BeReal is an app that is quite new, and the genuineness of the app attracts more users towards the app. The users are joining the platform each day and sharing their real and raw moments on the platform with their friends and acquaintances. Hence, read the article as written ahead. I hope you will get some clarity regarding the problem. The app works quite well among the young generation. The fixes mentioned below might also help you to solve the problem from your end as well. So, be real and read the article now!

Is Bereal Recap Not Working?

The BeReal recap took over social media for many reasons, and the feature is not working due to those. Hence, most users are frustrated and have taken resorted to Twitter to express their disappointment for not getting the video they have waited for an entire year to see. Some users are getting frustrated as they can not view their year-end review on the app. And others are wondering why the problem is occurring on their device. Also, read TikTok Now Vs BeReal: What To Choose Among The Two? (2022)

Why is The BeReal App Not Working?

There is no specific reason for the BeReal app not working. The issue is due to a problem with the app’s servers. There has been a major hike in the number of users, and hence, the server is unable to manage the load. The presence of a bug is causing the recent BeReal recap not working issue. BeReal will roll out an update soon, which might solve the issue soon. Also, read Apple Annual App Store Awards in 2022 | Apex Legends Mobile, BeReal, And Many More

How to Fix The BeReal Not Working Issue?

When you have experienced issues with the BeReal app, try the fixes as mentioned below. They would help you to solve the issue. Try the simplest option of closing the app and restarting the device after leaving switching it off for a few minutes. Sometimes you may find the problem has just vanished. When the problem is not solved, then check your internet connection. You must have a stable network speed to check the same. So, check the fixes below; I hope they will be helpful in solving the problem within no time. Also, read Snapchat’s Dual Camera Rolled Out Now! Another BeReal Clone?

1. Update BeReal App

When you update the apps, you fix the existing bugs and glitches. That help the app to run smoothly on your device as well. Errors and glitches happen mostly on the older version of the app. Go to the Play Store or App Store, search for the BeReal app, and update the app if it is pending. Click on the “Update” button. When you find an upgraded version of the app, download and install the upgraded one. After the app is updated, open it and check whether the app works perfectly. When you do not find any update on your device, then try re-installing the app. Also, read Is Hive Social Not Working? 4 Fixes to Try Right Now! (2022)

2. Clear The App Cache

Clear the app cache, and the issue of “Upload failed, click to retry” will be solved. You may refer to the steps below to clear the cache in the app.

  1. Open the BeReal app.
  2. Go to the Profile.
  3. Click on the Settings option.
  4. Click on Other.
  5. Click on Clear Cache. Android devices have other options as well. There you need to go to Settings and click on “Apps Management.” Find the app and click on it. Finally, go to the “Clear Cache” option and confirm it. When you have cleared the app cache, open the BeReal app and check whether the problem is solved. You have to uninstall the app and clear the cache in your iPhones and iPads. Then uninstall it, and restart your device again. Go to App Store and install the app. Also, read Dawn AI Not Working: Everything You Need to Know

3. Report The Problem to BeReal

You can also opt to open the device and report the problem. You have to wait for a response from the support team. When you wish to report an issue on the BeReal app, refer to the step-by-step process below:

  1. Launch The BeReal app.
  2. Click on the Profile picture.
  3. Click on the three-dots icon.
  4. Click on “Help”.
  5. Click on “Contact Us.”
  6. Go to “Report a Problem” and explain your problem in brief.
  7. Submit the report and wait for the response. You can report the problem on Twitter. You may also tag @BeReal_App in the tweets. Also, read How To Fix BetterSleep App Not Working [5 Easy Methods]

4. Issue With Servers

The BeReal recap not working issue can also have problems with the servers. It can help to fix the error. You can enjoy the memes which are created due to this error. BeReal experienced a server issue when they created a meme contest named “Time to BeReal,”. The social media platforms were flooded with posts from the app. Also, read Is Lensa Not Working? Fix Lensa Magic Avatar Not Loading Now

Wrapping Up

The BeReal app sometimes goes through errors and glitches on the platform. That sometimes happens due to the number of users on the platform or due to server issues on the platform. Anyhow BeReal is working on the issue, and I can hope the problem gets sorted soon as I write about this in the article. The popularity of the app makes users more frustrated when such a problem takes place.


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