Alyssa and Levi have a huge fan following on their respective YouTube and TikTok accounts. Alyssa has almost 9 million followers on her account who are shocked by this news. Unfortunately, none of the individuals have spoken anything about the breakup on social media.  Read on to know more about Alyssa and Levi’s life and their alleged breakup. In addition, we have curated more information on the same about the couple. 

Are Levi Underwood and Alyssa Mackay Broken up?

Alyssa Mackay was open about her relationship with Levi, and her followers also liked him. However, her one post titled “Breakup” has shattered her fans, and they have extended their help to her.  Alyssa has been posting about separation and breakup on her social media accounts for quite some time now. She is active on TikTok as she posts routinely. At the same time, Levi’s fans are anxious about the real reason for their separation. They could not find any clue in his social media account, including Levi Underwood Snapchat account. Fans are also conveying their support so that Alyssa and Levi can recuperate from this relationship soon. Also, read Mormon Mom on TikTok | TikTok & Reddit’s New Obsession

Reasons For The Split of Alyssa Mackay and Levi Underwood

The real reasons are unknown about their breakup. But the trusted reason is that Alyssa wants to relocate to New York to continue her modeling career.  Moreover, both have kept mum on their relationship status currently as they are taking time to heal from their breakup. As a result, fans wonder if Levi must be badly heartbroken due to their breakup and do not wish to interact.  As none has said anything about the breakup, fans are left with their questions and answers. Unfortunately, there has not been any other post or comment from either side regarding their breakup.  Also, read Old Grannies TikTok Meme | Not Every Prank is Worth a Try!

Dating Life of Alyssa Mackay and Levi Underwood

Fans are used to Alyssa Mackay and Levi Underwood being together. They are loved and followed by a huge fan following globally. However, as per a few videos on their breakup, Alyssa has accused Levi of falling for different girls within 24 hours of their breakup. Although fans are pessimistic about the two influencers coming together in the future, some fans even want them to patch up and be together. 

Wrapping Up

Whatever the reason be for the breakup of Alyssa and Levi Underwood, it is a massive shock for their fans across the globe. People are also searching for Levi Underwood Snapchat account but could not get their hands on it. Anyhow, we believe they must have their reason to complete their relationship. 


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