinforced sleeved tubing. Compatible with all CPU sockets.

Ships with excellent Noctua NF-F12 IPPC 2000 fans. The customizable LiveDash OLED is great to have. The addressable RGB LEDs look excellent. Great thermal and acoustic performance.

Cable management can be a nightmare to deal with.

This is what brings the ASUS Rog Ryujin comes to us. I was honestly surprised when Asus decided to enter the market of CPU coolers in the market, but this looked different and promising, to say the least. Therefore, we had to give it a try, and I am glad we went that way, as this cooler is something good. So, what is so good about this cooler? Well, for starters, the cooler ships with three Noctua- NF-F120 2000 fans, and for those who don’t know much about these fans, they are essentially the industry standard and have managed to deliver excellent performance across the board. Another great thing here is that the customizable LiveDash OLED display on the water block is good to have as it allows you to customize it the way you want, and even add GIFs of your choice, or simply go with something more traditional like system stats. In addition to that, you are getting the addressable RGB LEDs that are actually very bright and work well in almost every way. My only concern here is that the cable management on this cooler is one of the nightmarish ones that I have experienced, and while that is not an issue for people with larger cases, it can be one for those who are on smaller cases.


I have been a fan of EVGA GPUs for as long as I can remember, and while I never really had an experience with their motherboards, I know for a fact that they are also excellent. So, naturally, when EVGA started bringing in AIO CPU coolers, my excitement was off the charts, and I was looking forward to what EVGA has done with a formula that has been tried and tested for ages. For anyone who wants a good CPU cooler and money is not the concern, but it has to look good, the ASUS Rog Ryujin is an excellent choice as it delivers on all those fronts without really falling behind in any of the aspects.

Supports all major CPU sockets. EVGA RGB lighting that can be synced with other EVGA components. Unique fan design for reduced noise and easier cleaning. 360mm radiator size. Complete software suite for easy customization and management.

Great performance overall. Runs quiet. Unique fan design allows for easy cooling. Understated looks.

The water block looks unconventional and out of place.

Well, you get the EVGA CLC, a simply named cooler that looks even more understated when you put your eyes on the cooler. But this rather unassuming cooler with odd fan design is something that managed to impress all of us with ease and earned a spot on this list without putting in a lot of effort. For starters, the one thing that struck me the most is the way that this cooler looks; it has to be one of the most understated designs, and I have to say that it looks good for the way it is designed by EVGA, and that is what we love the most here. In addition to that, the unique fan design is also one thing that you are not going to be let down by as the fans are designed in one of the best ways to the point that you will not let down by the performance at all. You are also getting a very understated look as well, and there is an EVGA logo on the water block that lights up but aside from that, there is no RGB implementation that looks good. My only concern here is that the water block design looks a bit dated as compared to the rest of the cooler as well as the coolers that are available in the market.

Honorable Mention #1 – Thermaltake TH360

The last cooler on our list is from Thermaltake, and it certainly is something that I am excited to see. Thermaltake has a lot of amazing options available in the market, and this is just one of them that manages to catch our attention in the best possible way and does a great job at that. If you are in the market for a good cooler that delivers great performance and that too without any sacrifices, this is the one that you should be looking for as it delivers brilliantly on all fronts.

Supports Asus AURA Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light, and ASRock Polychrome lighting. Even has dedicated support through the ARGB controller. Low profile pump for easy clearance and clean looks. 360mm radiator. Supports all major CPU sockets. Copper base plate for better heat dissipation.

The thermal and acoustic performance is excellent. The impressive overclocking potential is something to take note of. Great aesthetics overall with the RGB lighting. The RGB lighting looks excellent and can be synced up with the rest of your components.

Has a hard time finding its identity in the Thermaltake portfolio.

The Thermaltake TH360 is one of the better coolers in the market, and while I did think about removing it in the first, I realized that it does deliver a great performance overall, so you are not losing out on anything here. With that said, there are a lot of great things about this cooler, starting with the performance, of course. As that is one of the main highlights here, this cooler is something that performs adequately in all ways, and you are still getting a great overall experience that will not let you down in any case, which is what most people want, in the first place. Another great thing is that the thermal and acoustic performance both are excellent on this cooler, and the cooler brings some great ways of overclocking your CPU by providing you ample cooling just for that. The overall aesthetics are both clean and flashy when you are using the RGB lightings along with the minimal-looking water block that also lights up. The RGB controls are also some of the best, so we are a fan of how this cooler lights up; if you want extra lighting in your case, this is a great way of getting it done, and considering how the lighting syncs up with your motherboard, it just makes the overall deal a lot sweeter. My only concern here is that Thermaltake has a long portfolio of coolers which includes multiple 360mm AIO coolers as well, which results in some confusion as to which one you are picking based on the performance.

Quick Tips For Picking The Best 360mm AIO Cooler

We are finally done looking at all the best coolers that are available in the market, which means that the next step is to start looking at the ways we can use to pick the right one as that is just as important as anything else, and we should not be overlooking that. Overall, the Thermaltake TH360 is an excellent offering for anyone who wants a good cooler that has no discrepancies and delivers looks and performance on the same platter with ease. You’ll also like it:

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Fan Speed, Fan Noise & Socket Support

When you are picking a new cooler, whatever it is, you will have to be sure of a few factors before you make your final buying decision as it is an important one, and you cannot just overlook it because you think it will not be coming in the way. For starters, you will need to decide just how fast the fans can get. Normally, I’d prefer to go with the cooler that keeps the fans idle when the CPU is under a certain temperature threshold, as that will make up for a good overall experience. Then you will need to check for the fan noise; ideally, you would want fans that are not noisier at all. It is something that happens all the time, and it is better that you are making the right move here, or else you will end up having a bad experience altogether, which is not what we want anyone to experience in the first place. Last but not the least, the socket support is another important thing because without the cooler supporting the right socket, you are left with no real option, and that is not what we would suggest to anyone in the first place. Therefore, be sure that your cooler does support the CPU socket you are using or planning on using.

Cooling, Design & RGB

The selection process for an AIO is generally a lot easier than one might think, and therefore, stressing over it a lot is not going to be of favor to anyone. When you are picking a new cooler, see what you are generally looking for. The cooler has to have good performance because without that, you are going to be left in the dark, and we are not suggesting that to anyone in the first place. Then the second thing that you must be careful about is going to be the design of the cooler, as it is better that you are picking something that adheres to the design language that you are normally going for on your PC. Last but not the least, you will have to start looking for the RGB because you cannot just go for something that does not look while it is installed. not suggesting that to anyone, in the first place. Then the second thing that you must be careful about is going to be the design of the cooler, as it is better that you are picking something that adheres to the design language that you are normally going for on your PC.

How Simple Is the Installation

Normally, AIOs are a bit technical to install because one part is being installed directly onto the CPU, and the radiator is being installed onto the case. I know it might sound confusing, but almost all the cooler ship with a friendly manual that you can use to decide how to install the cooler that you have just bought. Once that is out of the way, the overall process should be a lot easier and simpler for you to go ahead with.

Warranty & Value For Money

Last but not the least, I would heavily advise everyone to be careful about the value for money that they are getting from their cooler. Normally, you would not want to go with something with which you are not getting a good warranty. A good warranty is generally very important, and that is what you should be looking for in the first place. Value for money is something that you are going to decide as it is more of a subjective matter. The key is to look at how much you can spend and what you are looking for in a cooler. That is why the purpose of this roundup is to be certain that the readers are having all their questions answered because, at the end of the day, we want to be sure that our readers can pick the right cooler without having any issues that might be coming their way.

#1 – What is the best 360mm AIO?

Honestly, this is a choice that you will have to make for yourself. In my testing, all the coolers performed within the margin of one and the other. However, it all boils down to your personal preference.

#2 – Is AIO better than air?

Yes, modern AIOs have become a lot better than air coolers as far as the durability factor is concerned, so you are not going to be left behind.

#3 – Are AIO coolers worth it?

AIO coolers are a lot better provided you have the extra money for them and your case has enough space for installing a properly sized cooler because that is going to be an important thing.

#4 – How long do AIO coolers last?

This again depends on several things, including the cooler and how often it is being taken care of. You have to clean it every so often to be sure that the fins are not jammed with dust. A good AIO cooler could easily last you for 5 years or even more.

#5 – Do you need to refill AIO coolers?

No, the best thing about AIO coolers is that they don’t need refilling. However, some coolers from a few companies do come with the option that allows you to refill them, but they are normally more expensive and are considered a niche option, to begin with.

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