To conclude the reality, let’s dig deep and discuss are gaming chairs worth it? If you are an extensive gamer and you love gaming for long hours, imagine yourself sitting on a normal chair or floor and doing extreme damage to your posture. Yes, gaming chairs are very beneficial when it comes to playing games for a longer time in terms of spinal alignment and body posture.

What Is A Gaming Chair?

Gaming chair shouldn’t be a new word to you if you are into games (not judging!). However, even if you don’t know, the gaming chair has a history of the way back in 2006. It was designed with a special ergonomics and race-car structure, particularly for e-sports gamers. The salient features of a gaming chair are as follows:

Different modes according to preference such as reclining, fixed or rocking position Excellent back support for sitting posture and optimal blood flow Lumbar and neck support cushions along with high back and generous padding Unique and amazing designs along with no compromise on comfort

But now, gaming chairs aren’t limited to e-sports gamers anymore. Many people use it for different purposes, such as students, programmers, gamers, and even workers in offices. It is the best option for people who spend long hours in front of the computer.

What Are The Gaming Chair Features?

Now that you know what actually is a gaming chair, it’s time to see what your perfect gaming chair should look like. There are many factors to consider when it comes to buying a gaming chair. You just can’t go and pick a random gaming chair that you just saw in a store, that would be like pouring your money uselessly. Decide your preference and what exactly you want the chair for; is it for gaming or just long hours of sitting at the office? This will help you find the perfect chair for you while making you not splurge on a chair that has no room in your routine. Here are a few important factors to consider when going for a gaming chair shopping:

#1- Extreme Comfort

Obviously, the sole purpose you are buying a gaming chair for is comfort. As you are going to place your back on it for a considerable amount of time, the one thing that it should be is comforting enough to make you focused on your game rather than just side aches and numbness because of a poor chair. Well, these chairs are designed, keeping in mind that the gamers don’t have a time limit and comfort to spare when it comes to happening games like Fortnite and WoW. There are many factors that can harm your alignment. Therefore, it is necessary to consider comfort over everything when it comes to buying a gaming chair.

#2- Sturdy Base And Rollers

A gaming chair is more than just a stationary showpiece that is only used when you are gaming. You can use it for different purposes, such as for relaxation, watching movies in comfort, or just for your backaches. If you are using the chair for different purposes, you surely don’t want it to be stuck in one place. Therefore, look for the rollers that glide on surfaces smoothly. Buying a chair with good rollers and base will not strain your back and arms while moving it.

#3- Neck And Lumbar Support

Surely, the last thing you would want your chair to do is stiffen up your back and neck. When you are going to spend most of the time gaming, consider this feature the most significant one. Look for the options that provide neck and lumbar support. And, the ones that don’t offer any of these both cross it off your list. Try and sit on the chair before buying one to make sure the support is comfortable enough.

#4- High-Quality Materials

Along with all the back support features, it is also necessary to look for the materials the gaming is made up of. The most common options for the materials are Fabric, Mesh, and Leather. These all have their own advantages and drawbacks, and obviously, it depends on your personal preference as well.

Fabric: A fabric chair is better than the other two, mainly because of the comfortability and durability. However, the real struggle is to make it look clean and fresh. The fabric chair gets stain easily, and it can’t be wiped off. Mesh: Though a mesh gaming chair might look a bit ugly. However, it comes with advantages that other both don’t. It has a high level of breathability, keeping you sweat-free as you game for hours long. Leather: If you are down for the pleasing aesthetics, the leather gaming chair might be the one for you! A leather chair is easy to wipe out stains as well, thanks to its amazing texture. But, the tradeoff it comes with is that it is short on durability because most of the chairs are actually PU rather than genuine Leather.

#5- Allows Height Adjustments

Your height and screen position shouldn’t affect your gameplay. Therefore, these gaming chairs are designed with multiple height adjustments to align your position with the screen at a reasonable eye level.

#6- Good For All Sorts of Postures

Whether you want to play a game or relax a bit and watch movies, a gaming chair is your savior! Gaming chairs not only come with a standard sitting position option. There are different modes available in gaming chairs, such as you can set it for reclining as well as rocking. Whatever your mood is!

#7- Look Great

When buying a gaming chair, you better not forget your gaming chair aesthetics to match with it. Yes, the look and feel of the chair also have a say in your decision process. These chairs are made to grab the gamers’ attention in mind. They usually come with brighter colors as opposed to regular office chairs. The most common types of gaming chairs in terms of style are PC gaming chairs, pedestal gaming chairs, racer chairs, and rocking chairs. To be very clear, the design of the chair shouldn’t be something that you should completely rely on when buying the game chair. However, if you are a YouTuber, vlogger, social media influencer, or a pro gamer, an eye-catching designed chair might be more than just a last thing in your gaming chair feature list.

How Do Gaming Chairs Make A Difference?

Now, let’s get to the real discussion, are gaming chairs actually worth it, and even if they are, how do they make a difference. It must be obvious from the above-mentioned features that gaming chairs have huge wellness and health benefits as these chairs can improve posture and enhance vitality.

Back SupportNo matter how long you sit on it, one thing you should be less worried about is your spine alignment when on the gaming chair. The key advantage of a gaming chair is promoting good posture that is beneficial for deep breathing and optimal circulation. Better Eye LevelTypical chairs are designed considering the normal chores, like dining and sitting around for a while. However, they are not specialized when it comes to working for long hours. These chairs don’t provide a better viewing angle and might end up straining your eyes and neck.While on the other side, gaming chairs are very flexible when it comes to adjustments. You can move them up or down depending on your height and the screen alignment. It’s all about how you want it, and what is better for your posture!

How Can Gaming Chairs Improve Your Gameplay?

Always blaming your gaming skills for every loss, uh-eh, your skills aren’t the only thing deciding your gameplay! Playing without a gaming chair such as on a normal chair, couch, or a folding chair can be only good for the first hour. However, after some time, your back and neck start getting numb, and it affects your gameplay one way or another. You might be thinking, why buy a dedicated chair for gaming when you can move a bit when your back starts getting sore? Imagine an intense game going on, and you lose sight even for a nanosecond, ta-da you are dead! See, a gaming chair would have helped you avoid that situation. In addition to that, playing while sitting on the floor is way worse than that! When you are viewing from the floor, your neck is at a weird angle. In the longer run, it can be very damaging to your posture as well as the neck. And, you might not know this, but your neck’s posture plays an important role in how you see things, thus the gameplay! Now, with a gaming chair, you are the perfect position to play in terms of posture and eye level. Therefore, you don’t have to be distracted by the aches and soreness and be focused on your skills for the better winning. If you think that a gaming chair will make you a better gamer? Um, no, it won’t. Obviously, it will ease you out a bit and make you more focused on the game, but obviously, winning games are also dependent on your skills, and that won’t give with just buying a chair. Go for alternate options like a comfortable office chair. However, if you have your eyes on a gaming chair to add up to your gaming setup, definitely go for it! Further, if you are a social media influencer, these cool chairs will grab your viewers’ attention big time.

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