The 1080Ti was titled the supreme king in 2017. The series was exceptional and was extremely powerful. Despite being two generations old, the 1080 Ti series still holds its ground when it comes to raw performance and FPS. The series is a great choice for 1080p gaming, and it still provides decent performance in the latest AAA titles. Now that the series is almost three years old getting your hands on a GTX 1080Ti is more affordable than ever before. If you are one of the people who are looking to grab a GTX 1080Ti, we got your back as we will help you decide the most suitable card for your needs.

Best GTX 1080 Ti – Specs Chart

Best 1080 Ti

Finding the best graphics card for your gaming rig is a hard job. There are multiple factors to keep in mind when you are out looking for your dream cards, i.e., the cooling design or RGB aesthetics, or the number of fans. It is not just the looks that we are going to focus on in this article; we will be comparing and discussing the individual graphics card performance as well. Without any further ado, let’s get to business.

#1 – ASUS ROG STRIX GTX 1080 Ti OC Edition

The winner of multiple awards and possibly the fastest GTX 1080Ti graphics card that you can get your hands on is none other than the ASUS ROG STRIX GTX 1080Ti OC card. The graphics card is packed with powerful hardware while also supporting ASUS technologies like AURA Sync, MaxContact Technology, and more.

Graphics Memory: 11GB Graphics Memory Type: GDDR5X Max Digital Resolution: 7680×4320 Memory Clock Speed: 11010 MHz Number of Fans: 3 Interface:Yes x 1 (Native DVI-D) Yes x 2 (Native HDMI2.0b) Yes x 2 (Native DisplayPort 1.4) Yes (2.2)

Elegant design Fastest GTX 1080Ti variant in the market Low temps Quiet performance Excellent 1080p/1440p performance

Huge Size Expensive than the competition.

One of the best things about this card is its 40% better heatsink design for cooling offers higher FPS without compromising much on the temps. The graphics card offers up to 6.1% more FPS than the founder edition, which justifies its somewhat higher price tag compared to the founders’ edition GPU. It features an aesthetic design with three fans on top of a brilliant heatsink design that offers excellent airflow without generating obnoxious fan noises. The 0dB technology allows you to game in complete silence below a set level of 55°C. ASUS has allowed players to tweak their STRIX GTX 1080Ti card with the GPU Tweak II software. Although this card can be a little more expensive than the competition, it is definitely worth the purchase because of all of the other goodies it comes up with.

#2 – EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC Black Edition

The EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC Black Edition is the next card on our list. Design-wise it might not be for everyone, yet it is an amazing graphics card available in the market. Compared to the other GTX 1080Ti graphics cards, this card is slim. The ASUS ROG STRIX GTX 1080 Ti GAMING is a GTX 1080Ti done right with checking all of the necessary tick boxes of an ideal 1080Ti GPU. It is ASUS’s best graphics card of the top tier 1000 series graphics card series. This card is a bit expensive compared to the competition, but it is worth every buck. With the recent release of the Nvidia RTX 3000 series, which is the best graphics card series Nvidia has ever released, it is quite easy and a lot cheaper to get hands-on with the GTX 1080Ti graphics card. If you game on 1080p/1440p resolution, the ASUS ROX STRIX 1080Ti could be the best upgrade you can do to your gaming rig.

Graphics Memory: 11GB Graphics Memory Type: GDDR5X Memory Clock Speed: 11000 MHz Max Digital Resolution: 7680×4320 Number of Fans: 2 Interface: HDMI 2.0b DisplayPort 1.4 Dual-Link DVI

iCX Cooling Die-cast backplate and baseplate Vented heatsink fan design for decent airflow and cooling Great 1080p/1440p performance EVGA Precision XOC for better overclocking features with built-in automatic overclocking overtuning.

Design not for everyone 2x Fans A bit smaller than the competition Heavy in weight compared to its small size No Overclocking mode compared to the competition

EVGA engineered this card with a handful of great technologies, ensuring maximum performance without having to face heat or noise issues. It comes with a form-fitted backplate, which is not there just for the looks. It helps in decreasing the card temperature to some extent due to the integrated heat pipes. It comes with 2x fans on the front, which might disappoint some enthusiasts; however, the fans are equipped with ball bearings offering up to 4x life span and costs less power to rotate. That means more power is available for not only gaming but can also be utilized for any GPU hungry tasks. This card a great choice for 1080p/1440p offering great performance while being as silent as possible and worry-free lower temps gaming due to the brilliantly designed heatsink.


MSI GEFORCE GTX1080 TI GAMING X TRIO is a huge yet gorgeous graphics card. This card is an ultimate graphics card and possibly the company’s most powerful GPU in the GTX 1000 series. This card is on par with the ASUS ROG STRIX GTX 1080Ti OC GPU both aesthetically and performance-wise. The EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC Black Edition is a small yet powerful 1080Ti GPU great for 1080p/1440p gaming performance. It comes with a unique design that might not be liked by a few enthusiasts. The card comes with a Die-cast backplate and baseplate, which means great airflow and cooling solution. According to EVGA, the company re-engineered the heat sink, featuring L-shaped contact fins for improving the contact surface area for better heat dissipation. Despite its smaller size than the competition, this card is heavy, weighing almost 3 pounds.This card is worth looking out for if you are out on a quest to find the best 1080Ti for your gaming rig.

Graphics Memory: 11GB Graphics Memory Type: GDDR5X Memory Clock Speed: 11016 MHz Max Digital Resolution: 7680×4320 Number of Fans: 3 Interface: 2x DisplayPort (v1.4) 2x HDMI 2.0b 1x DL-DVI-D

3x TORX 2.0 double ball bearing fans RGB Mystic Light / SYNC Decent 1080p/1440p performance Wave Curved heatsink design increasing 10% heat dissipation area for great airflow. 2x Super pipes and 4x heat pipes

Bigger in size. Might create problems with compact PC casings. Heavy in weight. A bit expensive

Just like ASUS, the MSI GTX 1080Ti Gaming X TRIO supports different technologies offered to gamers by MSI, like Mystic Light Sync, for instance. With the help of this software, gamers can control the RGB components from other brands as well as the company’s devices from your PC or smartphone. The GPU features a specially built TRI-FROZR Thermal design offering excellent heat flow for worry-free high-end gaming. The GPU comprises specially designed 3x TORX 2.0 fans achieving greater levels of low temps during graphic-intensive tasks. All of this with no to little noise whatsoever. It is a truly amazing choice for 1080p/1440p gaming without having to spend a fortune on this card.

#4 – Gigabyte AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition

Gigabyte AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition is the Gigabyte’s variant of Nvidia’s GTX 1080Ti graphics card. The card features 3x 100mm double ball breading fans featuring Gigabyte’s specialized cooling system. The GPU is one of the fastest GPUs that you can get in the market. The MSI GeForce GTX 1080 TI GAMING X TRIO is a beast GPU for every gamer, casual to hardcore enthusiasts. It is a very decent choice for 1080p/1440p gaming. The card gets all of the tick boxes on a best GTA 1080Ti checklist but has a small issue; it is a huge card, not for people with a compact PC casing. It supports a handful of software, notably the Mystic Light and Afterburner software, to truly squeeze out maximum performance while being aesthetically pleasing with the RGB lights built-in onto the card. MSI truly reimagined heatsink design on this card that does wonders. It is considered one of the most silent cards that are available in the market. It offers excellent heat dissipation due to its decent heatsink design. The GPU offers the gaming profiles, OC, Gaming, and silent, where the card clock speeds are adjusted accordingly with a push of a button. It is a great gaming card that offers almost everything, RBG, noiseless performance, low temps, 3x fans, and so much more. Definitely a suitable card for 1080p/1440p gaming.

Graphics Memory: 11GB Graphics Memory Type: GDDR5X Memory Clock Speed: 11232 MHz Max Digital Resolution: 7680×4320 Number of Fans: 3 Interface: 1x Dual-link DVI-D 3x HDMI-2.0b 3x Display Port-1.4

3x WINDFORCE double ball bearing fans Excellent 1080p/1440p performance RBG Fusion 2.0 support and Sync Specially designed copper backplate for efficient cooling AUROS WINDFORCE STACK cooling design

A bit expensive

It features a default clock speed of 1607 MHz in gaming mode and has a boost clock of 1741MHz. Design-wise, the card does not look something extraordinary, just a generic GPU design with 3X fans and an X in the middle of the fan, and the X features RGB that can be managed as per desire via the RBG Fusion 2.0 software. The cool thing about this GPU is its specialized copper backplate. That does not just add more points to the looks, but it also offers an all-around cooling solution. It has a huge copper baseplate for efficient heat dissipation during extreme gaming hours. The fans on this GPU feature alternate spinning, which provides decent airflow throughout the heatsink to the backplate.

#5 – ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 Ti AMP Extreme Core Edition

The ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 Ti AMP Extreme Core Edition is ZOTAC’s highest tier GPU in the GTX 1000 series graphic card series. It features a base clock speed of 1645 MHz with a boost clock up to 1721 MHz. The Gigabyte AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition is a job well done by Gigabyte. It is an attractive graphics card by Gigabyte. It offers very fast clock speeds for intensive high-end gaming or other graphic-intensive tasks. Gigabyte did an exceptional job in every department with this card. It features an AUROS cooling system that features their WINDFORCE STACK cooling system, engineering with high dedication to bringing out the best airflow between the fans, the heatsink, and the backplate. Overall it’s a great choice for a GTX 1080Ti GPU offering impressive 1080p/1440p performance, but it could be a little bit expensive as it offers higher clock speeds than the founders’ edition.

Graphics Memory: 11GB Graphics Memory Type: GDDR5X Memory Clock Speed: 11232 MHz Max Digital Resolution: 7680×4320 Number of Fans: 3 Interface: 3x DisplayPort 1.4 1x HDMI 2.0b 1x DL-DVI-D

3x 90mm fans IceStorm Cooling system Decent 1080p/1440p performance RBG Fusion 2.0 support and Sync Fastest base clock speed compared to the competition

Bulky and huge Not many features as the competition

It is a very power-hungry GPU with over 320Watts of power consumption. It is the fast GTX 1080Ti GPU with an impressive base clock speed of 1645 MHz. It is a beefy GPU with a large heatsink that is ready to perform. The thing about this card is not only it performs great at 1080p/1440p gaming with ultra-settings, but it also does that while remaining silent. It features 3x 90mm fans that help in not only making the GPU cool but also makes it a lot quieter. It has a SPECTRA LED lighting system with a metallic backplate adding more to the design aesthetics.

#6 – EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 Gaming

Last but not least on our list is the EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 Gaming graphics card by EVGA, making it the second GPU by EVGA on-the-list. This card might be mediocre-looking just like the one listed above, but EVGA has surely engineered it to perform exceptionally. The ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 Ti AMP Extreme Core Edition is the flagship GTX 1080Ti graphics card by ZOTAC with a massive heatsink and a decent cooling system designed specifically for extreme gaming. Due to this card being factory overclocked, it is the fastest out of the box GTX 1080Ti compared with the rest of the 1080Tis. One of the attractive features of this GPU is its lower price point. It features three-zone SPECTRA lighting system, one on the top, on the front, and the last zone is on the backplate. It is a decent graphics card for 1080p/1440p performance. Due to its lower price point, it is worth checking out.

Graphics Memory: 11GB Graphics Memory Type: GDDR5X Memory Clock Speed: 11000 MHz Max Digital Resolution: 7680×4320 Number of Fans: 2 Interface: 3x DisplayPort 1.4 1x HDMI 2.0b 1x DL-DVI-D

Slim Design iCX Cooling Good 1080p/1440p performance Asynchronous fan control Thermal Display System on the GPU for cooling Low price card than most GTX 1080Tis

Not so attractive design Lower base and boost clocks than the competition

It is not the fastest card with the fastest base or boost clocks in the market, but it will get the job done. It features 2x double ball bearing fans on the top of a specially designed fin hole heatsink to ensure maximum airflow for peace of mind gaming performance. It features a die-cast form-fitted backplate that adds not only to the design but also reducing components’ temperature as well. It could be the only card that features a fuse that EVGA calls the EVGA ONLY fuse, which adds another layer of protection to your card. You can squeeze maximum performance out of this card with the help of the EVGA Precision XOC software.

How To Pick The Best 1080Ti Graphics Card For You

The GTX 1080Ti is the flagship graphics card series by Nvidia, and there are not that many factors to look out for before choosing a decent card for your rigs. Many companies offer attractive features on their graphics cards. Yet, some offer excellent performance while maintaining the design aesthetics as well. The EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 Gaming is a very decent flagship graphics card by EVGA for high-end gaming. The graphic card does not have a higher base clock or boost clock speed than other GTX 1080Tis, but it surely gets the job done when it comes to raw performance and FPS at 1080p/1440p gaming. It is a 2-slot GPU that does not take much space in your rig whatsoever. That makes it one of the best choices for compact rigs. EVGA has done an excellent job while maintaining a small size of the card without having to compromise on anything else. It has a very decent cooling system as well as is a quiet card. It doesn’t have a massive price tag compared to the rest of the 1080Tis, making it a very decent choice to choose from. Definitely worth testing out. The main factor that will decide a card purchase for any enthusiast gamer is the higher base and boost clock speeds by taking the price point in mind. These will decide the benchmarks. A decent base/boost clock with decent overclocking profiles will help in squeezing out that extra raw performance for a smooth and pleasurable gaming experience. The second thing to look out for when selecting a card is how it manages heat dissipation. A decent cooling design and system is a must on such high-end graphics cards. Below are some factors that you can look out for in the GTX 1080Ti graphics card.

GTX 1080Ti Gaming Benchmarks

Benchmark is the critical factor that will assist you in deciding on your 1080Ti. Looks do matter, but nothing is as important as the raw performance and the FPS. Make sure to do your homework before you go out and purchase the GPU that caught your eye. The founders’ edition of the Nvidia GTX 1080Ti is decent, but these different variants offer more performance due to their build and design. The founders’ edition cards have a low base and boost clocks. That is why these companies offer their flagship cards. Checking out the benchmarks will greatly assist in deciding the best GPU with the help of a few factors. If the card performs up to 8-10% better than the founders’ editions while costing a little bit more is worth looking out. But if you are paying an extra 100-150$ for not more than 9-10 FPS difference, that card is not worth the bucks. The next thing to check is how well do these cards perform in the latest titles. If you are fine with gaming at 1080p/1440p @60-100FPS, a GTX 1080Ti will prove to be a very decent purchase. These cards are still able to deliver up to 60+ consistent FPS after tweaking the graphics settings from little to no extent. This alone makes them a great purchase in recent times. After you have decided on the GTX 1080Ti that you are going to get for your rig, make sure to double-check the benchmark with graphics cards manufactures by different companies. The important factor to have in mind that the cards might not turn into a fireplace after running the latest AAA title. That’s a big no.

How Is The Cooling Department?

As previously mentioned, a decent cooling system is a must for these high-end GPUs. It should not be a big deal when talking about the 1080Tis because almost every company has focused on a decent cooling design. Some offer a bulky heatsink, and some offer a slim depends on company to company. However, do make sure that the cooling department does not lack anything. Gaming at higher temps not only puts your hardware at risk but also performs badly while in the game, causing lag, which is a nightmare for any gamer. Checking the cooling system of the GPU will ensure peace of mind gaming. It will also not restrain you from gaming for a few hours.

Base Clock Speed & Boost Clock Speed

The base clock speed is not such a big deal compared to the boost clock speed. The higher the boost clock is, the more raw performance you will get. The more raw performance you will have in your hands, the more FPS you will be able to get in gaming. So, it is one of the crucial factors in deciding which GPU you should be getting. Every card in this list has a very decent base and boost clock speed even some has the fastest clock speeds in the market, so you can be at ease from this department. However, it does not hurt comparing both of the clock speeds with the founders’ edition when you are paying extra money over the basic price of the founders’ edition cards.

Total Number Of Port Available On The Card

This factor will not be that important to people who plan to use a single monitor with their gaming rigs. However, if you are going to use multiple monitors with your gaming rig, like four monitors, this is a crucial factor that you should not ignore. Most of the GTX 1080Tis mentioned in this list comes with a 1x HDMI port, 3x Display Ports, and 1x DL-DVI-D that might or might not be sufficient for your needs. Some cards have more than four output ports, like the Gigabyte AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition GPU that offers up to 7 output ports. Depending on the number of output ports on the GPU, you might want to reconsider that option, which might look great to you in the first place.


Compatibility might not sound as important as other factors listed in this article when someone decides to purchase a graphics card for their system. If the graphics card is not compatible with your power supply or the motherboard, the GPU won’t run as well, as you will end up wasting your time and money. To save yourself from such hassle, checking out the compatibility of the GTX 1080Tis is a very crucial factor. These cards have a PCI-E 3.0 x16 memory bus. Make sure your motherboard supports this card. The second thing about compatibility is your CPU, surely you will be able to run the game with the 1080Ti GPU, but if your CPU is old and weak, you will not be able to utilize the max out of your GPU, which will prove to be a waste of money. Make sure that you have a decent CPU that might not cause a bottleneck when paired with the best GTX 1080Ti of your choice.

Size And Design

The last but not the least thing to bear in mind is the size and design of the GPU; in case you have a gorgeous looking casing with tempered glass oozing out the beauty of your gaming rig, a poorly designed GPU will ruin everything, right? If you do not care about design and you are all out for maximum performance, then you should not concern yourself with the design; however, make sure that the size of the card is sufficient for your casing, and it might not create a blockage for airflow in your system.

#2 – Can a 1080Ti run 4k?

It can run games at 4K. It can easily run the older games at 4K, offering a smooth performance, but it will struggle hard in the latest AAA titles. These cards will be able to run the AAA titles at 20-35 FPS. Which is not a decent experience. Considering the high amount of money you are paying, it is not an ideal purchase for 4K.

#3 – Why is 1080 TI so expensive?

The 1080Ti series is the highest-end graphics card series released by Nvidia in 2017. These cards are very fast and powerful and still perform amazingly in the latest AAA titles at 1080p/1440p resolutions offering 60+ FPS smooth and amazing gaming experience with all graphics settings maxed out and is short in supply yet high in demand.

#4 – Can 1080Ti run 1440p 144Hz?

It can run older titles at 1440p @144Hz, and it can surely perform excellently in competitive titles like Dota 2, CSGO, Valorant, League of Legends, PUBG, and more. If you are trying to run the latest AAA titles at 1440p 144Hz, you might not get the smooth experience as you might think.

#5 – Which is the best 1080Ti graphics card?

Every GTX 1080Ti mentioned in the list is exceptional and performs amazingly when it comes to raw performance and decent cooling solutions. These cards are carefully picked out of many GTX 1080Tis available in the market. If we have to pick one, our pick would be either the Gigabyte AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition or the ASUS ROG STRIX GTX 1080Ti OC Graphics cards. The reason being these graphics cards leave no box unchecked out of the best GTX 1080Ti GPU.

Final Verdict:

The GTX 1080Ti graphics card was released back in 2017 and was titled as the best gaming graphics card ever released by Nvidia, taking the crown from the GTX 1080. Now that Nvidia has released the RTX 3000 graphic card series and AMD is back in the graphics card business, there are multiple choices to choose from. It is possible the best time to get your hands on the 1080Tis because of the release of the latest generation RTX GPU and, more importantly, AMD releasing some really amazing graphics cards to disrupt the market of the GPUs. The price of these cards will drop and is dropping, making them a great purchase for 1080p/ 1440p gaming. Although the card is not ideal for 1440p gaming because of the price tag, if you can get one for half of the original price, you are in for the luck, and it is worth purchase. The design and the cooling system of these GPUs play an important factor in deciding the best 1080Ti for your rig, not to forget the build aesthetics.

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