Can Reduce Costs Saving money is a good thing for every business. This is particularly true of enterprises that need to make heavy investments in physical assets in order to continually turn a profit. For manufacturers, cutting costs on non-essential spending is one of the best ways to boost income.  So, how can SD-WAN facilitate cost savings for manufacturers? Organizations can cut capital and operating expenditures operating by lowering overall spend on both bandwidth and network tech. Furthermore, employees in the IT department can likely shift their time to other projects, especially if manufacturers opt for service-based SD-WAN from a provider.  Limit Network Downtime

Due to the interconnected nature of SD-WAN, organizations can have great visibility and control over their networks. SD-WAN can alert relevant parties when there’s an issue, or even automatically work to troubleshoot the issue.  When it comes to limiting network downtime with SD-WAN, you have to consider the power of bandwidth control and path selection. These are built into SD-WAN and can afford organizations a much deeper layer of adaptability and network traffic. Bandwidth control allows enterprises to prioritize traffic based on applications, locations, or connections. While path selection lets you determine the route traffic will take to make connections more optimal. Also, read Best Business Communication Apps 2021  Scalable to Manufacturer’s Needs Scalability is a huge word in manufacturing. Being able to scale production up or down based on supply and demand is essential for producing higher margins. But this concept doesn’t just apply directly to creating goods. Manufacturers also need to have flexibility with their backend operations, such as network infrastructure. With SD-WAN, scaling networks has never been easier for manufacturers. Everything is run through a centralized control architecture, which makes it much easier to grow the network along with the business. What’s more, this can be done without having to assemble a hodgepodge of different connections, as it can all be done through SD-WAN.  Streamlines Operations Some manufacturers are local and only have a few locations. Many, however, are global and require exacting precision in order to keep everything running smoothly. While most organizations can benefit in some fashion from adopting SD-WAN, those with a broader footprint are especially going to find value in this protocol.  For starters, network infrastructure can be a remarkably complex task to handle for even the most adept IT teams. Moreover, they only keep getting more complicated as new technologies are adopted, creating additional attack vectors. SD-WAN can simplify and centralize infrastructure.   Centralizing network connection into one overlaying technology also means all relevant information can be accessed from one place. This is easier than shuffling between standalone infrastructure products when troubleshooting issues, which SD-WAN can often solve on its own without intervention.  Better Management and Security There have already been a few mentions of how the centralized management of SD-WAN makes it superior to other network infrastructure configurations. This is both beneficial for having everything in one place for convenience’s sake, but also because it makes troubleshooting that much easier.  Also, read 5 Best VPN services for 2021 Being centralized on SD-WAN also enhances visibility and security tools. Features such as traffic tracking lets enterprises understand how networks are being used in order to formulate better governance policies. Furthermore, having a centralized network infrastructure makes it easier to secure in general, as everything can be monitored and protected at all times.  Manufacturers need to think long and hard before adopting new technologies. When it comes to updating network infrastructures, incorporating SD-WAN provides a worthwhile investment. 


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