In the video, you can see a man and a woman’s partner can be seen in a verbal spat against each other. They can be heard hurling abuses at each other and screaming at each as well. The fight took place in front of the won’s house. The woman can also be heard calling her partner irresponsible. So, you read the article to get more information about the fight. We have given every detail and update about this particular issue.

Baby Mama & Baby Daddy Fight over McDonald’s

This is a tussle between a woman and her partner. They co-parent a baby boy together. One day the man turns out at the woman’s house with a meal from McDonald’s. The woman gets furious after seeing those meals. The reality is the woman and the said man have a baby together but apart from that the woman also has three other children from other partners. So, when the man gets only one meal for his own biological son the lady demands he should have bought meals for her other children as well. This has got the entire social media divided. Also, read Is Lil Tjay Paralyzed? Rapper Rumored to be Brain Dead After Being Shot

Tussel Between The Man and Woman

Baby Mama & Baby Daddy’s Fight over McDonald’s meal has been going viral as a video. The man can be heard repeating that he only wants to help her biological son and not the woman. Hence, he has only got one meal for his son. On the other hand, the woman constantly repeats that he should also think that his biological son also has siblings and they also should get the same things as her. The man refuses to agree to this statement and the fight continues. Later the woman can also be seen grabbing the meal and throwing it on the ground. After the video has gone viral it has torn social media into two parts. Also, read Is Twitter Down | Here is Why Twitter is Not Working Today!

The Fight Goes Viral on Twitter And The Audience Gets Divided

The fight has left the Twitter audience divided between Baby Mama & Baby Daddy Fight over McDonald’s meal. Some people are supporting the woman and some support the man. Some Twitter users even said that the woman is making unnecessary demands from her partner regarding her other kids. Whereas some people even said that the woman has justification for putting her point. Anyhow the video posted on Twitter only shows the man and woman fighting and arguing over getting only one meal. The users only shared their own views on the same. Apart from this, there is no other update on this issue. Here are some of the tweets over the viral video-

Wrapping Up

The fight between the man and woman which tore apart Twitter has become quite popular and more viewers are sharing their opinion. The baby boy who stays with the woman was not allowed to come off the vehicle and meet his daddy or even have the food. So, if you want more updates on trending stuff on your favorite social media platforms do let us know through your comments below.


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