With zero inactivity fees and low costs for all investors across the board, Ascent Wealth Creations has revolutionized the trading game. 

Are You A Trading Sceptic?

Perhaps you have reservations about joining the trade revolution. Most investors have not yet gotten accustomed to the idea of joining online trading platforms. Most stick to conventional methods of trade, i.e. going through investment banks. However, that is not the most profitable route in today’s day and age.

How Online Trading Platforms Offer More Value

Since the advent of the digital revolution, most brokers set up their own trading platforms online. It not only saved time and costs but was also more value enhancing for clients. A plethora of trade products were available within one trading platform, this saved investors from sourcing out different brokers. So within one large trading portfolio, the investor could choose multiple diverse products with only one broker! This was a gift of the trade revolution, something most investors have yet to harness fully.

Ascent Wealth Creations And Investor Value

On our quest to discover a great brokerage platform, we came across Ascent Wealth Creations.  Ascent Wealth Creations is registered internationally and not restricted to any specific geographical location. Compliant with international financial service industry laws and regulations, Ascent Wealth Creations is fast making a name for itself in the online brokerage world.  A range of product offerings await the eager clientele with a wide provision of support tools are available to facilitate profitable trades. 

Product Range Availability With Ascent Wealth Creations

Rivalling all major online platforms, Ascent Wealth Creations’s commitment to client value is unmatched.  The following are examples of products available to trade without restrictions:

Platform Features And Trading Advantages

Ascent Wealth Creations has partnered with the best technology companies to deliver a state of art trading platform for its clientele.  The trade platform is speedy in terms of executing trades, has real time synchronized values for all trade products and is easy to use. Ascent Wealth Creations provides detailed insights with every trade product, this analysis has in depth charts and historical charting features. The objective is to allow the investor to make informed trading decisions. A great offering is the platform being customized for their mobile application. Available for both iPhones and Android systems, the mobile application has every feature of the browser trade platform to facilitate trading on the go. Definitely a great opportunity for the investors always in the rush. Ascent Wealth Creations recently introduced a STOPLOSS feature. This ensures that the investors investment value never goes in the red. Any time the market faces volatility, the trading platform assesses the investors portfolio value, if there is a risk of loss, it immediately places a stop on it. This protects investor’s portfolio value and prevents unnecessary losses due to market uncertainty.

Fees, Spreads And Commissions

A key consideration for any potential investor when making the decision to embark on the online trading journey is costs. Any investment, no matter how lucrative the opportunity might be, are subject to deductions made on account of the broker you are trading with. More often than not, clients discover that hidden fees and charges have rendered their earnings unprofitable. Mostly clients switch to other brokers only to discover that the same cycle repeats. Ascent Wealth Creations has a transparent pricing structure. There are no upfront costs, minimal fees, spreads and commission’s depending on the client’s trade value. 

Free Trial Opportunity

In order to decide for yourself whether Ascent Wealth Creations is right for you, they offer the opportunity to try out their platform on free trial. The investor can compare commission’s, margins, trading platform viability with their existing broker risk free. Once the investor is sure that Ascent Wealth Creations is right for them, they can simply convert their free trial to a live account at no cost. 

Is Ascent Wealth Creations Right For You?

If this sounds too good to be true, let us warn you, there are a couple of downsides of trading with Ascent Wealth Creations. The first is that they take time to verify client details such as identification and source of income. The underlying concern is to comply with global regulations. They hold the right to refuse a client if they have concerns regarding income source under AML guidelines. The second issue stems from high withdrawal rates. Although their trade fees, spreads and commissions are low, withdrawal is costly. Their defence is that the objective is to ensure clients retain most earnings to reinvest with the platform. However, most investors may not deem that suitable as the objective is to earn and withdraw earnings for their personal use.  However, overall, their benefits outweigh the downsides. If you think Ascent Wealth Creations is right for you, contact them today to get started. 


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